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Israeli Government Minister Justifies Gaza Massacre by Calling Palestinians ‘Nazis’

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By Jonathan Ofir | 14 May 2018

MONDOWEISS — Gilad Erdan, Israel’s minister of Strategic Affairs and Hasbara, referred to Gazans as “Nazis” twice within five minutes today.

“Despite the number of dead, we need to remember and remind: We’re not speaking about demonstrations. We’re talking about terrorists of a terrorist organization who endanger Israeli residents. All responsibility for the bloodshed lies with the leaders of Hamas, who, with Nazi anger, endlessly shed blood to erase from people’s memories their own failures in the management of the Gaza Strip. Here it is, the truth”

he tweeted this afternoon, in response to the massacre of dozens of Gazan protesters.

And then 5 minutes later:

“Israel does not wish to escalate and doesn’t want the death of residents of the Gaza Strip. Those who want this are solely the leadership of the Hamas terrorist organization, which uses a cynical and malicious use of bloodshed. The number of killed doesn’t indicate anything – just as the number of Nazis who died in the world war doesn’t make Nazism something you can explain or understand.”

At the time of writing, the death count is 52, including 5 minors and 1 paramedic. 2,410 injured – including 200 minors, 11 journalists, 28 in critical condition and 116 in serious condition. More than 1,204 were shot by Israeli soldiers using live Israeli ammunition.

But all that “doesn’t indicate anything,” according to Erdan – because essentially, they’re just Nazis.

And why should we not believe it, if it’s the very Minister of Propaganda saying so?

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  1. Everybody they don’t like ( and that’s a lot of people ) is labeled a ” Nazi ” …

    But the ” ” zi ” in ” nazi ” stood for ” zionist ” ,and the hard core of the Nazi apparatus was mainly comprised of … Jews … or half-jews !!!

    The likes of Eichmann , the ” architect of the holocaust ” , who used to brag that there were more than a hundred ” pure Jews ” within the SS to do the dirty work , SS Führer Heydrich , propaganda chief Goebbels , and Goering who famously said ” I decide who’s Jewish or not ” , and others … were 100 % Jewish …

    Hitler ( a very Jewish sounding name ) was 3/4th hymie , whereas SS Füḧrer Himmler was
    ” only ” half -jewish … from his mama’s side , like Milch … head of the Luftwaffe , and many other officers , and like around 150 000 foot soldiers that were as well !!!

    And all that financed by you know who …

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