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Crisis Actors in a Counterfeit Society

Don Jeffries | May 2, 2023

I love the movie The Truman Show. Sometimes I feel like Truman, and look all around me, waiting for someone, perhaps a dog named Toto, to emerge from behind some undetected curtains. Virtually everyone with a public platform acts and reacts so predictably, that it truly seems they are reading from a script.

There is such a dearth of independent thinking, such an absence of out of the box perspectives, that no other explanation seems possible. Surely, with all the countless people who’ve risen to prominence in my lifetime, there would have been a few that broached forbidden topics, and showed indications that they actually wanted to help people. To be a do-gooder. Instead, they are all boring puppets, touting rhetoric every intelligent person should blanch at. You can almost see the strings behind them, pulled by their unseen puppet masters.


2 Comments on Crisis Actors in a Counterfeit Society

  1. Prometheus gave men the gift of fire.

    We all know his reward.

    I guess the Illuminati are not that into their own adherents who snitch them out.

    So we get only a few voices, such as Peter Levenda.

    Some techies, rightly or wrongly, blogged of 911 vicsims, and claimed that Larry Ellison and his crew created CGI simulated victims. Was that correct? I’m not a techie, so how should I know?

  2. Sounds like another whining boomer who pines for the peak times of the 1950/60s but fails to take responsibility for allowing what misery exists now either through misguided action or inaction.

    Or maybe somebody young…

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