Cereal Gets Woke: Kellogg Launches ‘Black History. Every Month.’ Marketing Campaign

By Paul Kersey | 5 March 2021

THE UNZ REVIEW — When cereal goes 365 Black, you know the concept of Black-Run America (BRA) is no longer a joke.

Black History. Every Month.

Meet the new marketing campaign for Kellogg.

[Kellogg to launch Black History. Every Month. campaign, KAARG Marketplace Committee Chair, KelloggsBlog.com, February 21, 2021]:

February is Black History Month, and we are proud to have launched Kellogg’s Black History. Every Month. A Call for Food Justice in Black Communities campaign. According to the New York City-based food advocacy group, Just Food, “Food justice is the right to grow, sell, and eat healthy food with dignity.” This campaign will create a unique opportunity for Kellogg employees, brands, consumers, and partners to Honor Black food pioneers of our past, Elevate the modern-day heroes fighting for equitable food systems and Commit to supporting sustainable change.

How Kellogg is getting involved

Brands across our portfolio are supporting these efforts including Special K, Morning Star Farms, Kashi and Eggo. This program will honor the often-overlooked contributions of Black food heroes such as Fredrick McKinley-Jones, the inventor of the refrigerated truck, and Edna Lewis, chef, author, champion, and protector of Black Southern cooking. […]

2 Comments on Cereal Gets Woke: Kellogg Launches ‘Black History. Every Month.’ Marketing Campaign

  1. The company was pretty ‘woke’ long before this — if you look at their website (link), there seems to be about as much propaganda about ‘Equity, Diversity and Inclusion’ and ‘Combating Racism’ as there is about their food products/nutrition — that did not happen overnite.

    Honestly, no one should be eating what they produce anyway, most of which is full of sugar and very dense in carbohydrates — i.e. the kinds of processed foods that appear to be directly implicated in the ‘obesity epidemic’ — anyone who eats breakfast (16/8 intermittent fasting is a good idea, and for most the best/easiest way to do it is to skip breakfast) and is short on time in the morning should have a batch of hard boiled eggs on hand, and eat a couple of those with black coffee rather than cereal/milk.

    So with this ‘woke’ nonsense, you now have another reason not to buy/consume their products.

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