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Updated Observations on the Chicago White-Teen Kidnap Case

One of the aggressive agitprops being run right now is to breakdown the public’s faith in the ability of the justice system’s to protect victims of crimes, or worse, get people to accept this. The cold-blooded murder of Daniel Shaver by “police” has all of the hallmarks of this agit-prop. Here, a police goon was acquitted as key evidence, such as the police cam of the shooting, was inexplicably withheld from the jury.

Now follows another light-handed slap to the female ringleader in the Chicago kidnapping and abuse of a young white teen by blacks. In this case, the perp was sentenced to probation and community service.

TNN Takeaway of the Chicago Kidnapping

The narrative is that four dindus video taped and posted their torment of a mentally challenged white boy decsribed as a “Trump supporter” on their social media.

There are two videos. “White kid” was reportedly held for a number of days and the separate videos look like the same person. This is one video. Parfor the course the second, longer video has been removed from You Tube. However we have located a mirror that is up for now.

Is this a hoax? I strongly suspect so. The poor film quality is typical of the production crew that makes these hoaxes utilizied elsewhere. Who else has cameras like this?

Key points:

  • Why would these dindus video and then publish their crime on social media? None of them thought it might not have been a good idea?? Yes, I know many think all these dindus have the intelligence of primates; but really, is that critical thinking or just prejudice? Could they have been paid to stage this? The reward must have been substantial.
  • They just seem much too happy. It has a hoax, theatrical-quality to it, grainy film, acting from scripts. About 90% of the video of the “big event” is focused on the one girl. Why? The girl demonstrated duping delight throughout. The white-teen victim is hardly shown. There are mostly sound effects. You never actually see blows landed, just sound effects.
  • This story has gotten a lot of play and exposure on lugenpresse.

I doubt if many can stomach this video, but I looked it over with a critical eye. Most of the video is incoherent ebonics and poor-acoustic sound effects. About all an English speaker can make out is the word “Trump” interspersed. A few spots do stand out, however:

  • At 1:45, the image shows the black dindu scalping the victim’s head with what appears to be a pocket knife. The cut is blocked by the dindu’s left hand so you can’t see it. The “victim” doesn’t even flinch or respond and you hear no sound. A gagged person would not be totally silent. Could a pocket knife deliver that bloodless wound?
  • The slap at 1:52 looks unconvincing and there is no clear image of a face strike, only sound.
  • At 4:57, the victim is slapped again — but watch. You can’t see it, just sound effects.
  • At 5:05, you hear what sounds like a smack, but again you don’t see it.
  • At 8:30, the video quickly scans the victim and finally we see a little trickle of blood from a head wound. At 13:20, this trickle is shown again and looks exactly like it did five minutes earlier.
  • At 17:20 you can more clearly hear a “blow” followed by a scream, but not filmed, and so on in similar unconvincing fashion until the end.

A few scenarios:

  • Dindus on drugs acting out
  • Ideological or political
  • Visceral black anger and rage
  • A paid set-up

Dindus, acting out? That would tend to be more race-oriented and the Trump theatrics would hardly be in the mix. The Trump aspect has a World Wide Wrestling Federation phony feel to it. 

If it was truly political and ideological, I believe it would be more considered and methodical… think Weather Underground.

If visceral anger was involved, the white boy would be bloody before even entering camera range. He would certainly look more damaged by the time they film him late in the video. The scalp wound looks Hollywood. Frankly, I didn’t see one convincing strike or blow in the entire video, just sleight of hand. But as always, view it for yourself. 

An outside source may have paid for this theatrics. There is a big Gofundme campaign for the mysterious victim, that would signal the standard charity fraud that comes with staged deceptions. Finally with the perps getting off light, we have the injustice and broken system agit-prop in play.  Last. but not least – racial agit-prop. Racial agit-prop deceptions are equal opportunity. 

13 Comments on Updated Observations on the Chicago White-Teen Kidnap Case

  1. If it assists in the awakening of our people……………what could be the harm. It is not like this is not unusual.
    If only we had video of Christopher Newsom and Channon Christian. But I wonder if that wouldn’t even do.

    • The problem is the next time it is a white on black hoax, and then black on white, etc, etc. Then we end up in a shitstorm. It is the strangeness of how they do these incidents that screws with people.

  2. My suspicion was immediately aroused when I heard about this, and I’m glad New Nationalist and Renegade are considering what most nationalists could never bring themselves to.

    It’s far too convenient that 4 blacks – BLM, no less – would perform this senseless act shortly before Trump’s inauguration and post it on social media. It could barely play into the larger agenda of racial conflict more perfectly.

    The ‘scalping’ to me is a pretty good red flag; because in the deep, national psyche of the white American, ‘scalping’ represents something mythical and visceral – a subconscious ‘folk phobia’ if you will.

    I’m glad I found you (via Renegade), New Nationalist.

  3. In real crimes, politics are never brought in. Crime is impulsive, from the gut, and in rage. The fact that the Trump part is the only clear audio and made the focus of the video on the news was the give away for me. This was scripted, calculated, planned. If it really was about instilling fear, the camera would never have turned on the filmers or show their faces.

  4. Whether fake or not; I believe as Nationalists, we need to use whatever they give us to help influence our racial brethren who are fast asleep.
    It’s not like this “behavior” is out of the possibility.

  5. Hello Russ, please expand on your comment that the cabal is running an agit-prop to destroy people’s faith in the justice system, a very important issue … what is the cabal’s end-game that you see for this?

    For a long time, the overall policy was more to pretend to most people the system ‘works’ … something people find out is not true when they have contact with that system, but legal & judicial injustice has long been the most forbidden USA topic in media framing … with victims finding no media will cover their story of being mauled by lawyers and judges, having assets stolen or being jailed when innocent

    The puzzle for me here, is that if the collapse of the image of the justice system really takes hold, people become revolutionary

    There is a theme out there now, that an ultra-far-right, death-squad government, is really a cabal goal … hence we have the ‘system failures’ in Europe for example, quite failing to deal with crime by migrants.

    Recently Gordon Duff of Veterans Today – who lives in Ohio near Andrew Anglin of the Daily Stormer – said flat-out he thinks Anglin, promoter of ‘RWDS – Right Wing Death Squads’, is run by the Israeli etc interests & the Deep State … tho one should recall that Duff himself said on tape, that 30% plus of what he publishes on VT is not true.

    • Speaking of driving people to the far-right and revolution … One interesting personality is Finland’s far-right Kai Murros (born 1969), who has long argued that in a few years there will be a huge ethnic cleansing war in Europe that will shock the world with its fierceness.

      Murros says that despite the ‘cucked’ image of Europeans, their subconscious drives are awakening, and they are in process of realising it is a matter of sheer survival, us or them, native Europeans and European-heritage peoples on other continents, versus cabal-invited invaders and globalist schemers (often Jewish).

      Murros is a student of revolutions, and argues that what misleads people, is that the fake progressives currently own media and urban institutions … whereas Murros says the upcoming revolution of Europeans, will be, like that of Mao, an upheaval based in the countrysides and small towns, the ‘flyover’ areas of the USA etc, the armed men drawing natural support from their fellows

      (Note to USA readers – Europeans actually DO own a great many civilian firearms, contrary to USA myths; there are perhaps 75-100 million civilian guns in Europe … virtually no ‘carry’ laws, but they are in homes and on farms … for statistics by country see

      Kai Murros’ Moscow speech of 2010 is his perhaps most famous statement
      “We must never be ashamed to admit that the resurrection of Europe requires the greatest war this planet has ever seen … This unprecedented collective effort in European history will guarantee that no European will ever again be without a proper job with a proper wage, that no European will ever again go hungry, and that there will always be a decent home for each and every European.”

    • I don’t think Duff is too far off. But “Far right” or “Leftist” is the wrong descriptive- it will be a Talmudic, transhumanist Nakam (vengeance) death-squad monstrosity.

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