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NBC is Out to Get Bill Cosby, and so is the Gay Lesbian Movement


10 June 2018

NODISINFO — [It’s no minor issue that two of Bill Cosby’s main accusers, who claim the actor is a rapist who takes advantage of women through drugging, are lesbians.] The jury in the latest Cosby trial was well-aware of the nature of the main accuser, Andrea Constand, as a lesbian. Did this influence the decision-making process, that is to convict the man so as not to run afoul with the gay-lesbian clique?

Nevertheless, rape is a violent act to the extreme. Did Bill Cosby do this to any of those who have publicly accused him? It is impossible to determine with the evidence at-hand, although when the testimony is carefully reviewed, the Constand claims against him are certainly suspect.

All the evidence, if it can be deemed this, that exists is based on her word alone: her specific testimony in police reports and under oath before a jury. The fact is her claims cannot be verified. The malicious drugging remains an accusation. However, what is possible to confirm is actual fraud and hoaxing, including well-planned fake crying, in this case on behalf of NBC to support the claims of wanton sexual abuse.

In what is obvious proof of a sham NBC’s Today Show was caught perpetrating a propaganda campaign, coaching accusers of the besieged comedian, Bill Cosby, to fabricate grief and even to commit fake crying. This would indicate that, all along, the network has been doing this. Moreover, on what basis can a guilty verdict for the entertainer be deemed legitimate when the primary movers and coordinators of this hostile action include a purported lesbian victim, a gay-lesbian lawyer, and a California-based purported feminist activist? […]

2 Comments on NBC is Out to Get Bill Cosby, and so is the Gay Lesbian Movement

  1. If you eat at their trough, sooner or later you have to put out, or they’ll have your ass Bill Cosby. Clinton, Obama, the Bushes et al all played the game. But watch this space. It’s a lifetime commitment. A decade from now they might decide to drop the bag of goodies they have on Obama or the Clintons, or whoever…something to look forward to!!

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