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Anheuser Busch’s Wild Ass Woke Gamble

Marketing Maven Alissa Heinerscheid

Anheuser Busch (AB) has tossed the dice on marketing it’s Bud Light brand via trannies and LGTBQ trans-fad featured woke advertising. The marketing maven, one Alissa Heinerscheid (seen in the photo at right) explains in the next clip that Bud Light is a declining brand “requiring an evolution”. She then proposes that younger potential beer drinkers with woke beliefs are the new demographic for this brand, inferring that old farts, aka dinosaurs, and frat guys aren’t really much of a factor any more – but that chicks with dicks are.

That said if this AB new strategy actually works and is not a stark demonstration of New Age incompetency it will say a lot about the state of the world. It bears watching.

So far the blow back- including a boycott has been pretty fierce. We are skeptical about her belief that tranny based wokeness will work for Bud Lite.

But we also wonder if Ms. Heinerscheid and AB have thought through that there are other AB products and brands that might be negatively impacted.

There are anectodical reports that AB sales have been wacked.

In one week alone, the brand – and the company as a whole – has lost millions in sales that it will never recover.

“They’ve already done enough damage in one week to disrupt year-long sales projections,” said a national beer-sales representative who talked with FOX. “You don’t just make up those sales.


The Bud Light spokesperson Dylan Mulvaney is also the face of new Olay, Nike, and Tampax (Procter & Gamble). #StopErasingWomen

Dylan is playing his role in promoting the “transgender” agenda which is a New Underworld Order psychological operation to destroy the family unit, sexually indoctrinate children, normalize perverted behavior. It is paving the way toward transhumanism. All orchestrated.

The New York Post postulated correctly that “executives at companies like Nike, Anheuser-Busch and Kate Spade, whose brand endorsements have turned controversial trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney into today’s woke ‘It girl,’ aren’t just virtue signaling.” Instead, they’re paying the modern-day equivalent of Mafia protection money, trying to keep the heat off their business: they’re hiring Dylan and making other displays of wokeness “because they have to — or risk failing an all-important social credit score that could make or break their businesses.” If they don’t inflict woke advertising campaigns on us, they’re liable to do damage to their Corporate Equality Index (CEI) score, which could be disastrous for their business.”

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  1. They’d have done better with the Jim Carey image on their brew. That image kind of exposes how ridiculous things have become.

  2. Since i work at a convenience store I vouch that the locals don’t want to drink budlight anymore and have turned to michelob, another ABusch brand, my colleage even told me slno one drinks budlight anymore even before i saw these ads, so fools. I dont think well get the woke cans here. I know South African breweries was so proud when it bought Miller, SAB had a great culture then ABush bought SAB Miller and everyone good left cuz they are total assholes and ruined everything. They monopolize the co2 recovery industry ruthlessly and destroyed it. What a nightmare the black nobility are, the REAL power is more exposed at this ag / food level than anywhere else, and if anything theyre just showing here that others need to follow party line because the 3 mentioned are trend setters and certainly not following any agenda to get some brownie points

  3. Also budlight has 3 new Mexican flavors that compete with Modela, and the Mexicans spend a fortune in the convenience beer market and I dont think theyll like seeing the dude in a bra either because the font / branding is the same on all the cans. Idiots … but who knows right. The Mexicans are so happy to be buying budlight in America Abusch probably gambles they’re vulnerable to this campaign and they are no doubt correct

  4. Beer is not my favorite, but occasionally I have one with lunch. This Bud Light thing came up days after I stopped buying Heineken for a different reason:

    Bill Gates has bought 3.76% stake in Dutch drinks giant Heineken Holding NV (HEIO.AS), although the billionaire founder of Microsoft has previously said he was “not a big beer drinker.”

    The filing by the Netherlands’ Financial Markets Authority (AFM) said the shares were purchased on Feb. 17. Heineken Holding owns a controlling stake in brewer Heineken NV (HEIN.AS).

    Gates purchased the shares from Mexico’s FEMSA, which is selling out of the brewing company.

    “When I end up at something like a baseball game I drink light beer to get with the vibe of all the other beer drinkers. Sorry to disappoint real beer drinkers.”

    Maybe he’ll now have to take a stake in Anheuser-Busch, since its value is sure to tank.

  5. I think the PTB are just mocking us at this point- rubbing it into our faces. For what purpose? Are they trying to incite a civil war or something? Or just distract us from their real agenda?

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