Netanyahu Openly Brags About Making it Punishable to Boycott Israel

Editor Note: This is a rerun from 2020. Today’s Gaza genocide is a stark reminder of what happens when checks and balances, free speech, and criticism are punished.

39 states now have these measures in place.


It’s not like we didn’t already know it.

Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu is confirming to the pajama people that his extreme wing of foreign government interferes in the affairs of American states to further his own national interests. He admitted to actively subverting and overturning the First Amendment rights of U.S. citizens.

The man is literally bragging about making it illegal to boycott Israel in states like Texas, where teachers are forced to sign a pro-Israel oath.

A Texas teacher was fired for not signing this oath. This is a blatant infringement of the rights of the American citizen. The teacher filed a lawsuit against the state on the grounds that it was a violation of her First Amendment rights, and the court ruled in her favor.

The ACLU has also filed a lawsuit against Texas on similar grounds, representing four other people who have been affected by the law.

The states that have enacted pro-Israel (anti-BDS) oaths include Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Texas, and Wisconsin. Many of the states quietly passed such laws with little to no opposition.

Slated to give a keynote talk at a media literacy conference at Georgia Southern University later this month, Abby Martin was asked to sign what amounts to a loyalty oath to the State of Israel, mandated under a 2016 Georgia law barring the government from hiring contractors who boycott Israeli products, or who associate with or are sympathetic to global Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement.

Martin was to be paid a $1,000 honorarium plus expenses to be the keynote speaker for the 2020 International Critical Media Literacy Conference. So university officials asked her to sign a “Memorandum of Agreement” that states, “You certify that you are not currently engaged in, and agree for the duration of this agreement not to engage in, a boycott of Israel.”

Martin plans on bringing a suit against Georgia for enforcing this unconstitutional measure. We will now learn whether its judicial system has been subverted and corrupted.

The extent that Israel’s backers have subverted the U.S. government is beyond ridiculous. To pretend that a well-orchestrated conspiracy isn’t in play is absolutely absurd.

Voting with our wallets is one of the more effective methods we have to counter bad actors, whether it’s political extremist Zionism or SAS.

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Indeed, there is a political party split on the Palestine issue. According to a 2018 survey carried out by the Pew Research Center, nearly eight in 10 U.S. Republicans (79%) sympathize more with Israel than they do with the Palestinians. This was a 29% increase from 2001. On the other hand, sympathy for Israel among Democrats declined to just 27%.

Americans Jews of voting age are estimated to represent around 2% of the population of the U.S. According to exit polls in previous elections, voters who self-identify as Jewish represent between 2% and 5% of the electorate, underscoring that fact that self-identified Jews vote in high numbers.

To our eye, it looks like Trump, the extreme Likudiks and their sister lobbying groups like AIPAC and ADL in the U.S. have hijacked this issue. It doesn’t take much when a half dozen Jewish billionaires can fully finance candidates and smear anyone who challenges the hijacking. However, AIPAC has 100,000 members out of a American Jewish population of around 7 million. This is the active political donor class of Jewry, not the entire voting bloc — a key distinction.

Under any reasonable interpretation of FARA, @AIPAC should be required to register as foreign agent of Israel.

Sheldon Adelson donated nearly $124 million to Republicans in the 2018 cycle. Adelson is joined in his influence-buying by other Jewish Republicans, many of whom likewise prioritize hard-line policies in support of Israel, including Bernard Marcus and Paul Singer. So the main issue here is also money in politics.

But, unlike the money-in-politics class, in reality, American Jewish voters rank Israel and Iran quite low on their list of issues. Moreover, contrary to what some – including President Trump – appear to assume, the majority of American Jews do not reflexively approve of U.S. policies that align closely with those of Israeli hardliners or neocons.

President Trump has suggested that American Jews who support Democrats are “disloyal” to Israel and to fellow Jews. Trump and his hardliner surrogates (often evangelical “Christians”) regularly brag about their pro-Israel, pro-Jewish bona fides.

The American Jewish Committee (AJC) — an organization identified with the center-right of the American Jewish community– polled the community.

With respect to Jewish support for President Trump’s Israel policies, these polls found that a strong majority of U.S. Jews (59% in 2018, 64% in 2019) supports the two-state solution.

Likewise, a similarly strong majority of U.S. Jews (59% in 2018, 66% in 2019) supports dismantling some or all of the settlements that Israel has built in the West Bank and East Jerusalem – the same settlements that Trump administration policy has shifted to legitimize. Even more notably, nearly half of American Jews (47%) oppose Trump’s decision to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem.

Overall, the polls reveal that the majority of U.S. Jews either disapprove or strongly disapprove of Trump’s handling of U.S.-Israel relations — disapproval that actually increased from 57% in 2018 to 59% in 2019. Similarly, a recent Pew poll found that 42% of U.S. Jews think Trump is “favoring the Israelis too much”.

Asked to select the top two issues that were most important to them in deciding their vote, self-identified Jewish voters ranked at the bottom of the rankings, Israel (4%), followed by Russia (3%), Iran (1%).

So for roughly half of American Jews who side with us on these issues, such as censorship and Israel/Palestine, perhaps it’s time to step up to the plate and get off the sidelines. And where is this faction in the anti-war movement? That’s true of everybody being taken along in this hijacking. Where are these people? Do they just acquiesce to hardliner actions for fear of being smeared?

Point of fact even leading pro-Israel advocacy groups oppose these anti-1st Amendment oath laws. An op-ed written by Jeremy Ben-Ami, president and founder, J Street, and Rabbi Jill Jacobs, executive director, T’ruah addressed it well –

“These laws not only violate the First Amendment; they also open the door to much broader government control of public discourse, something that all Americans and especially American Jews should fear.

Our organizations, J Street and T’ruah, do not support or advocate for the BDS movement. But a true commitment to the First Amendment requires us to defend the principles of free speech even, and especially, when we find it objectionable or offensive.

That’s why our organizations, along with Georgetown University’s Institute for Constitutional Advocacy and Protection, filed an amicus brief in support of the Arkansas Times. The local newspaper has never participated in any boycott of Israel, but it refused to give up its free speech rights by signing a contract affirming that it never would. By refusing to sign the document, the newspaper forfeited needed ad revenue from the University of Arkansas.

In Arkansas, as we have seen in other states, the legislators who pushed through the bill never even bothered to consult with Arkansas’ small Jewish community. Rabbi Barry Block, the rabbi of the largest synagogue in the state, told Vice News that he opposes the law, which he said “has nothing to do with the Jewish people of Arkansas.” He added: “It gives the state a certain amount of control over the free press.”

It’s clear that American Jews are not even the primary constituency for this Zionist pro-Israel, philo-Semitic campaign. Rather, it seems far more likely that this strategy is designed to pander to two specific constituencies: major donors for whom support for hard line Israel (and warmongering against Iran) policy is the main focus, and pro-Israel Evangelical Christians who, unlike most American Jews, prioritize Israel over other issues. This is a very specific kind of philo-Semitism, which is itself an actual form of antisemitism, because it denies the Jewishness of Jews who do not conform to the required pro-Israel political ideology.

10 Comments on Netanyahu Openly Brags About Making it Punishable to Boycott Israel

  1. “And where is this faction in the anti-war movement? That’s true of everybody being taken along in this hijacking. Where are these people? Do they just acquiesce to hardliner actions for fear of being smeared?“
    There’s not much of an anti-war movement in this country that I can see.. I imagine it’s a heavily astroturfed, limited hangout… regarding acquiescence- it’s unfortunately the go-to move for most (pajama) people nowadays, regardless of creed. Although the reactionary faction controlling the discussion about Israel is pretty much the cutting edge, and from whence more infringements on freedom of speech and conscience will bleed, if an intelligent resistance isn’t formed against it. Via incrementalism, they’re trying to slowly raise the temperature and boil the frog… until we wake up one day and folks are getting thrown in jail for years because they don’t believe in (((something)))…. But if I were betting on the outcome, I’d place my money on the whole stinking thing collapsing under its own weight

  2. if that is Nutty Yahoo in the pix above it looks as if he’s snorting cocaine…or is this anti-BDS BS giving him a hard-on? Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!

    As for Abbott (and Costello), that Palestinian teacher has won her court case against this nonsense. And others losing jobs over this have also won theirs. I wonder if those forced to sign loyalty oaths to Israel to get Hurricane Harvey funds can also sue the State of Texas (aka Christian Zionism Central)! I oughta know–I live in Texas.

    Another topic WinterWatch needs to cover–Noahide Laws. For into on this–watch Israeli News Live (Steven and Jana Ben-Nun), TruNews (Rick Wiles and co.) and KnowMoreNews (Adam Green)…all are on their sites, BitChute and YouTube.

    • I am extremely suspicious of Adam Green and KMN – how is it possible that his JooTube channel is still in service when pretty much every other channel critical of the ZioFascists and Israhell are getting purged on a daily basis?

      • Good point…I’ve wondered that myself… Further, with a name like Green, is he another one of those “crypto” Jews? But he does denounce Noahide…but yes, good point. Mostly i watch his videos from his site KnowMoreNews or BitChute. Same with TruNews and Israeli News Live.

        • Gentleman pleaase! Adam Green is about as fearless as they come. He is northwestern European stock per a tweet he sent out discussing this Jewish blood nonsense.

          Some channels and sites (including Winter Watch) may be allowed up because they are anti-Trump and thus useful in some way for the controllers of the political shitstorms. Or maybe it is simply a matter of time. Some Green videos get removed.

          In case anybody wonders about me, here is my 23 and me. My maternal greatgrandparents came from Tromso, Norway, but the genetics points to far north Norbotten County, Sweden. I always thought they were Norweigans, but now the evidence points Swedish Saamis on the maternal side.

          Percent Northwestern European ancestry: 99.8.
          Percent British & Irish ancestry: 43.6.
          Match Confidence level for United Kingdom: Highly Likely Match
          Match Confidence level for Ireland: Likely Match

          Percent Scandinavian ancestry: 22.6.
          Match Confidence level for Sweden: Possible Match

          Percent French & German ancestry: 14.2.
          Match Confidence level for Germany: Likely Match
          Germany – links to Rhineland-Westphalia and Baden- Wurtemmberg
          Match Confidence level for France: Not Detected

          Percent Finnish ancestry: 1.8.

          Percent Broadly Northwestern European ancestry: 17.6. (family trees suggest this is Scottish).

          Percent Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry: 0.0.

          • I don’t know Russ – I’m not saying Green is necessarily Jewish, I just find it odd that his channel has not been banned given his overt criticism and exposure of the worldwide Jewish menace. Countless other channels far less controversial than his have been banned – so what’s the deal? Some have speculated it is a Mossad front – a kind of honey pot to lure “anti semites” who are then identified and catalogued in some sort of inverted “Schindler’s list”.

            • They can easily assemble enemy lists without somebody like Green. They may feel some remaining resistance is good for show or tracking narratives. My site would be useful for that.

  3. Regarding bds logistically- HOW IN THE FUCK do they propose to enforce such a behavior? Is abe foxman and co going to go through each and every americans’ bank statements to ensure they’re complying? And how do they account for cash transactions? PLEASE… Use your deductive logic, people… A TOTAL, unenforceable scare tactic that won’t work, unless you’re wearing pajamas… So they pass laws, saying you can’t do it… as stated above, they probably already have in your state.. BIG DEAL- essentially, the only people who are going down for this are rubes who will publicly post their views via (((social media))). And the more pertinent issue (and I think the most obvious) is that this is PATENTLY inhuman- NOBODY should tell you what you can and can’t buy, unless you are a slave, and they are your master

    • Fact is they can’t enforce it! Nor can they enforce any job loyalty oath deal either. For instance: say I want to buy hummus (I don’t, but just an example) and there are two products, one from Lebanon and one from Israel. What is the store gonna do? Have you arrested for buying the one from Lebanon? (I’d never buy anything from Sabra…not after what Israel had the Phalangists do in the 1980s at the Sabra and Shatilla refugee camps…) Or if you sign that loyalty oath, that means you are forced to buy hummus from Israel? I don’t think so!

  4. Leadpipe- here’s my theory on it- they keep up some sites and channels to track who’s using them, constantly updating their “lists” of undesirables, with the asinine assumption that they’ll be capable of removing said people at a time of their choice… Jokes on them! They love to mine for data and are pretty good at it I’m sure, but they don’t have enough stormtroopers to do anything about it.. it’s their pipe dream, if you will.

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