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  1. That intro was something else. What was it, where is it from? Very well done satire.

    About the part in the beginning about America getting corrupted by Jewish immigrants, I’m not sure about that. The USA was originally a British/Illuminati project and I believe it was always intended to end up like this, even though there were many good natured people involves who gained and and held a great deal of control over it for many decades, up until America was destroyed by the Central Banksters and their minions (lackeys/useful idiots) by means of the so-called Civil War and the Act of 1870.

    And I wonder, did Jews create the Illuminati or did the Illuminati create the Jews?

    • When the Jacob Frank Sabattean clans teamed up with the Rothschilds in Frankfurt they delivered transnational espionage and intelligence operations all over Europe. The Frankists also were invited into key freemason lodges. The Illuminati was a byproduct of these arrangements.

      • Interesting and I don’t doubt you’ve done your research on that but does it, along with its (Satanic/inversionist) philosophy, ideas, traditions and methods, not have much older origins than that? Back to Knights Templars and then Khazaria (located in modern-day Ukraine, a creation of Masonry through Germany during WW1) and then back all the way to Phonecia and Babylon?

        • Yes quite correct inversion and Illuminism traditions go way back, but the firing pin for Illuminati itself in 1776 were the merging of Frankist networks and Rothschilds banking IMHO.

          • Could it be then that the forces behind Freemasonry also created Frankism and then used it to corrupt elites through Freemasonry? Perhaps Freemasonry was first sold to European elites as a force for good/progress (as well as increasing/consolidating wealth/power) and then when they had them inducted into the cult, they had it corrupted/inverted through Frankism.

            I also have a theory that the idea of Jews being behind it all is just a deception. That they created Judaism as a cult to serve their goal of world domination and also as a cover for themselves.

            Also that these “elites” (whatever they are) have assumed an ethno-religious cover identity of “Jews” to decieve us into naming and going after “Jews” rather than them specifically. This provides them with protection as they can label truths and criticism against them as “hate speech” and I also believe they are behind “anti-semitic” movements like Nazism (who else could have funded it? Germany was firmly under Globalist control and German banks funded Bolshevikism, so who else could have funded and established Nazism? Was the term “Nazism” perhaps derived from “Aschkenazism.” They do have very similar views, at least compared to how Nazism is portrayed to us) to mislead their opponents to target Jews in general rather than them specifically and thus both throw us off target and help provide them with stronger cover/more support (for instance by selling Westerners on hate speech laws) and also instill (more) fear of Gentiles in ordinary Jews.

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