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Trump Fills His Swamp by Combining Bush III with Likudniks

ExxonMobil Chairman and CEO Rex Tillerson speaks at the World Gas Conference in Paris. PHOTO: Eric Piermonteric/AFP/Getty Images

Trump pick of Rex Tillerson, the chairman and CEO of Exxon Mobil, as Secretary of State may as well come from Papa and Jeb Bush. So, instead of the Clinton II crime syndicate swamp, we will now have the Bush III swamp in wolf’s clothing.

Incredibly, it looked like Trump was actually considering neocon warmonger John Bolton for the position. Perhaps Bolton will now be brought in for some other damaging role. The Tillerson nomination indicates only a minor derivation away from the Likudnik (supremacist party currently in power in Israel) -Goldman Sachs Parasite Guild faction that Trump established, but it underscores Trump’s dedication to fill his swamp with corporatists and banksters.

Tillerson is also a staunch globalist. He supports the Trans-Pacific Partnership, supports carbon taxation and has addressed the Council on Foreign Relations on energy issues. He serves on the board of trustees of the Center for Strategic and International Studies, a think tank tied to Peter G. Peterson, a Wall Street billionaire. Trustees include Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski and the deep state insiders Brent Scowcroft and James R. Schlesinger.

Meanwhile, in separate news, Trump declares the U.S. embassy in Israel will be moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Not even HRC or Obama would have supported this step.

The troops in the so-called alt-right camp are complaining, but the influencers continue to make excuses. After being snookered on to the Trump train, the leaders of dissenting nationalist/America First politics (aka alt-right) can’t get off at the next stop.

Where is Paul Craig Roberts on this travesty? So far, very disappointing behavior and still skirting around this globalist-Likudnik coup from the top. Yes, Mr. Roberts, we get it that some normalization and defusing with Russia is desirable, but wake up to what else is going on.

There are other influencers who are selling out to the Crime Syndicate, and you know who you are. TNN now believes you have been set up by design to be discredited. Bastante! Time for regrouping and damage control. TNN will start calling you out — get off the dime!

Verdict on the “alt-right”: Almost all the Trump appointments are complete fails. It is one thing to be fooled, happens all the time with the criminal control grid, and you can be forgiven if you man up. But it something else all together to be a disgracefully captured Judas Goat.

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  1. Here is how Reddit censors. I have never been able to post at r/politics.ALL posts are removed. But after getting 9,859 likes on TNN’s Norway pedo bust article at r/conspiracy I decided to try our luck with this Trump swamp article. This article is not being down-voted or removed (yet) but the moderator has put up a notation that says, “unacceptable source. ” By whose authority would be my question?

  2. Trump’s entourage is cabal, indeed … but interesting to view in context of the escalating likelihood that this coming Monday, 19 December, Trump will be denied the US presidency by renegade electors, ZeroHedge now running the story of a Harvard law prof’s claim he is close to having the 37 defectors needed to sabotage Trump

    CIA talking against Trump is an implicit death threat to USA electors … who can be killed with their spray-deadly-disease poisons CIA & Mossad have developed

    “It’s all-out war as the neocon (aka neocohen) criminals attempt to sabotage Trump’s Presidency” – Russ Winter on TNN, 18 Nov 2016

    • Or is it that the cabal doesn’t ‘trust’ Trump … they had to kill JFK who had been ‘insider’ … they had to run the fake ‘impeachments’ against both Nixon & Bill Clinton, both deep deep ‘insiders’ … Does the cabal see in Trump the spark of that independent soul who cannot be pushed down forever?

      De-electing Trump would be USA presidential coup d’état no 6 in last 60 years

      1963 – JFK shot & killed
      1974 – Nixon ‘impeached’ via CIA & mil complex
      1981 – Reagan shot by man tied to VP Bush
      1999 – Clinton ‘impeached’ via CIA & mil complex
      2000 – Bush installed by USA Supreme Court who cancelled vote-counting
      2016 …

    • With the ‘Russian hacking election’ story pumped in both USA & UK too, is the cabal testing how much bullshite people will swallow?

      Does Trump himself maybe want ‘out’ himself? Given he can see the global bond markets are blowing up & huge worldwide financial crash is imminent & Trump would be blamed for economy collapse

      If Trump is pushed out now, in the minds of maybe half the USA Trump will remain the ‘hero’ who ‘would have saved America’ … the ‘winner’ who was ‘betrayed’

    • Read an interesting article that the Jews have a plan b with Trump. Stall Trump’s inauguration and it will lead an vacant presidency after January 20th. Because it is becoming obvious that Trump is a fraud and has filled his cabinet with so obvious elite/swamp people. So they will go with option b. According to rules if Trump is unable to take the presidency on January 20th Speaker of the House Paul Ryan will take over the presidency. Ryan would take the office temporary untill congress and lawyers fixes the voting troubles. While in office Ryan could order a no fly zone in Syria and there by attack Syria and possibly Russia would get involved.
      Then the article goes further with more angles on how Trump would get back in office with a Military “coup” and together with Putin reform UN and make it even more a world government institution then it is today.
      Some of this could happen, or all off it, or nothing, but non the less it is worth a read and see for signs if it could go this way.

  3. Some interesting thoughts from leftist James Petras, writing about how the whole ‘electoral democracy’ thing no longer works very well … there is so little faith in the system, the cabal needs to go more & more for pretend ‘outsiders’ to seduce the populace, both Obama in ’08 & Trump in ’16, those Syriza frauds in Greece etc

    Petras says probably about 80% of people no longer believe in the system really, as they can feel they are getting economically screwed

    And that therefore, as this ‘populist outsider’ meme proves to be a fraud as Trump et al. disappoint, the next step is direct militaristic fascism … the question then is whether military & police will support the oligarchs … or overthrow them like they overthrew the tsar (czar) of Russia in March 1917, in just 7 days

    Petras’ final note is to ask whether robots & technology will supplant the possible betrayal of human police to protect the cabal … maybe the cabal is just stalling a while till the robots & tech get a bit more developed

    • Unfortunately the 1917 Bolshevik “revolution” was fake and cabal controlled, as were the French and American ones. There are also doubts that the czar actually played along and his whole family was not wiped out, but survived.

  4. Paul Craig Roberts has been member of Council for National Policy (CNP) and could still be.
    Other members include Stephen Bannon, Kellyanne Conway.
    Erik Prince has been a member, he’s is brother of Betsy Davos and Prince has donated money to CNP.
    Trump and five other republican candidates have attended NCP conferences this year.
    CNP is right wing version of Council on Foreign Relations. They preach their policy while nothing gets done.
    Craig may be following CNP line that’s why he makes excuses for Trump.

    • PCR seems to be controlled opposition (why is he not “taken out” yet?) and seller of the fake East-West dialectic. As Trump is allegedly “pro-Putin”, he will blindly support him.

  5. The Russian oligarchic crime syndicate under Putin is euphoric with Trump choosing Tillerson, a friend of the Moscow gangsters.
    Will Trump turn a blind eye if the despot Putin invade the whole of the Ukraine?

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