Rafah Crossing Now Completely Destroyed & No Longer Usable For Gazans Seeking Exit

Zero Hedge | June 24, 2024

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have announced that for the first time Gaza’s sole border crossing with Egypt has been completely destroyed to the point that it can no longer be used.

Israeli Army Radio issued the following statement days ago: “This is how Rafah crossing looks today, completely destroyed and no longer usable, after being taken over by Brigade 401 in one night.” The statement added that “Due to its relative proximity to the border, the Israeli army used the crossing as a stopping point and resting area.”


3 Comments on Rafah Crossing Now Completely Destroyed & No Longer Usable For Gazans Seeking Exit

  1. Mike Adams mentioned that Hamas has dug an extensive network of tunnels into Lebanon. Why can’t Palestinians who want to escape be escorted to safety through these tunnels?

    • In my opinion, Israel wants a total displacement of the Palestinian people with no possibility of them returning. I believe that they will cause the Palestinians to be shipped to America via the floating pier. This will compound the mass immigration problem in America and will also suit the evil Zionist agenda to rid Israel of the Palestinian nation.
      I believe that the ultimate goal of Zionism is to prepare Israel for the hosting/revealing of the ‘man of sin’,

    • Because it is a lie. Hamas was put in power by Israel and has used them to justify genocide of Palestinians. Israel will not allow Palestinians to leave or seek asylum in Egypt or other surrounding nations. This is totally illegal. I believe part of their motivation is that Jesus was Palestinian. Why can’t they just deport all the Palestinians? They are in violation of the Balfour Declaration which gives Palestinians half of Palestine. When will the world do something about Israel? They already infiltrated and took over the US and of course Ukraine.

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