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Clinton Operatives Plotting a ‘Catholic Spring,’ Wikileaks Reveals

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(((Mr. Newman)))

Like a gift that keeps on giving, Wikileaks continues to publish the emails of Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager John Podesta, and the latest is an exchange with yet another subversive Jew, Sandy Newman. Newman freely admits he has a “lack of understanding” of the Catholic Church — but given that he’s one of the “Chosen People,” why should that stop him from weighing in? The familiar Talmudic disdain is revealed as he refers to the church as a “middle-age dictatorship.” The Clinton hack Podesta (a Jesuit influenced Catholic) replies, “Not to worry, we are on it.”

The email header states: Re: opening for a Catholic Spring? just musing.

On 2/10/12, Sandy Newman <> wrote:

Hi, John, This whole controversy with the bishops opposing contraceptive coverage even though 98% of Catholic women (and their conjugal partners) have used contraception has me thinking . . . There needs to be a Catholic Spring, in  which Catholics themselves demand the end of a middle ages dictatorship and the beginning of a little democracy and respect for gender equality in the Catholic church. Is contraceptive coverage an issue around which that could happen. The Bishops will undoubtedly continue the fight. Does the Catholic Hospital Association support of the Administration’s new policy, together with “the 98%” create an opportunity?

Of course, this idea may just reveal my total lack of understanding of the Catholic church, the economic power it can bring to bear against nuns and priests who count on it for their maintenance, etc. Even if the idea isn’t crazy, I don’t qualify to be involved and I have not thought at all about how one would “plant the seeds of the revolution,” or who would plant them. Just wondering . . .

Date: 2012-02-11 11:45
Subject: Re: opening for a Catholic Spring? just musing . . .

We created Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good to organize for a moment like this. But I think it lacks the leadership to do so now. Likewise Catholics United. Like most Spring movements, I think this one will have to be bottom up. I’ll discuss with Tara. Kathleen Kennedy Townsend is the other person to consult.

In addition, another email emerged in which Clinton spokeswoman Jennifer Palmieri and blowhard John Halpin of Podesta’s think tank Center for American Progress (CAP) rail on about Catholics. Schemer Podesta is listed as an email receipt but did not chime in.

Mr. Halpin mocks media mogul Rupert Murdoch for raising his children in the Catholic church and said that most “powerful elements” in the conservative movement are all Catholic.

“It’s an amazing bastardization of the faith. They must be attracted to the systematic thought and severely backwards gender relations and must be totally unaware of Christian democracy,” Mr. Halpin said.

“I imagine they think it is the most socially acceptable politically conservative religion. Their rich friends wouldn’t understand if they become evangelicals,” Ms. Palmieri responded.

“Excellent point,” Mr. Halpin wrote back. “They can throw around ‘Thomistic’ thought and ‘subsidiarity’ and sound sophisticated because no one knows what the hell they’re talking about.”


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