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COVID-1984 Soft Reopenings Reveal False Narratives of ‘Pent-up Demand’ and V-Shaped Recoveries

The general manager of Janesville Mall in Wisconsin walks toward the North end of the mall while giving a tour. While some mall stores have a few staff taking inventory and servicing online sales, many stores have been idled for more than 40 days. PHOTO:

We are getting reports on what to expect from the soft restart of local economies. It seems that formerly locked down citizens are bypassing shopping malls and instead heading outdoors to beaches and parks. Certainly, this is a natural response to spring as well. It likely also signals lack of money for shopping.

A beach in Galveston, Texas. PHOTO: Getty

Larger retailers chains are dropping like flies. Nieman Marcus and J. Crew filed bankruptcy on Thursday, and J.C. Penny is expected to file next week.

Texas mall restarting. No sign of pent-up demand here.

In Texas, restaurants were allowed to reopen, but 25% capacity is maximum allowed for indoor dining.

“It’s sad to know that this is the first Monday we’ve reopened, and a lot of the places are still very empty,” one food distribution company official that supplies Houston area restaurants said of the painfully slow, anti-climactic return to business. “I’m a little shocked it’s so dead out.”

Open Table shows restaurant activity for restart states is scrapping bottom [chart on the right].

Sysco is the nation’s largest food service company. In a recent investor-relations conference call, it revealed its pessimistic forward-looking consideration that the time has now arrived to slash nearly half-billion dollars in expenses, including furloughing and laying off 33% of its workforce.

“… difficult decision to reduce our staffing levels by approximately 33% through a combination of temporary workforce furloughs and permanent reductions in force.”

The Gray State awaits the plebs with COVID-1984 school marms in uniform. These are also known as “The Authorities.”

Florida’s statewide stay-at-home order expired Thursday, April 30. But a popular park in Miami Beach was closed Monday after authorities issued thousands of warnings over the weekend to people who weren’t following COVID-1984 prevention rules, The Authorities said.

Between Friday and Sunday, park rangers gave 7,329 verbal warnings to people in the city, most of them at the park, according to the city.

There have been some “incidents.”

Scamdemic authoritarian followers on Twitter turned out in droves to rail on this American hero. L’excellence opérationnelle en action. Watch American hero shove a school marm into shallow water.

For the young and young at heart, don’t let the scamdemic authoritarian tyrants wreck your youth.

If, as part of a resistance, you are cited for not wearing a mask, here is your Dr. Fauci horse’s-mouth defense on the uselessness of masks. .

To our eyes, it sure looks like the next scamdemic stagecraft will be Trump coming down with COVID-1984, joining the likes of Boris Johnson and Fidelito Trudeau’s wife. This Worldwide Wrestling scam will be centered around his personal practices, such as failing to wear a mask, and his surroundings. Various mucky mucks in the West Wing are infected. It will fit perfectly as a psyops to nix the restarts and the developing resistance.

The new narrative that is being rolled out: The death toll will simply be too gruesome and unbearable to allow people to continue on with some semblance of an ordinary life. So, we must keep society locked down indefinitely until a vaccine is found or until there can be enough testing and tracking for surveillance of infections among the entire population. Until then, only minimal “essential” activities will be allowed. This could last 18 months, or two years, or more. And even then, there will need to be “COVID passports” and official freedom-to-work documents issued by governments.

The future is one in which every move must be controlled and monitored to prevent the spread of this scamdemic.

On April 2, one of the lead bureaucrats on the White House’s COVID-19 advisory commission insisted mandatory social distancing could not be eased until further notice:

“If we get to the part of the curve where it goes down to essentially no new cases, no deaths for a period of time, I think it makes sense that you have to relax social distancing,” he added. “The one thing we hope to have in place, and I believe we will have in place, is a much more robust system to be able to identify someone who is infected, isolate them, and then do contact tracing.”

Similarly, former presidential advisor and physician Ezekiel Emmanuel flatly stated that there is “no choice” but to stay locked down indefinitely:

Realistically, COVID-19 will be here for the next 18 months or more. We will not be able to return to normalcy until we find a vaccine or effective medications. I know that’s dreadful news to hear. How are people supposed to find work if this goes on in some form for a year and a half? Is all that economic pain worth trying to stop COVID-19? The truth is we have no choice.

Only in a satanic, inverted world would 33.5 million unemployment claims in seven weeks caused by the above policy response be considered bullish for Wall Street.

The $660-billion Paycheck Protection Program was instituted to give a lifeline to small businesses during the economic shutdown, but it proved to be a paper tiger. Only 13% of the 45% of small businesses that applied were approved, according to the CNBC/SurveyMonkey Small Business Survey released Monday, which surveyed 2,200 small business owners across America.

The ISM business activity index typically closely tracks and leads corporate profits. Any more questions?

The reality is that the Fed, the Treasury and their conduit to the Parasite Guild have no interest in securities at these inflated levels.

Primary Credit has fallen to $26.5 billion from $43 billion a month ago. This Primary Market Corporate Credit Facility (PMCCF) lends to an SPV that can buy bonds directly from companies, including certain “fallen angel” junk bonds. It can also buy portions of syndicated loans or bonds at issuance. Some of the positions have unwound, and the SPV paid the associated loans back to the Fed.

Secondary credit: $0. This Secondary Market Corporate Credit Facility (SMCCF) is designed to lend to SPVs that purchase corporate bonds, bond ETFs, and junk-bond ETFs in the secondary market. None have been purchased yet.

Primary Dealer Credit Facility fell to $15 billion from $36 billion three weeks earlier. These are the amounts the Fed lent to primary dealers to buy securities. After the initial burst, some of the positions have been unwound.

These loans to its SPVs show that the Fed still has not bought any junk bonds, fallen-angel junk bonds, bond ETFs, or junk bond ETFs. But the announcement in March that it might buy them, and the re-announcement last Monday that it might buy them starting in “early May” caused a huge pump rally in those asset classes.

Since March 11, the Fed has printed $2.41 trillion and bought almost exclusively Treasuries and some mortgage-backed securities. This is designed to start monetizing (aka Weimarizing) the $3.7 trillion deficit and keep interest rates minuscule for the U.S. Treasury.

15 Comments on COVID-1984 Soft Reopenings Reveal False Narratives of ‘Pent-up Demand’ and V-Shaped Recoveries

  1. I figure that Mnuchin and his gang of vampires have pumped up the hedge and private equity crony capitalists with young blood extracted from the middle class and family businesses. This fresh money will be used to scoop up all remaining resources like mines, ranches and farms before the new slave caste is allowed out of their caves.

  2. I don’t know. Looks like Gallup NM has something brewing.My guess is the introduction of “Airborne”. And ACT 2.

    The looting was a given, but seeing all of the collateral damage to airlines, pro sports, media. It seems a bit over the top to loot us this way, unless the future reveals that those things will be nationalized in the new paradigm. The university system is even screwed, One would think honest academic dissension could finally surface after so many job losses.Maybe even honest reporting with journalistic standards.
    I suspect “they” were hoping for more horror than was realized, but nature had a say in the matter. Nerds always miss stuff.
    From a tactical perspective I’m sure this was all gamed out with a myriad of contingency plans.

    If this just goes away, every elected official is toast.

    I can only imagine that we are dealing with either:
    1. A Geophysical Event
    2. Mass starvation
    3. Something Biblical like floods and famine which goes back to 1. and 2.

    None of these options look promising.

    • > If this just goes away, every elected official is toast.

      Exactly – when they game-planned this crisis it’s certain they understood it couldn’t just “go away”. After all of the damage and death it has caused they’d risk blow-back, most likely of the violent kind.

      So you can bet they are going to try and drag this out as long as possible. Given that the state governors and the majority of the useless eaters are (still) obediently playing along, dragging it out longer looks very doable.

      • Among my concerns now is that a whole bunch of so called “Red Pilling” was going on…This to me, can be very dangerous. If a refuting narrative occurs, and “Airborne” is just that, then it will likely humiliate these people into submission, discredit most alt media, and usher in SHOCK.

        Bottom line: If you were “Red Pilled” BEFORE going into this shame, you are immune (no pun) If you are a recent convert, you are humiliated and flocking for masks online.Distrusting of all sources, and now fully compliant.

        If you want to prepare yourself against SHOCK. I suggest you write down all of your principals and contingency plans now, and trust yourself to believe them when the SHTF

        This is why I say the more religiously orthodoxed are spared. They have principals-whether sound or not. No hope for the Pajamalitos…J is silent..pronounce PAHAMALITOES

  3. Normally, when dollars are created, many if not most are exported overseas. It’s what masks the inflationary pressures of our constant money creation. I doubt much of that’s happening now. So with domestic production down and the dollars still coming out but remaining within the US, when will inflation return?

  4. Sheriffs are the only law enforcement named in the Constitution.
    This gives them more power than any politician.
    The Sheriff is responsible directly to the people of his county and the U.S. Constitution.
    The american people need to wake up and realize that their Sheriff may be their only salvation from the “rules of humiliation ” and the bullsh*t on a stick.
    So far a Sheriff in CA and AZ are following the Constitution.
    I pray more follow suit quickly.

  5. Okay, I totally do NOT trust Trump or anyone in the US govt. but this looked like a slightly hopeful sign: (video at link)

    In answering a question from a journalist, Trump responded ‘Well I feel about vaccines like I feel about tests, this is gonna go away without a vaccine’ – inferring perhaps that he felt that the covid-19 tests were also unnecessary.

    But as I said, I trust nothing, and I know that Trump moved this agenda forward by signing that deal with Peter Theil for that Chinese-style surveillance:

    US President Donald Trump, who has just hired the shadowy artificial intelligence firm Palantir in order to design and implement the ‘big data backbone’ for a new total surveillance tracking system and COVID-19 ‘contact tracing’ app which provides a convenient platform for other ‘one size fits all’ programs such as government mandated mass-vaccinations, and Microsoft and Bill Gates’ GAVI (Global Vaccine Alliance) who are pushing for ID 2020 ‘digital ID’ to activate a technocratic system of ‘immunity passports‘ which will be used to restrict a person’s travel based on their vaccine history stored on a person’s body or phone.

    I thought this was brilliant–perhaps humor might wake up the sheep:

    What It’s Like to Believe Everything the Media Tells You

    • Have you ever watched pro wrestling or are familiar with the term good cop bad cop? If you assume Trump is not in control, than what comes from his mouth are as potent as his breath across the TV Screen. If you assume he is in control, then you have been asleep for 3.5 years

  6. Neiman Marcus, known particularly for its extravagant “Christmas Book” catalog, plans to use the bankruptcy proceeding to restructure its debt-laden, money-losing business, handing over the majority stake to its creditors.

    I expect a big wave of corporate bankruptcies among companies with high debt and a recent history of quarterly losses (the BK must at least appear plausibly necessary) — these will be used to restructure and either refinance on better terms or shed debt entirely — the energy sector will be decimated, along with all their debt-holders — I would not be surprised to see more Ch 7s than Ch 11s there.

    Restrictions were eased somewhat where I live recently, but it does not seem the increase in activity is commensurate — the whole interpersonal atmosphere is still bizarrely strained, with many freaks still walking around in masks, and eyeing others suspiciously — I don’t see anything approaching normalization anytime soon — although some people are now beginning to see these shutdown measures as idiotic and draconian, the numbers are still not high enough, and I’m not sure this is morphing into a much needed more general distrust of government — most people are such hopeless idiots.

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