Muslim Boogeyman Vanado Agit-Prop Du Jour, Again in Melbourne

The scene in Flinders Street, Melbourne, after the SUV rammed into pedestrians. PHOTO: Telegraph/Sirvix_a_lot/Twitter

Wash, rinse, repeat. The lugenpresse reports:

  • A 32-year-old Australian citizen of Afghan descent with a history of drug problems was arrested in Melbourne, Australia, after a white Suzuki SUV was driven into a crowd of downtown Christmas shoppers at around 4:40 p.m.
  • Fourteen people were alleged injured, some critically.
  • There was no attempt to brake, no attempt to swerve,” said witness Jim Stoupas. The witness’ script claimed the vanado was going 60 mph.
  • Witness Chris Gath told The Age he saw 60 to 100 people crossing the intersection when a car travelling at up to 70 kmph (43 mph) headed for the crowd.

In the photo below from the Daily Mail, you can see the standard swath aftermath of the latest vanado attacks. You can observe some tire marks on the pavement near the “victim” at 8:00.

The question once again is the same as with other vanado attacks: If the vanado didn’t swerve, how is it that people are scattered and dropped as far as 30 meters apart as in the cases of victim at 11:00/10:00 and distant 7:00/5:00/3:00? For measuring reference of this overhead, by regulation a SUV can’t be more than 5 meters in length. The largest Suzuki is 4.5 meters. They are typically about 1.8 meters wide.

Why are people in such implausible locations? Victims at 11:00, 10:00 and 8:00 are plausible. But only in a cartoon physics deception world could distant 7:00, 5:00 and 3:00 have been hit in that location by a vehicle 1.8 meters wide going 43 mph. Judging from the direction and angle of the stopped vanado, how could 7:00, 5:00 and 3:00 ever have been hit?

Source: Daily Mail Australia

Finally there are supposed to be 14 “injured” but only six people are down. So the other eight are still ambulatory?

This video shows pedestrians hit by vehicles. They are swept off their feet, some go airborne or somersault but then come straight down, landing at most a few meters from impact. In most cases, they land a meter slightly to the side or in front of impact.

TNN Verdict: The vanado and Afghan Muslim boogeyman narrative is utter nonsense

7 Comments on Muslim Boogeyman Vanado Agit-Prop Du Jour, Again in Melbourne

  1. Have come increasingly to feel that, in light of human psychology, there is an intrinsic problem ‘truthing’ on events, even on big ones such as 9-11 etc, in that ‘truth’ tends to be ineffective and wither, if the ‘truth’ writings are un-connected to some sense of a political movement that appears to be on a growth curve

    Without the link to even a ‘small but potentially growing’ political movement, essays on the ‘truth’ convey a sub-text of powerlessness … directly off-putting, and frightening, given human psychology

    The human mind is fundamentally tribal, there is a need for ‘affiliation’ which overwhelms abilities to join in ‘truth’ that questions the system and is thus dangerous … human beings need ‘affiliation’ to compensate for the ‘danger’ of the truth

    And it is all too easy to have a pretext for avoiding truth, given that, tho the ‘official story’ is often obviously stinky, fog & doubt (& psy-ops) tend to cloud alternate ‘conspiracy’ versions

    Throughout history – early Bolsheviks, early Zionists, early fascists, early leftists & trade unionists, Muslim extremists today, or some of the rather clever alt-right-wing today, all have shared this sense of ‘propaganda leading to power’, tying ‘truth exposure’ to some kind of real political action platform

    What is exciting for people, is even a small political movement that seems to be able to ‘grow’ … that clever young neo-Nazi guy Andrew Anglin was telling what became his millions of readers, ‘we are going to win’, a key element of his appeal … one of the main things one sees in some of the new alt-right-wing is its confidence in real-life political growth, as is indeed happening for it … but this works on the left too, look at how Bernie Sanders caught fire in the USA, before he sold out and showed himself another controlled-opposition shill

    With 9-11 truth, that coasted for a while on an implicit sense that, once things were ‘exposed’ well enough, ‘something’ would happen politically, and this was fed in particular by the presence of (controlled opposition) Alex Jones gathering a ‘community’ … but that was obviously not well-based, Jones was insincere, and there was no real attempt to engender a kind of anti-corruption political movement … and of course anything like that tends to be controlled opposition, hijacked like the USA ‘Tea Party’ etc … the hijacking – fake opposition aspect being of course another ongoing problem

    Truth by itself without the association with a political project, is very vulnerable and tends not to ‘grab’ anyone who is not already ‘a member of the choir’ … people are afraid of affiliating with ‘truth’ that questions the system but is not part of a group that is, even in a small way, assembling power

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