An Evaluation of the Santa Fe School Shooting

Yes, Mr. Cohn - - oh, the irony.

The shooter that reportedly killed 10 people and injured 10 others Friday at Santa Fe High School in Texas has an unusual and rather sinister sounding name: Dimitrios Pagourtzis. Two photos are circulating, one looks like a lard ass- the other normal. Which is it?

Pagourtzis spans the full spectrum of edgelordism, hitting on just about every “fringe group” imaginable. Yep, there’s red meat for every type of dumb dumb to glum on to (except Islam).

This “shooter” mixed and matched pins and logos for maximum effect. Pagourtzis even wrote out the meaning of the symbols in an Instagram post and what they stood for. He captioned the photo “Hammer and Sickle = Rebellion,” “Rising Sun = Kamikaze Tactics,” “Iron Cross = Bravery,” “Baphomet = Evil” and “Cthulhu = Power.”

Incidentally, the wags are calling Pagourtzis’ iron cross a Nazi symbol, but the WWII-era iron cross actually incorporated red. The black and white is a WWI-era cross. A similar cross dates back to 1813 and is used up to the present in the German Bundeswehr. I suggest that the stagecraft people just unknowingly pulled the wrong prop off the shelf. But a real “neo-Nazi” would know better.

To top off his edgelord ensemble, Pagourtzis had a pink-and-purple striped pin that is associated with bisexual pride, and he wore a black hat with a white peace sign on the front.

TNN Takeaway: This may possibly be more about a pre-crime agenda than a gun agenda, as no AR was used. The weapons were said to be a shotgun and a .38-caliber revolver.

Add Another Name to the Long List of ‘Magic Bullet’ Survivors

The New Nationalist (TNN) has always focused on the ludicrous bullet-wound survivors in these events. Our hallmark topical article is “The Use of Magical Bullets in Staged Deception Shooting Events.

At Santa Fe High School, we have a young man. Rome Shubert who unknowingly sustained a shot in the head and emerged unfazed. To quote CNN: “A bullet sliced clean through the back of the Santa Fe High School sophomore’s head … Remarkably, he walked away with just bandages, and said on Twitter he was “completely okay and stable.”

Acting on pure adrenaline, he said, he sprinted to a rear exit in the room and bounded over a 7-foot wall. That’s when Mr. Shubert realized he was covered in blood and he had been shot. [from WSJ]

The young man’s mother, Sheri Shubert, chimed in, saying, “The doctors told me it went in clean and came out clean.” She added, “We have to do something. We have to take a stand. America has to take a stand for our kids.”

Yes, those special black-magic bullets again. No contusions or bruising, no swelling, no real effect on hearing except “ears ringing.”

There is a pretty good-size neck muscle located at the exit region. In the non cartoon world, this is what we humans use to flex our necks, and keep our heads upright. By “clean,” we are assuming it hit no vital nerves, veins or arteries. Did it just go though an air cavity? [.38 caliber ballistic test]

The substantial neck muscle there, however, is impossible to miss. How could one even hold their head up after being hit “clean through the back of his head” exiting from this muscle? If miraculously it missed the muscle, there would still be surrounding swelling and fluid, and the novel concept of supportive muscles. The word “through” in English means “moving in one side and out of the other side.”

Update (h/t: Memoryhole Blog)– An article from Maxillofacial and Oral Surgery confirms the true severity of a gunshot wound through the neck.

Gunshot injuries cause profound morbidity and significant mortality, especially if they occur in the neck … The high density of vital structures in the neck makes injury to this region highly morbid and often fatal. The trachea, esophagus, carotid and vertebral arteries, cervical spine and spinal cord, phrenic nerve and brachial plexus are all vulnerable [to] injury with neck trauma. Each of these is a vital structure, and any delay in diagnosis and treatment can have devastating consequences. (Emphasis added.)

As far as the bullet entry, as noted in the mainstream media, the bullet entered his head. The shooter had two weapons: a shot gun and a .38 caliber. A shotgun blast would have plastered him, so I am assuming .38 as the bullet.

If it entered into his lower park of his skull (aka head), you have the brain stem there. The cortex is right above the stem. A tight band of spinal vertebrae and critical nerves enters the lower skull. There are a series of other nerves and arteries in that region. It’s like Grand Central Station. Everything is quite packed into that space. I can’t imagine a worst place to take a round — coup de grace, mostly likely, but certainly not unscathed.

Entrance wound

How asinine can you get?

Exit wound

No worse for the wear. Seriously!

Another Oddity

Bunch of kids were said to have already been outside doing a drill when “shots were heard.”

Student: “We assembled outside for a fire drill, then we heard gunshots.”

A Santa Fe High School student described the moment they all heard gunshots.

“So, it was just a normal-like class day. We all were doing our work in first period. And then all of a sudden like it’s a fire drill,” 14-year-old junior Angelica Martinez said. “So we followed the fire drill procedures. And then we went outside. Like we were all standing there, but not even five minutes later, we all start hearing gunshots.”

That’s when everybody starts running, she said, despite teachers telling them to “stay put.” “But we’re all just running away.”

In watching the overhead filming in the following video, I recommend muting the neuro-linguistic programming narrative and observing without that distraction. I watched live stream for about an hour after the event. Par for the course: News helicopters flew over and there was nothing on the ground that looked anything like a response to a mass-casualty event with 10 dead and at least 10 wounded. As with other events, there are a lot of personnel just standing or milling around. Can anybody post even one image that clearly shows a casualty?

In second video, the lard ass version of Pagourtzis appears like an apparition before a judge and exhibits no identifiable facial features. He is cleverly hidden behind a window divider. At minute 2:20, you can observe a filter applied to blur his face. Who is this person in the arraignment video? What sort of surreal non-transparent legal system is this? Why would a notorious individual like Pagourtzis — the alleged Sante Fe High School shooter, who has his face plastered all over the media — have his face totally obscured and blocked at his judicial arraignment? If I didn’t know any better, I would suggest this looks more like star-chamber justice.

Update: Some are claiming Pagourtzis’ face is not shown because of his age. However, I found no age distinction given that he’s 17; and, therefore, would not be treated as a juvenile in the state of Texas. He would be reprimanded to adult court. [See JUVENILE AGE OF JURISDICTION AND TRANSFER TO ADULT COURT LAWS]

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  1. More (((psychological terrorism)) from the (((mass media))) – at least, that’s what it looks like to me. The Alt Right will blindly accept this absurd narrative though. Sad.

  2. You know there’s something wrong with the story when the MSM is all over it, while ignoring the murder and mayhem that occurs on a daily basis in the inner cities. You also know something’s wrong when Trump and Hillary are singing similar tunes about the “tragedy” while at the same time offering no critical commentary towards Israel for their much more ghastly crimes.

  3. Your brief analogy of this most recent bag of bullshit is why TNN has become my #1 go to site for REAL NEWS!!

  4. you all should push Patrick Little, the only person that outs the true enemy and only the true enemy. There seems to be a controlled alternative media ban on talking about him. Prove you are one of us!

  5. Thank you for this fine article about the Santa Fe school event.

    The Rome Shbert story is so insultingly ridiculous that one has to wonder if there is something to be gained by the plotters by deliberately inserting such absurdity.

    Maybe the idea is to get everyone to start chanting “nobody died at Santa Fe.” Then THEY can start playing the conspiracy wackos card, which is always useful.

    Want to see some real Texans in the area tell what they know personally about those students and teachers said to have been killed. Let’s gather some truth about that. We who have studied some major false events of the last half century know it is nigh unto impossible to establish proof of death of a real person in these events.

    However, I think the way THEY do these events these days is to have some real injuries and real deaths and some fake injuries and some fake deaths.

    With Texas false events of the last twenty years, including the Sutherland Springs church event, and the Austin “bombing” event, and the Dallas Police Officers “shooting” event, it seems real people who personally knew the “victims” or vicsims are totally missing in action. Are they somehow frightened to death to speak out?

    We are in a totalitarian police state. Expose deeds of unrighteousness. We wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers in high places.


    Pray without ceasing.

    1 Thessalonians 5:17

    • I’m a Houston resident, see my post above. The Shubert story is just attention seeking. Through my teacher friends network I truly believe people died, but was suspect of it Friday until I met with friends yesterday for something unrelated. Students died, I believe so. Motive for this greek guy? I don’t know yet.

  6. I’m leaning towards this one being real with real victims, not saying the culprit isn’t some brain washed zombie. I am in a family of teachers and have friends that teach. Through second hand knowledge a friend’s friend was onsite interviewing for a job at the HS when a teacher came in screaming there was a shooter in the art hall. The person interviewing had a nephew attending the school and was in the class where students were killed, she even claimed he was sitting at the art table where 2 students were killed. I’m trusting of this friend of ours and trusting at least of this information being only 2 links away (me -> friend -> friend’s friend was on site).

    There was second hand knowledge as well that a panic driven substitute teacher was the one who pulled the fire alarm. Other accounts was another student pulled it.

    All the victims so far look like they would be from the area.

    The shubert story is truly BS though. My wife saw that lady on the news and relayed me what she said and I called it out. No matter the caliber if there is an entry and exit wound this dude would not be dismissed from the hospital in one day. Attention Seeker? Probably.

    • Great then at long last we are going to see actual visual proof from someone of all these “casualties”? Or maybe some open casket funerals where you can make a good confirming examination of said “victims”?

      • Hopefully. They already made plans fast enough to ship the exchange student back to Pakistan. In my memory, most funeral arrangements take a week at least.

    • You are right.
      I also had a a friend’s, friend’s,, friend’s, friend’s, friend’s, friend’s, friend’s friend who was onsite and saw the shooting.

  7. Nothing but a false flag like most of them in the motion to keep moving the ball to take up the guns from the average folks who need them for protection. Government related bet ya.☻

  8. Nothing but a false flag like most of them in the motion to keep moving the ball to take up the guns from the average folks who need them for protection. Government related bet ya.☻

  9. The Santa Fe High School shooting and Donald Trump’s Presidential Candidacy

    Santa Fe High School shooting

    A school shooting occurred at Santa Fe High School in Santa Fe, Texas, United States, in the Houston metropolitan area, on May 18, 2018.


    2016 Republican National Convention

    On July 21, the final day of the convention, Donald Trump’s acceptance speech was briefly interrupted by Code Pink activist Medea Benjamin.[226]


    From Donald Trump’s acceptance of the Republican Presidential Nomination on July 21, 2016

    to the Santa Fe High School Shooting on May 18, 2018 is :

    = 666 days

    See also : The STEM School shooting on May 7, 2019 and Donald Trump’s Election.


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