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Reminder: French Authorities Ordered Destruction of CCTV Images of Nice Terror Attack (UPDATE)

A surveillance camera on the seafront in Nice, France. PHOTO: Le Figaro/Valery Hache/AFP

An urban supervision center in Nice, France, received an urgent judicial order demanding the agency immediately delete all CCTV recordings of the July 14, 2016 Bastille Day terror attack in order to avoid uncontrolled dissemination of these images, French daily newspaper Le Figaro reports.

Citing criminal- and penal-code procedures, the Anti-Terrorism Sub-Directorate (SDAT) sent a letter to agents who manage video surveillance for the city asking them to erase the complete 24-hours of images taken from six named and numbered cameras, as well as all the scenes from the beginning of the attack along the Promenade des Anglais on the night of July 14.

The order stunned state agents at the urban supervision center of Nice, Le Figaro reports.

“This is the first time we are asked to destroy evidence,” a source close to the dossier told the newspaper [translated from French]. “The center of CCTV and the city of Nice could be prosecuted for this and also the officers in charge of the device do not have jurisdiction to engage in such operations.”

Friday SDAT sent servers to the agency to recover 30,000 hours of CCTV footage of related events; however, the agency said such a backup operation is lengthy and ongoing, requiring several more days.

“We do not know if giving a destruction order while we are in full backup is not going to curtain the whole system,” the source said [translated].

The prosecutor’s office in Paris confirmed for Le Figaro the destruction order and said it was to prevent the uncontrolled dissemination of images. Among the thousands of CCTV cameras in Nice, 140 had images relevant to the investigation.

Police recovered 100% of the videos from them, the prosecutor’s office told the newspaper. Prosecutors asked for the deletion of pictures from cameras to prevent malicious use by jihadist websites for propaganda purposes and for the sake of the dignity of the victims.

Le Figaro noted that police officers who first reviewed CCTV footage of the event sent a report to the Interior Ministry, followed by a CD of video footage issued upon request and shared with various agencies and officials, including police departments, the national gendarmerie, firefighters and the president.

French newspaper Le Monde reported the urban supervision center in Nice refused to comply with the judicial order to delete images of the attack:

Thursday, the lawyer wrote to the SDAT for him to know that the city did not intend, in the state meet this requisition. In this letter, which Le Monde has been copied, it indicates that the data will normally be automatically erased starting Sunday night, as provided by law. Images must indeed automatically be destroyed after ten days, on 24 July, although the law allows them to keep for nearly a month.

Oklahoma City CCTV sections “missing”

This is all par for the course. Critical sections of CCTV video footage of McVeigh’s truck in front of the Murrah Building “is missing.” The public was told that four cameras in four locations went blank at basically the same time on the morning of April 19, 1995. The FBI claims the security cameras did not record just prior to the blast or during the blast, because “they had run out of tape” or “the tape was being replaced.”

One interesting aspect of all the tapes is that they suddenly begin recording again right after the 9:02 a.m. blast. Yet, there is no footage of the truck pulling up to the building, parking or of the multiple passengers exiting the truck, as seen and attested to by a number of eyewitnesses.

Hidden in Plain Sight: The Truth About Timothy McVeigh and the Oklahoma City Bombing

There is a blatant dearth of security camera footage in almost all these dicey events such as school mass shootings. It’s gotten to the point that the Crime Syndicate doesn’t even bother to offer to explain this anymore, as it doesn’t seem to even occur to a brainwashed population to inquire.

Pentagon CCTV Cameras on 9/11 “Turned Off”

Back in 2001 after the Pentagon was hit, people were still asking about such things. Accordingly, the perps needed a story line.

The explosion occurs close to the Pentagon’s heliport, an area that normally would be under 24-hour security surveillance, including video monitoring.

In this document from the Office of the Secretary of Defense, we can read through an interview with the staff responsible for the cameras at the Pentagon. The interview is long and distracting verbal diarrhea, but ultimately we get to the who, what, where, when trivium bottom line:

“Many security cameras at the Pentagon that could have captured the building being hit were switched off or had been taken down due to construction work that was taking place and therefore do not film the attack.”

More specifically, this incredible story was offered up:

“There are a lot of cameras within the facility at any one time,” commented Steve Pennington, a private consultant responsible for the Pentagon’s security cameras. However, due to renovation work that is being carried out on the Pentagon, many cameras close to where the attack occurs are currently out of use. Some cameras have been taken down temporarily. “There were cameras on poles at the other end, along the roadway, but they were down for construction projects or being changed out during the process,” Pennington recalled. Other cameras that would normally focus on the area where the crash occurs have been switched off. “Because that area was being renovated, a lot of the connectivity of these cameras and the infrastructure that allowed those cameras to be connected back to the building had been removed or destroyed, so they weren’t capturing images and offering fields of view,”

Furthermore, a number of cameras near the area of impact are either destroyed or lose connectivity when the crash occurs, he adds. “

The lugenpresse at CNN inform us that two cameras did miraculously survive and were operating that day, but the story has since been scrubbed from the Internet.

Two recently installed cameras north of the crash site are apparently the only Pentagon security cameras that capture the building being hit.

Without further ado, here is an analysis of the only images captured from the security cameras on the Pentagon exterior grounds. Note that when you hear Crime Syndicate narrative about this scene, it is usually prefaced with the words, “the plane hit the Pentagon.” This is neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) designed to answer the question for you. Always disregard the narrative and examine using your own senses, asking the fundamental trivium method: who, what, where, when, why and how. The question of what is not even remotely answered by this Pentagon video, nor any Pentagon video.

Further on the trivium question of when, the video shows the date Sept. 12, 2001, not Sept. 11. The time is also wrong: 17:37 instead of 09:37. To cover for this glitch in their matrix, the operatives explain in the interview above that this was when “they made the video.” What possible rationale is used to time stamp evidence with the date it was “made.” This is ludicrous on its face. Once again, the NLP trick is employed as the word “plane” is inserted on lower right on the first photo.

Rare videos eventually make it into the public realm. These are from nearby locations and are confiscated by the FBI and not returned. Here is a useless clip released in 2011 from a hotel. It does not show a plane but is sufficiently visually distorted enough that the Crime Syndicate decided to let her rip.

Brussels Airport Bombing 2016

The Brussels airport bombing of March 22, 2016, was notable for the use of what can only be described as computer-generated graphic images (CGI). Typical and par for the course, a grainy, black-and-white still image reminiscent of the “1963 Dealey Plaza”-era is circulated by the Daily Mail, which it alleges was taken 25 seconds before where the blast in the crowded airport concourse was detonated. Once again, the image is not time or date stamped.

What is curious about this presentation is that the artists didn’t even bother with scale. An examination of the same concourse in the next 2015 stock photo of the airport shows a much wider walk-through between the sign and the concession structures. Note 04 on the pillars to the left in both shots. Notice the complete contrast in lighting with the stock photo, bright and crisp looking, and the CCTV photo, dark and saturated for an ominous effect.

The real concourse had natural light. This occurred at 8:00 AM in early spring. According to weather history it was sunny at that hour.

And once more, we are not permitted to see the full sequence color footage from the CCTV, which in and of itself is a major red flag.

An Analysis of the 2016 Brussels Airport ‘Bombing’

The Parkland Non-Disclosure Disclosure

When Parkland school CCTV footage is released, it shows absolutely nothing. We might call it a non-disclosure disclosure.

Surveillance footage released by Broward County Sheriff’s department runs about 27 minutes. According to the time stamp on the video, the footage begins at 2:22 p.m. on Feb. 14, less than one minute before police claim that suspect Nickolas Cruz opened fire inside the freshman building. It ends at 2:49 p.m.

I swear that I must be one of the few persons in the world to actually fully look as such farces. Check for yourself if you question my claim- the last 26 minutes shows zip, nada, an empty sidewalk. The first minute shows a scene that could have been recorded on any day. The second minute shows a tiny unidentified apparition in the background.

On occasion still clips are released from CCTV security cameras. Such was the case in the Dylann Storm Roof Baptist church event. This one too illustrates the common tendency for dates and times to be wrong.

Note that in this particular CCTV image of the lot, that the time date stamp is correct- June 17, 2015, but at 08:16:15 in the morning. The shooting occurred in the evening of that day. The time stamp on the entrance CCTV is June 7, 2015, at 08:16:58 in the morning as Roof went into the church. However the same exact CCTV shows Roof leaving at 09:07:02 on June 17th.

Dylann Storm Roof’s Arrest Interview Was One Big Conflicting Story

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  1. Lets not forget the missing video of Epstein’s ‘suicide’, the missing video of the Bataclan Theater ‘terror attack’, the missing video of the Charlie Hebdo ‘terror attack’ the missing video of the ‘Las Vegas massacre’ ad infinitum.

  2. Future Imperfect

    June 2009, in the midst of the swine flu breakout the World Health Organization defangs their working definition of ‘pandemic’ by removing the requirement of “enormous numbers of deaths and illnesses”.

    Like magic, the WHO can now declare pandemics far more easily triggering billion dollar contracts with pharmaceutical companies–and it does so… with the already in-progress swine-flu outbreak.

    April 2015, in a Ted Talk Bill Gates predicts, “If anything kills over 10 million people in the next few decades, it’s most likely to be a highly infectious virus rather than a war”.

    February 2017, Dr. Fauci promises, “there is no question that there will be a challenge for the coming administration in the arena of infectious diseases … there will be a surprise outbreak”.

    Mid 2019, Dr. Fauci directs a total of $7.4 million in funding from NIAID to a lab in Wuhan China with some of the funds set aside to study ‘gain of function research’ for corona-viruses–making them far more infectious and deadly to human beings.

    August 2019, Kary Mullis, Nobel Prize winning inventor of the PCR test used to detect COVID-19 dies of pneumonia.

    Kary, who was openly critical of Dr. Fauci – calling him a fraud who has no problem lying to the American people and who, “doesn’t know anything about anything” – said many times that his PCR test could not be used to diagnose an illness, and that with a high enough cycle threshold you could find just about anything.

    Regardless, his PCR test was the primary test used to diagnose C-19, with the New York times later admitting that the non-test likely had a false positive rate in the neighborhood of 90%. This test was used to measure cases and cases were used to justify the lockdowns which severely wounded the world economy.

    October 2019, the WEF and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation host a pandemic simulation called ‘Event 201’ with dozens of corporate, political, and media participants scripting and acting out their response in the event a real one occurred.

    November 2019, less than 2 months later in Wuhan China, C-19 enters the world stage and spreads rapidly across the globe leaving extreme economic havoc in its wake.

    June 2020, stereotypical Bond villain and leader of the WEF, Klaus Schwab releases his book, ‘COVID-19: The Great Reset’, a communistic creed describing a future where our biology will be merged with computers and AI. The WEF’s stated goal on their website and YouTube channel is, “by 2030 you will own nothing, have no privacy, and you will be happy”.

    November 2020, Klaus Schwab releases a video of himself and a colleague warning that a global cyber pandemic is inevitable and that when it arrives it will shut down power grids across the world causing havoc that will far exceed the havoc already caused by the C-19 pandemic.

    December 2020, Solar Winds – a giant cyber security firm whose security suite is installed on many of the major government and corporate networks across the first world – announces a catastrophic security breach in which hackers injected a back door into Solar Wind’s codebase, which was then distributed to all of their clients during the next update cycle–granting the hackers access to all of those systems. Rootkits were likely then deployed granting full undetectable control. This event now gives cover for the hacking of the world’s power grids due to the fact that those systems have been compromised by “bad actors”.

    February 2021, an extremely rare black swan winter storm freezes Texas to near zero causing an extremely rare power grid failure across the state.

    March 2021, the EverGiven – a ship the size of four city blocks – charts a cock and balls GPS course across the sea before securely lodging itself sideways in the Suez canal thereby clogging up the world’s most important shipping lane for six days—an event so rare it has only happened 5 times since the canal’s opening in 1869.

    May 2021, bad actors launch a cyber-attack against the computer systems of Colonial Pipeline – the largest pipeline in the United States which supplies 48% of the fuel requirements of the eastern seaboard of the country – causing it to go offline. Despite a number of spills due to negligence causing shutdowns throughout the years, this cyber-attack event was so rare that it has never happened before.

    July 2021, the WEF has scheduled a cyber pandemic simulation with political, business, and media leaders in the same vein as their Event 201 virus pandemic simulation. This event is titled CyberPolygon…

    • Fascinating, helpful and insightful timeline. Thank you for placing it up here.

      Simple Citizen

    • C19 did not “enter the world stage”. FEAR, MORBID FEAR entered the world stage, and you used the right word, STAGE, because that’s what it was – a pantomime orchestrated by the WHO and most of the world’s governments subscribed to the WHO – the Direction of all this was pre-planned at Event 201 organized by the WEF and Bill Gates in October 2019.

      Fauci’s activities with “gain of function” research and Wuhan are just plausible denial and muddying of waters alibis to throw the gullible off the scent. There is no there there. No Covid virus has ever been isolated, or been proven to have been isolated anywhere in the world despite Christine Massey’s indefatigable efforts to unearth some evidence, any evidence for this “virus”. The inventor of PCR, Dr Kary Mullis said you could find ANYTHING you wanted with the right PCR, therefore it was totally inappropriate for diagnosis.

      The tens of thousands of elderly who died at the start of the “pandemic” to “get the ball rolling” for the macabre pantomime were murdered by midazolam and remdesivir. Hundreds of thousands more succumbed to depression, stress and suicide, brought about by 24/7 media gaslighting and criminally bad medical treatment and advice (eg. locking themselves up, depriving themselves of social interaction, eating fast food and not exercising).

      If you were hoodwinked, man up and admit that you were hoodwinked. Don’t let misplaced ego and false “pride” make you perpetuate this criminal LIE.

  3. Britain’s Parliament Mad truck driver a few years ago they also said the cameras “weren’t working that day”
    And the truck in Germany at the Christmas market was all messed up as well.
    And there’s still almost no footage of Steven Paddock even though he was in Las Vegas casinos with their 8katrillion cameras.

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