‘The Purge — Revelation of the Method?

With a glaring and dangerous criminal gang element at loose in the land, it is now timely that the concept of the Purge be reexamined.

This post went up a few years ago, but is now more prophetic and relevant than ever.

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As a reminder it was the other uniparty president Donald Trump who put in place a permanent reauthorization of the NSA’s unconstitutional and warrantless program to collect Americans’ phone records.

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Well before the Biden wrecking ball came into play, Trump pushed hard for Extreme Risk laws, sometimes referred to as “red flag” laws. These empower intervention in order to temporarily prevent someone in crisis from accessing firearms, right as people need personal protection more then ever.

Pre-crime is one of the key ultimate goals. This allows the tyrants to scoop people up who think outside the cartoon and clown world box.  Get used to the term red-flag laws,” also known as “extreme-risk protection orders,” which will include detention and “mental health” observation for non-conformists and dissenters. This will really come in handy in civil war, economic depression and war-like conditions.

This is politics by whataboutism or accusing the pot of calling the kettle black. It is the paramount theme of the vile American Crime Syndicate sistema.

Origins of Trump’s ‘Keep America Great’ Slogan

In the last election Trump offered up a catchy slogan for his authoritarian followers and pajama people susceptible to whataboutism: “Keep America Great.”

By sheer coinkydink, this same slogan is a centerpiece of an American media franchise called “The Purge,” which is a series of Satanic snuff horror films distributed by Universal Pictures and produced by Blumhouse Productions and Platinum Dunes.

In 2015, Platinum Dunes was named among The Hollywood Reporters 30 Most Powerful Film Producers. Blumhouse is the production company of Jason Blum. Blum is from Los Angeles, Calif., and his father was Jewish. Blum was associated with mogul Harvey Weinstein, and primarily produces films in the mind-numbing horror genre.

The “The Purge” franchise depicts a dystopian society fueled by government-sponsored killing sprees. It is the manifestation of revelation of the method brainwashing. Thus far, there are five installments: “The Purge” (2013); “The Purge: Anarchy” (2014); “The Purge: Election Year” (2016); “The First Purge” (2018); “The Purge 5,” (2020), and the Forever Purge (2021). Yhe entire franchise has brought in over $6.2 billion worldwide.

The film slogan “Keep America Great” appeared in “The Purge: Election Year” in 2016. In 2017, Trump reportedly had an attorney contact the U.S. Trademark Office to register the same slogan, as well as “Keep America Great!” (with the exclamation point), for his 2020 campaign.

The idea of “The Purge” isn’t new. In fact, it comes from ancient traditions that had lawlessness and social disorder as their overarching themes. “The Purge” is the nightmare where Charles Manson comes to power. ‘Murica is closing in on that fast.

Another Blumhouse film is the discordian death fantasy “The Hunt.” The story line involves wealthy cosmopolitans who hunt and cold bloodily murder white country folks and deplorables. Of course the inversion reality is that Latin America gangs and dindu gangbangers do the killing, even turning on their leftist white so-called allies.

Three prominent White BLM supporters murdered. 1. Pava Marie LaPere: Committed anti-racist brutally battered and raped. 2. Ryan Carson: Antifa’s director of operations stabbed to death at a bus stop. 3. Josh Kruger: HIV+ leftist advocate shot 7 times in his own apartment

We saw manifestations of “The Purge” as police are ordered to stand down to Antifa street thugs during the riots and looting in the blue state cities. The police forces were defunded and migrants overwhelmed sanctuary cities a la Cloward-Piven. Next theft is decriminalized and dangerous criminals were and are released from prison.

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Rats and diseases are infesting the encampments of street people, whose numbers are continuing to swell. Millions are one paycheck or welfare payment away from having no money.

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With events suddenly flaring up in the Middle East the prospects of compounding all this with a war with Iran would be more lunacy. Triggering it with a financial rout (aka “fat finger” sell button) is long overdue — and it’s easy to execute, even by non-state Crime Syndicate kleptocracy operatives.

When police in the Brazilian State of Espirito Santo held a six-day strike over work conditions and wages in February 2017, it was a sign to many that people could do whatever they wanted to with no repercussions whatsoever. In one city alone, just after a few days, there were a reported 52 murders, thousands of cases of rape, theft, shops being robbed, vehicles being torched and people fighting with guns and machetes on the streets attacking and killing whoever they please.

This is a typical Clown World extremis scene from “The Purge” with yet more gratuitous anti-white trauma based, boogeymen, mind-control programming.

Despite the obvious realities of today, in the Purge fantasy there are armed gangs of white psychos dressed in Klan robes, Nazi overcoats and cop uniforms and (of course) white supremacists in khakis all descending on poor neighborhoods, hoping to kill as many black and Hispanic people as they can. Oh, and some of these bad guys speak Russian, too. Most of the good guys are minorities, who mostly run and hide, and even the whites that don’t directly participate generally batten down, accept and snooze through the carnage. Keep in mind that discordian or Satanic methods work on the inversion principle.

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After a steady diet of this brainwashing, it’s little wonder there is so much white hatred in the land.

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A Jewish “progressive” candidate for Congress in Texas felt compelled to fuel the dumpster fire and tweet out this sign of the times. This is a brain-fried woman who has watched too many sequels of “The Purge.” She can’t separate Hollyweird’s Clown World from reality.

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Read “Whites Need Not Apply: Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) Pressured to Purge White Staffers to Make Room for Non-Whites”

Clown World: Hero characters in ‘The Purge’

What would a real purge look like? Most likely, unconventional warfare (UW) on the population and race wars conducted by “irregulars.”

Scene from The Purge

The current definition of UW from the DoD manual is as follows: “Operations conducted by, with, or through irregular forces in support of a resistance movement, an insurgency, or conventional military operations-FM 3-05.201, (S/NF) Special Forces Unconventional Warfare (U) 28 September 2007.”

Irregular forces are usually not state sponsored or constrained by sovereign nation legalities and boundaries. These forces may include, but are not limited to, specific paramilitary forces, contractors, individuals, businesses, foreign political organizations, resistance or insurgent organizations, expatriates, transnational terrorism adversaries, disillusioned transnational terrorism members, black marketers and other social or political “undesirables.”  

They have and are swarming through the borders.

‘The Purge’-Trump Nexus: Josh Raffel and Blumhouse

Trumptard camo hat

The nexus of “The Purge” is one Josh Raffel, who joined the Trump White House in 2017 after working as chief publicist and head of communications of the aforementioned Blumhouse Productions.

Raffel was recruited to the White House by Jared Kushner. He has primarily served as a spokesman for Ivanka and Jared’s White House initiatives, including the Office of American Innovation.

Raffel quickly became known both inside and outside the White House for his hard-nosed style, taking a combative stance in defending the Kushners from scrutiny and controversy. He’s the prototypical flying-monkey hack.

Although a pro-Israeli Jew with bias, Raffel was thrust into the excuse for negotiations with the Palestinians. Jason Greenblatt, the Jewish special representative for international negotiations, called Raffel “an integral part of our peace team” and said “he guided all of us through the processes of communicating serious and complex issues that impact people across the world.”

Gary Cohn, the director of the National Economic Council, noted Raffel’s prior success in pushing tax cuts for the uber wealthy and said, “He will be missed.”

The executive producer of “The Purge,” one Bradley Fuller, chimed in on Trump’s use of the Purge slogan — wink, wink.

16 Comments on ‘The Purge — Revelation of the Method?

  1. I voted for Trump, knowing he was a lying bastard. I would have voted for the Devil himself before I would have voted for Hillary. He had/has absolutely no intention of throwing Hillary in prison. He’s just a cog in the controlled opposition. He nominated Kavanaugh, the asshole who DRAFTED the Patriot Act for Dubya, to the SCOTUS.

  2. Another great one Russ. I truly believe we are about to witness events in this country we could never have imagined. Trump’s psychopathy is now on full parade, and it is frightening.

  3. Russ your work is simply the best. Read the link to ponerology (don’t know how I missed it the first time)what a concise description of the problem. The person who is not “awoke” to the reality that psychopaths rule on both the so called left and right is of no help. Political science has nothing to do with it. Expect more crazy shootings in the brief time frame before they do away with the 2nd amendment. When they have achieved this, then expect some serious killing fields.

  4. Secession from the Union was the only way to prevent the Devil’s juggernaut from swallowing America, then the world. Hence why the Devil through Lincoln slaughtered half a million souls 160 years ago. Secession had to be nipped in the bud. There will be no second American Revolution – the time for that is long past. Every American is on the plantation and the owners are getting ready to cull their stock…

    • Plantations don’t have rifles behind every blade of grass… Don’t get it twisted- kinetic weapons still rule the day.

  5. criminals are being released from prison as we speak

    At this point, even transparently ridiculous measures are pushed thru with little or no resistance, e.g. prisoner releases due to corona — there is no population whose social contacts are easier to control than prisoners, yet in many jurisdictions they were released due to advice from “experts” — in CO, a black corona parolee went on to murder a 21 y/o white woman only 3 weeks after his release:

    Suspect in Denver murder was paroled due to coronavirus concerns at Colorado prisons 3 weeks before killing

    Yet the fag Jew governor had the nerve to say (about the executive order he signed): “Nobody should be released simply because of COVID-19,” Polis said — of course releasing prisoners “because of COVID-19” was the whole point of the EO, yet I bet not a single “journalist” listening called him on his bullshit.

    Whites need to wake up and recognize that not only do elites not care about them, they are acting with malice against their interests.

    Nowadays I may have more contempt for ‘Trumptards’ than ‘libtards’, if that’s possible.

  6. I’m left wondering which side to join. We have to pick a team right ?! On the
    one hand we have the ‘Oh so outraged’ and passionate antifa, anti-White so
    called “libtards” who are bent on destruction and chaos because, well, ‘racism’
    and stuff. On the other team I suppose we have some good old boys who are
    much more likely to throw a good BBQ party lubricated by plenty of beverages
    designed to make armed Neighborhood Watch way more fun. Hmmm, this is
    an easier call than I thought. I mean, if you’re gonna be retarded anyway 🙂

  7. The yid controls the media, Hollywood, banking, money, the fed, the legal system, the IRS, the entire educational system, high tech, pharma, the police, and even the military.

    White people and Christians are in a real pickle, and we will not be able to vote, or compete, our way out it, assuming there is even a way out.

    We need to understand, as Stalin famously said, that you cannot make an omelet without breaking a few eggs, or even a few million.

    So when whites and Christians kvetch about “the constitution” and other such lost and shattered utopian dreams, I really have no interest in what more they have say. It is far to late to extricate ourselves from this satanic matrix while respecting our enemies “constitutional rights”.

    The Georgia guide stones, the Kalergi plan, the Protocols and the Talmud itself tells us where our elites are taking us. As someone once said about European civilization, “Those who want to live, let them fight, and those who do not want to fight in this world of eternal struggle do not deserve to live”.

    One reason we have utterly lost this struggle up to this point in time is that white Christians lost control of their own history. It is long past time to take it back.

    Rather that debate the true extent of our enemies lies with other readers who are still in varying degrees of pijama clad slumber, I would like to list a few things that I think that the NSDAP got right, and see if anyone else agrees:

    1. They banned Freemasonry
    2. They threw the yid out of their education system
    3. They threw the yid out of their banking system.
    4. They threw the yid out of their politics and out of their legal system
    5. They threw the yid out of their bedroom, burned the yid pornographic books, and forced queers back into the closet.
    6. They provided jobs and an economy with sufficient salaries so that a father could support his family with pride.
    7. They made womanhood and motherhood a cherished career
    8. They restored the birth rates and ended the yids pedophilic exploitation.
    9. They ended the disgrace imposed on them at Versailles and committed their entire nation to protecting their people from predations of their racist neighbors.

    But most of all, what the NSDAP did that is relevant the current breakdown we see going on in the US:

    10. They broke up Antifa and sent them to re-education camps.

  8. Dont think this black white debate again should play into any election, this debate is used/setup by those who own media/entertainment and set narratives, it programms and conditions whole countries in ways…the populations will hunt any racism or anti-semitism by themself without any actions from “them”, we already got such here if you question anything or just name Soros you are extreme rightwing and get attacked by the masses. “They” use this conditioning with black-white as a shield which auto-retaliates, pretty clever.
    They couldnt do the same with white-jew debates as jews are white, so they use blacks and let everyone take a knee and obey.

  9. Wow. Mix the Kool-aid, I’ll pour your glasses.
    Its all over. Why are we wasting time posting on a useless device that a billionaire stole from someone? Same billionaire wants to cull 80% of the worlds population.
    I’m sure that’s a coincidence. Hahahaha!
    They really knew what they were doing when they designed the computer.
    Its the perfect replacement for television AND it makes people think they have a voice.
    Good luck to all.

  10. Only saw the first Purge movie. Too disturbing to watch any of the later ones. But this movie’s name Purge inspired me to put an evil-promoting and nihilistic death metal-type rock band into my new novel, The Murder Rule–I called the band “the Perj” an the lead singer is called “DevL.” The Murder Rule is a FREE PDF download novel. https://omegabooksnet.com

  11. Race war: brought to us by (mostly) ‘some Jews intent on evil’. To differentiate them from Regular Joe Jews, we need a new word. I suggest ‘orcs’.

    The producers of this horrendous series are hideously evil. Offering the enraged, confused young black male population a fantasy of revenge on the world. MAGA types are hardly featured. Real life violence is the orc producers goal.

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