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Brussels’ Plan to INCREASE EU Migration Blasted by Furious German MPs

Since the attempted coup, it is unclear whether Turkey will honor its deal with the EU to stem the flow of migrants into Greece.

Brussels bureaucrats have unveiled plans to increase the number of migrants entering Europe by significantly slackening the rules surrounding family reunification.

By Nick Gutteridge | 2 August 2016

EXPRESS — The EU is drawing up new laws which will unleash a fresh wave of migration and completely undermine attempts to bring the refugee crisis under control, according to furious Germany politicians.

Under proposals put forward by the European Commission drastic changes will be made to the rules which govern who refugees that successfully make it to Europe can bring over to live with them.

Rebellious members of Angela Merkel’s ruling party in Germany have already expressed dismay over the plans, branding them “unacceptable” and saying they will spark huge new numbers of migrants just when the refugee crisis is beginning to subside.

At the moment migrants are allowed to be reunited only with their immediate family, which means wives and children under the age of 18 who they already had before leaving their home country.

The European Commission insisted today that the changes will only affect those asylum seekers already in Europe and would not extend the rights of those currently abroad to settle on the continent.

A spokeswoman said: “The Commission’s proposed modifications on family reunification concerns families already living in the EU, but in different member states.

“They will not increase the rights to come to Europe for asylum seekers and their families living outside the EU and already covered by covered by the 2003 Family Reunification Directive which will remain unchanged.”

But under the Commission plan the definition of family will be massively extended to include relationships formed during the journey to Europe. []

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