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Boycotters vow to make a national retailer ‘the new Bud Light’

The Street | August 9, 2023

Fresh off of the success of their boycott against Bud Light, social media political activists have set their sites on a new target.

t might be a busy latter part of the year for the Bud Light boycotters.

The momentum from the group’s successful campaign against the Anheuser-Busch InBev  (BUD) – Get Free Report beer brand after it supposedly “went woke” — even though Bud Light has had multiple pro-LGBTQ advertisements and initiatives in the past — is to carry their political activism to a new target.

Best Buy  (BBY)  the national electronics retail chain, now has a target on its back after O’Keefe Media Group published pictures of an application for a minority management program.


6 Comments on Boycotters vow to make a national retailer ‘the new Bud Light’

  1. Should make them a good example, while as an old people, I know stuff, fix things and seen things you have no idea about “wet ears”

  2. Since the Epstein and his finances would not accept comment, here goes. Now that Epstein is out of the picture, the President Joe Biden allows unescorted children to come here. So the U.S. President along with the Cartels and the NGOs, the Catholic Church are now taking over the human and child trafficking trade. The largest Slave Trade in the world, currently happening!

  3. The question is: Who owns Best Buy? The end result of the Bud Light boycott was that the (Bill) Gates Foundation could buy up a large chunk of its owner, Anhauser-Busch, for cheap after their stocks tanked due to the boycott.

    The Globalist Oligarchy is seemingly using their conservative/MAGA play acting pundit/activist/politician minions to fool conservatives into crashing companies they don’t own so they can easily and cheaply buy them up. These boycotters are thus actually helping the Globalists increase their already massive control of the corporate world.

    If you want to harm the Globalists through boycott, you have to boycott things they actually own. A good start is to look up what companies are owned by the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers. It’s a very large number of companies and brands. Boycotting their social media and media (including “conservative”/MAGA controlled opposition media) and trying to get others to do the same is probably the best way to harm them through boycott.

  4. Once saw Best Buy described as Amazon’s showroom — people go there to see a product firsthand before ordering it for less on Amazon.

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