‘No Need to Trigger Crisis’ Panicking Eurocrats Desperately Claim Italy HASN’T Rejected EU

French Finance Minister Michel Sapin (left), Pierre Moscovici and Luis de Guindos Jurado. PHOTO: Express/AFP/Getty

FINANCE ministers across Europe have lined up after the Italian referendum in a desperate bid to calm fears over the future of the euro as currency tumbles.

By Jon Rogers | 5 December 2016

EXPRESS — Despite yesterday’s vote being seen as a rejection of the euro, France’s finance minister Michel Sapin said there was no systematic risk to the eurozone, as he met finance heads in Brussels.

Mr Sapin’s comments come after the currency suffered its biggest one-day loss since June, hitting a 20-month low over fears Italy could leave the eurozone, triggering its complete collapse.

Arriving for the meeting today Mr Sapin attempted to reassure the financial markets saying Italy was a “solid country” and the referendum outcome was merely a domestic issue and not a rejection of the European Union (EU). […]

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