Intense Phase of Wider Middle Eastern War Unfolding

The Gazan ground offensive is in it’s final preparation phase.

At daybreak on Friday, October 13 the IDF calls for the evacuation within 24 hours of all civilians from Gaza City from their homes, southward for their own safety and protection and to move to the area south of the river Gaza. This displacement command will impact 1.1 million.

Fill your water bottles before hitting the road. Oh wait.

These illustrations were issued by the IDF’s main spokesman.

Update from Friday evening.


Mid-day Friday there are reports part of the population is leaving, but many others are staying put.

Deir al Balah south of the river Gaza is a dense refugee zone already. Ultimately the trend is to force displaced people further south toward the Rafah crossing to Egypt and dump them into the Sinai.

The population of Gaza City is young, median age of 18. How many previously uninvolved youth stay behind and reinforce Hamas in the fight?

Experts are now pointing to this Sunday the 15th through the 18th as the start of the ground operation. The main thrust will be Gaza City. Three armored and two infantry brigades are positioned there, and two more infantry brigades are held in reserve. Three more brigades are covering the flank.

Hamas will seek to use a defense relying on close combat, strongpoints (heavy buildings made of concrete and steel and often with basements and tunnels), and snipers.

In urban warfare history, a single building as a strongpoint can take days, weeks, or months to clear. In the 1942 Battle of Stalingrad a four-story building, known as Pavlov’s House, took a division of Germans over fifty-eight days to clear. In the more recent 2017 Battle of Marawi, multiple single buildings took the Philippine military days and in some cases weeks to clear.

The brinksmanship and dice rolling is so severe that Israel may attempt an attack on Iran without the knowledge of the US.

The Van Riper Gambit: Iran Scores Against Expensive High-Tech US Gadgetry


The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and Lebanese Hezbollah (LH) deployed forces to the southwestern Syrian border on October 9. Iran has built up a large military footprint in Syria to include weapons storage facilities, headquarters, and barracks to house its affiliated militias. The Iranian and LH-directed deployments are consistent with the scenario in which the Gaza War expands into a multi-front war surrounding Israel.

Some who have a large audience are figuring out how deep the rabbit hole goes.

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  1. I believe the ground forces assembly is a blind. The Israeli’s necessarily believe in air- and missile-power, as does the US. I think they will simply glass Gaza City with Jericho’s, either nuke (unlikely) or conventional.

    The advantage of this is that there will be no-one left on the ground to tell the tale.

    They are fools, of course – the consequences for the State of Israel will be devastating – they will finally understand ‘reaping the whirlwind’. Their lack of imagination is typical of all such planners of controlled destruction. From the Judaic rebellions against Rome, to Milner’s engendering of WWI, they are utterly unable to see beyond the immediate consequences of their actions.


    • Yeah, “Abolished all the rules of war” sounds awfully like a Verníchtungskrieg – war of annihilation. In practice, 80 years ago, the two terms were equivalent. Hitler himself, in a famous address to Wehrmacht officers in 1941 (or a year or two earlier) used just that formulation: rules of war abolished (as they had not been in the western offensive – the Wehrmacht refused to allow SS participation in that).

    • Ethnic cleansing in the Occupied Terror-tories. . .continuing what was begun in l945 and funded in the trillions by the US taxpayers.

  2. Number one enemy of Jewish people is Talmudic/Cabalist Jews hiding behind the name Zionists. Here in America it’s the Christian Zionists that are burden on the Republic and on the true believers in Christ. This is a very serious time for us all.

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