The Mandalay Rooftop Footage of the Route 91 Massacre

In September 2018, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department released footage of the Route 91 “massacre.” The vantage point appeared to be from the rooftop of Mandalay Bay, and the camera is conveniently pointed directly at concert site. This looked like it could be CGI again.

Pay special attention starting when the crowd has largely dispersed. Where are the hundreds of casualties? Fifty-eight died, more than 500 were wounded by gunshots and more than 1,000 suffered trampling injuries, according to Pinkerton law firm. Really? Judge for yourself.

 Update: The following exchange is an example of the typical online skulduggery done to distract from this damning video. A wag named “Cue Anon” with no prior YouTube activity showed up to do battle with me. This bait and switch to “look over here (at nothing)” is a very common tactic. Very few will ever bother to check claims for themselves. Classic gaslighting is employed as this person tells you something that is not on the aerial video when you actually examine it.

From “Cue Anon”:

Look at the aerial surveillance that was released last week. You can see perfectly clear dead victims with orange paint around them and victim ID’s. And those match the records of where victims were found and their is record and social media trails of their funerals. This particular video even seems to validate ‘my moms a nurse’ video because you can see the people on the ground as they were in his video. You are clearly not looking at what’s out there.

My response:

Here is the Las Vegas aerial surveillance video you alluded to. Is there another one, because I checked all videos on Google search. [Notice that “Cue Anon” failed to provide link to so-called video he is promoting.]

It is totally devoid of anything resembling a mass casualty event and is very hard to take seriously as it shows nothing at all but a trash filled venue. Readers can decide if “Cue Anon” is being honest with you. Ignore the gaslighters and see for yourselves.

For more analysis of on the ground footage from this event see:

3 Comments on The Mandalay Rooftop Footage of the Route 91 Massacre

  1. There are getting so lazy and sure of themselves with these deceptions that they didn’t even bother with throwing out a couple dozen damper cadeveurs, or have a few actors with moulage laying around.

  2. Not to mention……………..with all those rounds being fired; you’d think you would see and or hear bullets hitting the ground; or bouncing off metal objects etc., etc. Nothing……… see NOTHING.

  3. First thing i noticed as well, zero bodies going down as the place CLEARS OUT. Everyone on foot, no fatalities.

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