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LGBTQ Ratings Flop: Americans Keep Rejecting ‘Gay’ Programming

Guy Pearce (Cleve Jones) and Charles Socarides (Richard Socarides) in 'When We Rise.' PHOTO: Screenshot via Lifesite News

17 March 2017

LIFESITE NEWS — As the Disney Corporation experiments with a “gay” subplot in its remake of Beauty and the Beast, the recent ratings flop of an ABC miniseries extolling “gay rights” confirms that Americans are not tuning in to pro-LGBTQ programming.

With great fanfare, ABC launched its “epic” miniseries, When We Rise, about the “gay rights” revolution. As Heatstreet reported, “When We Rise received saturation ad coverage during the Oscars ahead of its premiere this week.”

But the hype didn’t work and the show tanked from the first episode (the four-part miniseries totaled eight hours). Deadline reported on When We Rise’s disappointing debut:

“It was a noble effort, but viewers largely shunned it, with the opening two hours averaging a paltry 0.7 in 18-49 and 3 million viewers coming off the strong Bachelor lead-in.

When We Rise was the lowest-rated program on the Big 4 [CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX] and second lowest-rated overall last night, matching the CW’s Supergirl (0.7, even with last week). The CW’s Jane The Virgin (0.3) was off by a tenth.”

The Advocate, a magazine for homosexuals, described When We Rise as “a sprawling tale of queer liberation that covers the Stonewall riots to marriage equality to the transgender rights battle.” The ABC series was directed by “out” homosexual Dustin Lance Black and featured Rachel Griffiths, Guy Pearce, Mary-Louise Parker, David Hyde Pierce, and other stars. […]

2 Comments on LGBTQ Ratings Flop: Americans Keep Rejecting ‘Gay’ Programming

  1. These LBGTQ faggots will never give up…and never learn…butt holes are EXIT ONLY. But never mind them, what’s up with the whole Beauty & The Beast thing? Hot chick getting laid by some type of crazy looking lion-type animal? Is there also a Donkey Show subplot? That’s the real story.

    • More correctly……the Jews will never give up. LBGTQ would still be in the closet if it weren’t for the Jews.

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