Trauma Surgeon’s Observations on the Boston Bombing’s Fraudulent Injuries

Winter Watch continues our discussion from yesterday concerning the realities of mass casualty scenes seen in the “terror attacks.” These observations are useful for examining Manchester as well as the improvised bomb device was similar. A Pininterest resource file on the Boston Marathon can be found here.

Lorraine Day, M.D, an orthopedic trauma surgeon with 25 years experience and former chief of orthopedic surgery at San Francisco General Hospital, the only trauma hospital in San Francisco, says, “No one died in the Boston Marathon bombing — nor was anyone even hurt.” She is offering her analysis of the faked injuries from the Boston bombing. TNN has added pertinent images.

From Dr. Day:

1. In the pictures taken immediately after the blast, there is NO BLOOD on the ground. That could never be. The bomb blast would have instantaneously spread blood everywhere from the injured victims.

2. There were only about 10 “victims” at ground zero of the blast – and all of them are alive and do not appear to be even close to death. Where are these other “200” people who were supposedly injured?

3. When “blood” does eventually appear on the sidewalk at ground zero – it clearly is some kind of paint – NOT blood. The paint is bright orangish-red, obviously for the maximum frightening effect on the populace. REAL BLOOD is dark maroon.

Warning graphic NSFW: real people dying of internal injury and trauma is horrific, compared to the Boston video below.

4. Notice in the initial pictures after the (smoke) bomb exploded, almost all of the “victims” are holding themselves up on one elbow, or they are sitting up. No one is in severe pain, or really in any pain at all. Severely injured people are not propping themselves up on one elbow. They would have their head on the sidewalk.

5. Obviously, these crisis actors (See don’t want to put their head or the side of their face down on the dirty Boston sidewalk where everyone walks (and spits).

6. In one video, a man is seen clapping together two towels or other items, causing the crisis actors “victims” to be covered with soot – so they’ll look more like bombing victims.

7. One woman “victim” is seen in early photos (but after the “bombing” has taken place) with no blood at all on her white blouse. However, later, she is taken off on a gurney with a lot of “blood” on her white blouse.

8. There are many “handlers” in the early pictures, positioning “victims” and assisting in the set-up of the HOAX scene. You might think that they would be concerned about being seen by the by-standers, but when a “bomb” goes off, most people run for their life, allowing the Hoaxsters and Crisis actors to set up their HOAX scenes undisturbed.

9. There are no Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) at the scene, no ambulances, and no fire engines (after all, a supposed “bomb” went off – it would be mandatory for the fire department to respond). Where are they? The people “helping” the “victims” are also Crisis actors. No emergency medical personnel are on the scene.

10. Certainly, wheel chairs may be available at various places along a Marathon route, and at the end of the race, but wheel chairs are never found on ambulances. And wheelchairs are never used to transport severely injured victims. When a victim has lost a lot of blood, whether from internal or external bleeding, he or she is always kept flat and transported on a gurney. Otherwise the life of that victim is at severe risk.

11. The man with the supposedly blown off legs – with about sixteen inches of bone (tibia) sticking out of one leg – is taken away in a WHEELCHAIR! That would NEVER happen! If a person has both legs blown off, his blood loss would be so severe that if someone sat him up, he would lose consciousness (his heart could not pump enough blood to supply his brain when he was in the upright position) and he would die. No ambulance company would ever take on that liability, nor would any bystander. That man was a crisis actor who lost both of his legs in war some time ago while in the military. You will see in the documentation below. There are many former military personnel, amputees from war injuries, that are now being used as crisis actors for “drills” as it was repeatedly announced over loudspeakers that this (Boston Bombing) was.

The “gory blown-off” leg was nothing but a prosthesis (made by “central casting”) made to look like an amputation caused by an explosion. The prosthesis, however, is a very poor replica of a real amputated limb. I have performed many amputations of both legs and arms and I have seen many hundreds of severely injured limbs from all sorts of horrendous accidents. None of them ever look like that one. But apparently it is good enough to fool the population (most of whom have never seen such injuries). Unfortunately, the average American chooses not to spend any time investigating these events and chooses to believe the mainstream media propagandists.

The injuries and blood spatter are so badly done, they are almost comical to a trained trauma surgeon such as myself.

Also, that man who supposedly lost both his legs in the “bombing” seemed to be in no pain, nor did he have blood all over him. And 4 or 5 days later, when photographed in the hospital, he is giving a thumbs-up, happy-faced smile. This is ludicrous. When a person loses even one limb, there is a “grieving” process that goes on for weeks, similar to the grieving response that would happen if a person lost a close loved one. And it’s usually months before one actually can face the situation and get on with his life. 

Some photos of the “casualties” at the Boston Marathon bombing;

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  1. The picture in the article, mr zombie like guy with his dockers torn open, not a scratch on his face after his legs were blasted, right? He must use one heck of a moisturizer to keep his skin that clear after a bomb blast.

      • There’s an amazing quote from Bruce during one of his many interviews (he’s into public relations, among other things), and specifically the “our marathon: oral history project”, he says something about the marathon hoax to the effect of “I’m involved in this in more ways than I can say.” I forget the exact quote but I have it written down somewhere and it denotes his many roles in the hoax. Oh, but the zombie pants guy is James Costello by the way, and he actually had a “Boston Strong” wedding! (the wedding officiator was a woman who is also on the “MR8” running team)

  2. The area where the bodies are shown on the ABC footage doesn’t appear to be a very confined space. I haven’t seen any damage to structures, has anyone?

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