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VICTORY: Degenerate MTV’s VMA Viewership Collapses for 4th Straight Year

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1. the act or process of falling to an inferior condition or state; deterioration; decay;
2. moral degeneration or decay; turpitude;
3. unrestrained or excessive self-indulgence.
synonyms: degeneracy, retrogression, decline.

The shitfest known as the MTV Video Music Awards is something I check into in order to gauge the pulse of a once-great country called America.

Once again, the VMAs suffered an epic drop in audience numbers, bringing in only 5.3 million viewers. Last year’s record low registered 6.5 million, following a trend line of declining viewership. In 2015, the show snagged 10.3 million viewers, while 2014 had roughly a crowd of 13.7 million.

Some highlights for those who missed the 2014 MTV Awards: a center stage in the form of 666 and a heavy emphasis on serpents. Here’s a good rundown of the scene:

2015 Twitter-trolling VMAs featured

  • WWF cat fights, including Nikki Minaj getting into what appeared to be a staged and poorly acted verbal altercation with Miley Cyrus.
  • Cyrus acting like a dumb bitch and exposing her nipple.
  • Dumbass rapper Kanye West announcing that he was running for president in 2020. Guy looked serious and full of himself but made zero sense. Total idiocracy.
  • Pop singer Justin Bieber performing a song and crying like a girl upon completing his performance.
  • Constant rainbow homosexual colored lights flashing in a brainwashing fashion. How much of this would it take? Tolerance is one thing, but promotion?

2016 VMAs

  • Repeat idiocracy as Kanye West demonstrated his talent for long pauses between each sentence, a technique apparently utilized so he can hear the voices inside his head.
  • Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj perform a peep show between large representations of women’s legs. Naturally, Ariana is transformed into a sexualized cat hybird standing before a flock of sheep.

2017 VMAs

  • Kendrick Lamar opens the show with a fire performance of a guy running around on stage ablaze. We can only hope no kid tries this at home.
  • Other than that, the same lame, tired politics. A reading of the standard brainwashing idiocracy script was pushed with special emphasis on a genderless, “hateless,” hyper-tolerant society.
  • Katy Perry followed up on her previous Spirit Cooking cannibal tune with one even darker, dwelling on death and depression with a decidedly anti-male tone. Katy’s new personality and jokes at VMA fell flat. Her previous cute-girl persona is completely gone, replaced with an alter-ego that’s very nasty.
  • Direct decedent Robert E. Lee IV was rolled out to introduce the mother of Charlotteville rally victim Heather Heyer. This woman is a dead ringer for Sandy Hook mother Vicky Soto — but you decide.


Viacom-MTV is part of the empire of billionaire (((Sumner Redstone))) and his cadre. Apparently degeneracy and satanism no longer sells, but that doesn’t stop them from trying. Of the 50 senior executives of the major music labels and trade organizations, 39 are Jews. This is a numerical representation of 78%. Jews are approximately 2% of the U.S. population. Therefore, Jews are over-represented among the senior executives of the major music labels and trade organizations by a factor of 39 times (3,900 percent) [source].

The VMA’s collapse is a victory for new nationalists everywhere. I love the smell of napalm in the morning.

12 Comments on VICTORY: Degenerate MTV’s VMA Viewership Collapses for 4th Straight Year

  1. In looking for reasons for the collapse, clues are offered up by millennials in the comments of the 2016 MTV video- a general weariness towards the idiocracy that is being prmoted. These kids no longer find it funny or entertaining.

  2. Russ, I’m curious. 1) what do you mean when you say “trade organizaions” I just want to be sure if I get into a discussion with anyone. and 2) How many of the remaining 11 senior execs are MARRIED to Jews? I’ll bet it’s every single one. Do you have a resource site for those kinds of statistics for say movies, the press, publishing houses, wall street hedge funds and university/college presidents? A lot of them claim they aren’t Jewish anymore, or they’re atheists and they have English names like Anderson, Cooper, Smith, Jones. It’s uncanny.

  3. Don’t you find it odd that the (((entertainment industry))) is pumping esoteric symbols in their degenerate shows? I mean, the very nature of what’s shown is meant to shock and disgust Christians. The heebs are surely aware of that. Yet they still push this association without any limits. It’s no wonder that the marginally aware Christian devotee (and not only) has become convinced that the Devil is behind it all. Why would the kikes enforce this belief?

    Could it be because the want to worship the Devil in public? Or perhaps because they want to mess with our heads? What if SATAN is in fact the ENEMY of the Jews and the ally of the Gentiles? If we’re accustomed to seeing things being misrepresented, why are so sure that the Jews are not pulling our leg on the Devil business too?

    Remember, when the (((Church))) gained power in Europe, pagan celebrations and symbols were perverted. More importantly, worshipping pagan gods was outlawed and they were branded as EVIL – by the (((Church)))

    Christian Nationalism is a contradiction. The Christian doctrine acted as an early form of Communism. It is highly toned down today, but that’s only because it has been accepted and largely uncontested. It has also served its purpose as an appetizer for Bolshevism, that’s why Communists seem to be against Christianity, but that’s a false paradigm.

    What spiritual benefit does the Bible have? Does it empower the Gentile soul? No it doesn’t. On a contrary, it is anti-family, pro poverty, pro subservience and anti-life. This same rotten Bible is the source of all of this evil Devil nonsense.

    I’ll leave you with this: “Devi” means “Goddess” in Sanskrit. Now put on your thinking caps.

    • This is very intriguing Adam. Based on what I’ve read, Yahweh was the Sumerian god ( Annunaki) Ea/Enki, the creator of mankind. He was eclipsed by his son Marduk/Baal. His symbol was the serpent which represented knowledge not evil because he tried to share what the Annunaki knew with mankind. The twisted thinking you propose is very consistent with the work of Edward Bernays ( Freud’s nephew) and the Talmud. I shall be watching more closely. The top end of the masonic pyramid claims to worship Lucifer/Satan and masonic symbolism abounds especially in sci-fi. The masonic symbolism and the Luciferian are not the same as the masonic reflects far more of the ancient Sumerian creation story. Very thought-provoking indeed.

      • I was not aware that Edward Bernays’ work had anything to do with spirituality. He probably just resented Christianity because it was hampering his “PR” programs.

        On the other hand, I can see why you’re making parallels with the Talmud. The reason why Jews don’t accept Christianity is because they know it’s bogus. For the exact reasons I’ve mentioned in my original post, Jews find themselves at an advantage compared to Whites. That doesn’t mean I’m advocating for us to adopt Talmudic thinking, as you are probably implying. That would be absurd, since the Talmud can only fit Jewish thinking patterns.

        The top end of the masonic pyramid represents enlightenment, yes. And as with any organization, there’s no guarantee that its stance is always matching its emblem. The Masons were infiltrated by Weishaupt’s Illuminati group in the eighteen hundreds. Their symbolism was perverted, but not changed entirely. So yes, I also think that the masonic pyramid is a throwback to the original Luciferian philosophy.

        • Bernays was the developer of the modern methods of mind control through repeat image projection and the association of symbols in a visual and auditory field. He was the father of advertising so to speak but his work has been used for mind control of the masses for some time now. It doesn’t have anything to do with Christianity per se as it’s really quite encompassing. While anyone can make a case against Christianity I believe an even bigger one can and should be made against rabbinical Judaism which justifies murder, child molestation, and endless deceit on an unprecendented scale. The Jews do not fight Christianity because it is bogus, on the contrary, they abhore it because, in its earliest days, it vilified the rabbinicals for what they were, Pharisees. I don’t believe all Jews are rabbinicals and much of the rank and file goes along with the mind game because they benefit from it and have no choice in this country. I’ve worked with Jews who treated everyone fairly, but I’ve also worked with plenty who had clearly been seriously indoctrinated and exhibited flagrant psychopathic and sociopathic tendancies and whose hatred of gentiles boiled just beneath the surface. While Christianity has a tendancy to produce sheeple, they are hardly disadvantaged with respect to kindness and compassion. The same cannot be said for the Talmud.

          • I understand this viewpoint. I’m also familiar with E Michael Jones’ work. However, Jews playing both sides of a narrative is too important to be omitted in any topic of discussion that involves them.

            The Catholic Church has performed horrendous crimes against both Europeans and others that it happened to pray upon during the colonial period. Its manifestation was simply too similar to Bolshevism.

            The church may have ruffled some rabbinic feathers back in the day, but it also allowed Jews to lend money, essentially granting them a monopoly on usury, since it was a sin for a Christian to practice it.

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