WTF Report: A Frightening Look Inside Charleston Church Moments Before the ‘Massacre’

Screenshot of Dylann Roof with gun leaving Emanuel AME. PHOTO: Post & Courier

I have been looking diligently (for three years) for evidence of a crime in the Dylann Storm Roof, Charleston church “shooting” — you know, like old-fashioned forensics, clear photos of crime scenes, or even clues outside the church that a crime was actually committed there. No scripts or narratives, just forensics — or even small empirical clues of what went down at the church as a crime scene.

Where were people shot, in what order were they shot and, basically, how did all this transpire? I am absolutely stunned at how little information there is.

However, in my search for forensic evidence of a crime, this WTF video turned up on CNN. It was allegedly taken just before Storm Roof went on his rampage. At last, I thought, we can at least get the layout. But instead we get yet more bravo sierra, only hauntingly so. I thought I would get this up to remind people of the photographic patterns seen in these events ever since Charleston.

The CNN script says this video was taken by Tywanza Sanders, who hasn’t even positioned himself at the table but back in the corner. Notice that there is a dark shadowy figure in the immediate foreground that flutters like a big tease in and out of the camera. He is just sitting there almost frozen, not moving, looking much like a large apparition of a blob or dummy. I glimpse a sort of Hollywood cross-dress between the Grim Reaper and Darth Vader, but without the style and the panache. Whatever “it” or “he” is, it is about the strangest sight one could ever imagine. 

Blurry photo of Roof bidding his time before :shooting” source: CNN

Then the camera ever so briefly catches a glimpse of Roof on the right edge as shown on left. The image is so bad and grainy, that it was necessary for CNN to light him up to see “something”. Par for the course you can’t make out his features. His hair appears very light brown. Roof entering the church below has darker brown hair.

What else do we see: Notice all the chairs are empty on the left side of the table. There were supposed to have been a total of 12 churchgoers on the scene plus Storm Roof. Where are they all?

I can account for three in the clip, but that leaves quite a cohort of nine who are attending a bible study and aren’t even at the table. Sanders took the trouble to film the scene, but didn’t bother to film the people? What ever happened to the time-honored tradition of “gather all around brethren?” So nine church members are off to the side somewhere out of sight. And we get the brief glimpse of the back of Roof’s head.

We can compare this strange apparition from the Sanders’ clip with the image that was provided of Storm Roof entering the church. There are a few things to notice here:

1. The temperature was very hot that summer evening at 88 degrees with 70% humidity at that hour. It was even hotter an hour or two earlier. Storm Roof is dressed for some other day. Incredibly, he is even double layered for extra warmth. Anybody who has been in a hot and humid climate would know that this clothing is ludicrous.

Source: Weatherunderground history for Charleston, SC – June 17, 2015
source; Toronto Star

2. Notice the time stamp. It says 8:17 in the morning on June 17, 2015. This went down in the evening.

The next photo shows Roof driving into the church lot. Even though 12 are in the church, Roof gets the best parking spot in the place. The time stamp is bleached out, and the camera tilted, but the narrative holds that Roof entered about 8:17 p.m. Actual sunset was 8:30 p.m. that evening, with scattered clouds, according to Weather Underground. The sky and scene is pretty lit up for dusk. What’s with the white bleached-out sky? The last photo shows lighting taken fifteen minutes before sunset in the real world.


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    • This video points out more glaring anomalies in this case. It has to rank as one of the most careless, non-professional arrests in the anuals of police work. Watch how quickly the officers holster their weapons before they even have Roof out of the vehicle. This alleged highly dangerous killer (and possibly suicidal) could have dropped them in a split second.Was this police protocol? Are these posers?

  1. Fake, fake, fake. Who buys these absurd narratives that do nothing but advance the Jew World Order agenda?!

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