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Polish Immigrants Returning Home Cite Fear of Terrorism, Anti-White Racism by Black Brits

PHOTO: Breitbart

By Oliver JJ Lane | 12 May 2018

BREITBART — WARSAW, Poland: Polish migrants living in and leaving the United Kingdom for their native country have cited concerns about life in contemporary Britain, with issues including economics, anti-white racism, and terrorist attacks.

While the readjustment of the British economy, rapid growth in Poland, and the pending departure of Britain from the European Union account for some returnees, Polish emigres to Britain interviewed for a feature in Polish magazine wSieci also revealed a number of other concerns.

One of those is a fear of terrorism after a series of deadly attacks in 2017. Among those were the Westminster Bridge attack which saw one Polish victim in the eight dead and 41 injured, the Manchester Arena bombing which saw two Polish victims among the 22 dead and 512 injured, and the London Bridge attack which killed eight and injured 48. […]

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