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Dylann Storm Roof’s Arrest Interview Was One Big Conflicting Story

Dylann Storm Roof’s arrest interview by two FBI agents in North Carolina can be viewed below. I listened to the entire two hour interview and my notes are as follows. I am not aware of any other researcher who has dissected this.

At 9:15: Dylann Roof in the interview said he shot four or five black people.

He only missed this by five or six people. In the official narrative, nine people were killed by Roof, and a 10th wounded victim – an extraordinary professional assassin level kill-wound ratio. In the interview Roof said he never practiced range firing, just a little horsing out in the country- so doesn’t combine.

At 10:15: Roof sat at the bible study appraising the situation for 15 minutes. A critical thinker might conclude that Roof would know the number of people with which he was dealing within say one or two, if not precisely. But Roof thought there were four fewer than what was all alleged. Roof in interview said about eight were there around three tables.

At 1:03:00: The FBI agent rehashes the interview and says that Roof said there were 10. There is no basis for saying 10 as Roof at no point in the interview stated 10, only eight. Looks like the agent and Roof messed up on the script, because the official narrative claims that 13 people, including the shooter, participated in the Bible study.

In the six years and since the “event” no crime scene photos of the carnage and layout have been released to the public. This is supposed to suffice as “graphic photographic evidence”. These could have been taken anywhere.

At 8:30, Roof showed he had no idea about what date it was at the time of the interview, saying, “it’s July?”. Agents corrected him, “no it’s June right now.” The interview was conducted June 18. How many people in the real world are two weeks off on the date?

At 9:45 Roof said he didn’t talk to anybody before shooting. As he was shooting, he told people to shut up, don’t talk to him. This is inconsistent with the survivors, who claimed he rattled off incessant slurs and threats.

At 22:20: Roof stated that everybody was “sitting around tables” and then “dove under tables,” and that nobody ran. This despite the fact that Roof reloaded seven times (at 22:00). One largely empty table is shown in the blurry photo taken moments before the shooting. Really? Everybody meaning 12 people? Tight fit. Isn’t that something?

At 11:50-13:30: Roof discusses his bag and weaponry- stating he carried a Glock 45 and seven magazines with 11 bullets each in “a large black bag hanging in front.”

This CCTV photo shows Roof entering the church. Instead of a “large bag,” he has a small pouch around his waist. This pouch needs to hold the Glock 45 and seven 11-bullet magazines and without drawing attention. Doesn’t combine.

At 25:00: Roof stated that he “was in absolute awe” that police weren’t outside waiting. He had no escape plan, even though the shooting only lasted six minutes. Six minutes would have been a hell of a fast response.

The temperature at 88 F was very hot and humid that summer evening, but notice that Dylann Storm Roof is dressed for some other day. Incredibly, he is even double layered for extra warmth.

Source: Weatherunderground history for Charleston, SC – June 17, 2015

Roof stated that he “parked right next to the entrance”. His black vehicle can be seen in the CCTV photo. I find it more than an bit odd that he got the best parking place in the lot, especially considering twelve were already gathered inside. Here is where everybody else parked as Roof rolled up. Guess they needed the extra exercise.

Note that in this particular CCTV image of the lot, that the time date stamp is correct- June 17, 2015, but at 08:16:15 in the morning. The shooting occurred in the evening of that day. The time stamp on the entrance CCTV is June 7, 2015, at 08:16:58 in the morning as Roof went into the church. However the same exact CCTV shows Roof leaving at 09:07:02 on June 17th.  Alleged timeline is here. The operatives are laughing at the suckers.

Read: Shoes in Staged Deceptions and False Flags as Both Calling Cards and Black Magik

At 12:05: Listen carefully Roof says (while sitting), “It [the gun] was in my bag. I dropped it-the bag.”

At 12:35: He describes the bag as big and heavy. Again note entrance photo above.

At 1:10:00: Roof said he couldn’t remember when he decided to act out.

The rest of the interview is a nonsensical rendition on why he did it, and his convoluted philosophy. This is probably enough to get the zero critical thinkers upset and distracted away from the conflicting details of Roof describing the “crime scene.” I give the Crime Syndicate an F on this staged deception. Where was the A team on this one?

WTF Report: A Frightening Look Inside Charleston Church Moments Before the ‘Massacre’:  Notice CNN states Roof waited an hour to shot (0:42), while in the interview said it was 15 minutes. Doesn’t combine. 

And it doesn’t get more red-flag than this. Dylann Storm Roof was represented by David Bruck, who was co-counsel to Attorney Judy Clarke in the mock trial of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the accused perpetrator of the Boston Marathon bombing hoax.

Sherlock Appraises the ‘Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’ Show-Trial ‘Evidence’

Bruck also played a role in the bogus trial of “Palestinian” Zayd Hassan Abd al-Latif Masud al-Safarini, who was said to have hijacked Pan Am Flight 73 in 1986.

Clarke cases besides Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, Eric Rudolph and Jared Loughner:

-Clarke serves as defense attorney for Robert Gregory Bowers, who is accused of murdering 11 worshipers in a shooting at the Tree of Life – Or L’Simcha Congregation synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in 2018.

-Unibomber Theodore Kaczynski,

– Buford O. Furrow, the Aryan Nations member, accused of the Los Angeles Jewish Community Center shooting, and the fatal shooting of a Filipino-American postal worker in 1999. No interview that I can locate.

– Zacarias Moussaoui another kept off the radar case. Moussaoui ultimately pleaded guilty, but was spared the death penalty by a jury. He is serving a life sentence without parole at the federal ADX Supermax prison in Florence, Colorado, USA. No interviews.

It gets even more curious when one considers that Roof was an alleged white supremacist, Tsarnaev was an alleged “radicalized Muslim” AND al-Safarini was an alleged “Palestinian terrorist,” and all would employ the services of a man (or operative) who comes from an elite Jewish billionaire family that started and owned Bruck Mills in Montreal. His grandfather, Gerald, was president and spokesman of the Canadian Textile Institute. His father, Gerald, was president and CEO of Bruck Mills until 1978. David Bruck went to Harvard and wrote for the Harvard Crimson. As a background and network researcher, I must state that open-source information for this influential, wealthy family looks strangely scrubbed.

When South Carolina released the Roof file naturally, it was about 90% redacted.

The funeral of Clementa Pickney: is this the same man, you decide. See [Open Casket Funeral of Clementa Pinckney: Madame Tussauds, the Real McCoy, or a Body Double?]

Throughout his eight year long incarceration, mostly in Terre Haute,  Dylann Roof has been very outspoken and has kept journals and sent letters to family and friends. Yet in eight years since this alleged event he has never conducted a filmed interview- that you and I can view- with anyone. Supposedly his parents videotaped films that were “shown to four “journalists” of him acting strangely while in prison as described in this rag.


13 Comments on Dylann Storm Roof’s Arrest Interview Was One Big Conflicting Story

  1. the good news is that this incident was a hoax, just like almost all the other ‘mass shootings’ and ‘terrorist attacks’. No one was hurt.
    The bad news is that most Americans still lack the courage to publicly acknowledge that these incidents are part of a campaign of fakery by the Evil Elite.

  2. You should include Roof’s arrest at his car! What an UNevent. Here is a guy who just killed 15 plus people and this is the kind of reception he gets from the police???!!! What a joke.
    Come to think of it……………..I’m surprised the Liberals and the Blacks don’t use this “car arrest” video as proof of White Privilege!!! LOL!
    That’s just it…………they don’t want to draw attention to it. Only adds to the lame ass story they invented.

    • Roy Hobs: thanks for mentioning that! Why didn’t the cops body slam this dangerous mass murderer in the arresting process. White Privilege or staged events with real police not acting out their scenes without dramatic effects.

      Real police would have had their guns pointing to his head the whole time and roughed him up a bit while cuffing him.

  3. The real crime is why leaders that supposedly represent leaders of the white race resistance didn’t concern themselves with picking apart a weak storyline. In fact, except for WN site Renegade, that has other issues, it looked like an agreed upon decision to assume Jews wouldn’t lie about this.
    What we then had were weak complaints about an attacking of confederate history backlash, a subject Jews wanted arguing about and not the core issue, a lying media working for the deep state to subvert the people it supposedly serves

  4. Latest from the alleged ‘Dylann Roof’ is that from prison he has written an ‘Open Letter to Tucker Carlson’ whom he allegedly watches regularly whilst on death row there

    The source of the text we have of this ‘Dylann Roof letter’ is a white nationalist site called ‘The Purity Spiral’ who said they received it from ‘contributors’ who saw a scan of the original written in pencil, and transcribed it

    Pretty fake sounding text to me … Not clear if it is gov psy op, a Tucker take-down move, or some white identity people thinking a goofy stunt like this is a way to light up Tucker Carlson

    Alternate links to the same letter in case one of them isn’t working –

  5. Russ, have a look at James Holmes and John Ernest. They are both from the same town. This from Wikipedia about Holmes: “At twelve years old, Holmes moved back to San Diego. There, he lived in the Rancho Peñasquitos neighborhood, where he reportedly began to decline socially.”

    This about John Earnest: “The San Diego County Sheriff’s Department identified the suspect as John Timothy Earnest (born June 8, 1999),[20] a 19-year-old male from the San Diego suburb of Rancho Peñasquitos.”

    What are the odds?

    Also, just over the hill from Rancho Penasquitos is Rancho Santa Fe.

    Rancho Santa Fe has connections with Emma Gonzales and David Hogg via San Diego, where Hogg really went to high school.

    Also, Emma Gonzales mother originally comes from Virginia and of course her father is military intel.

    Rancho Santa Fe is where the Heaven’s Gate cult was located.

    Lastly, there’s a connection with Earnest and Escondido. Escondido was named by Svali as a satanic programming center.

    There’s a rabbit hole for you.

  6. Thanks for re-posting this and for the list of the cases Attorney Judy Clarke was involved in. I’ve always been suspicious of the Unibomber/Ted Kaczynski story and suspected it was another government psyop. The story just never made any psychological sense to me. It just seemed like it was designed by the government to smear anyone who expressed concern about the advances in technology and how such advances could be used against us, which is exactly what is happening now with the digital slave grid they are planning for us (CBDCs, digital IDs, QR codes, smart phones). I just figured they decided to shut down the psyop because there was no need for it–American sheep were asleep and eager for more technology, no worries about how it might be used against us or for surveillance.

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