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J’Accuse! Media Matters: Astroturfing Con Artists Manufacturing False Divide-and-Conquer Dichotomies

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We took note of an article that Media Matters for America (MMfA) published titled “Here are the conspiracy theories and hoaxes being spread about the Santa Fe shooting.” This “article” is merely a list of lame comments curated from 4chan, Twitter and Reddit. However, interspersed with the stupidity are some genuine truth bombs — but the manipulation here is guilt by association, or genetic fallacy. There’s no Trivium method or even analysis, as MMfA operatives only allow terse one liners.

The vast majority of stupid comments center around political left-right false dichotomies. This is defined as a situation in which two alternative points of view are presented as the only options, whereas others are available.

The alleged shooting started at 7:45 a.m. CST on Friday, May 18, and it was a good half hour or more before preliminary reports began to emerge. As a reference, The New Nationalist (TNN) has learned that we need to sit back and wait before selecting the more blatant anomalies in these events. In the case of the Santa Fe “shooting,” our initial post went up a good 24 hours later. We updated and added to it over another 48 hours. If you read the comments from our readers, you will see discernment and a desire for veritas.

Somehow and incredibly MMfA had already gleaned through thousands of comments, most of little merit, and had its contrived story up at 12:54 p.m. EDT (11:54 a.m. CST) — a mere four hours after the event began to go down in Texas. We are asked to believe that these fools were online within a few hours and without any basic facts or information and yet were just blowing it out their asses. Then MMfA conveniently “located them” and “exposed” the skullduggery.

Almost simultaneously, Zio-conman Mike Cernovich was also spewing forth false dichotomy and worthless nonsense. Just one big distraction. Probably two-thirds of his retweets are bots.

J’Accuse! MMfA is a well-financed, high-order, blow-it out-your-ass, astroturfing fake and con. (Astroturfing is defined as the artificial creation of a buzz for a product, service or political viewpoint.) Astroturfing has a negative connotation, because deceptive tactics are used to build a buzz by taking advantage of the anonymity the Internet provides. Do you see real names in its “story.”

We suspect MMfA just manufactured the majority of the “conspiracy theories” for a quick hit-and-run agit-prop effect. For the kind of oligarch money MMfA has to play these games, it sickens us to imagine what kind of real investigations and truth-seeking TNN or others with some integrity could do. By the way, George Soros funds at least 10 percent of MMfA’s operations and John Podesta provides it office space.

TNN has also noticed that despite the fact that we generate about 75,000 views a month — and many thousands view our staged-deception posts — that nobody in the faux and astroturf media like MMfA takes us on. That’s probably because an ad-hominem attack against us would have a Streisand Effect, meaning free advertising for us. And other than one-trick-pony shaming and gaslighting, a debate on the details and anomalies could red pill too many people. Moreover we view gaslighting from these reprobates as a badge of honor. Make our day.

8 Comments on J’Accuse! Media Matters: Astroturfing Con Artists Manufacturing False Divide-and-Conquer Dichotomies

  1. It is my suspicion that the early iterations of these hoaxes were of a controlled nature that avoided death to civilians not out of compassion but out of control of the narrative. I believe the later iterations are going deeper into the rabbit hole and are more comfortable with the mayhem that ensues. The further along we travel, the more these events will simply require smaller and smaller catalysts to light off. This will then discredit any notion of a hoax being perpetrated since all of the agents will be orchestrated dupes. But where does this lead us? An abolition of the 2nd amendment? I dont think so.I think we evolve to a point where pockets of society become “self cleaning ovens” Once this is achieved, there’s no need for laws since the military will just impose its will. No courts, no amendments, nothing.

    • I am of the same mind on that thought as well. They tested the waters and have to be more brutal with them now to convince the public.

    • What do you mean by smaller and smaller catalysts to light off? How would orchestrated dupe agents (as if they aren’t already) discredit the hoax meme? I would think dupe agents would confirm the hoax perspective. That these events will need to be more grave, actually kill people or result in greater damage over time, is not in dispute but they also run the risk of overplaying their hand, which they ( dark syndicate operatives) have been doing with increasing frequency. More people are either questioning these episodes or entirely ignoring them.

    • I would suggest you gradually back away from the hoax narrative and focus on the patterns. As stated earlier, I believe they are orchestrated by a small group of agents. Now , with regard to smaller catalysts, Yes, think of all of the wanna be copycats out there. Many of which are too inept to carry out an “event” on their own but can be lead right into in which a visable celebrity falls victim to.One athlete, one tv personality and the hoax narrative is toast and you become completely discredited. Everyone forgets Sandy Hook

  2. Angel of death Nikki Haley was the commencement speaker at UH this past weekend as well.

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