Americans Tell CEOs: Drop the ‘Woke’ and Get Back to Business

Epoch Times | Feb. 10, 2023

As companies gear up for an economic downturn, cutting costs and staff, CEOs might want to heed the rising voice of consumers who want them to focus on business rather than politics.

According to a poll this week of more than 1,000 likely voters by the Trafalgar Group and Convention of States Action (COSA), nearly 80 percent said that, given the choice, they are more likely to buy from a company that is politically neutral. In a rare case of bipartisan consensus, both Democrats (76.9 percent) and Republicans (78.8 percent) felt this way in roughly equal measure.

Mark Meckler, COSA president, told The Epoch Times that the message to CEOs was: “Go back to doing what you were hired to do, which is to make money for shareholders.”

“This is a blowback that’s coming,” Meckler said. “It’s coming big time against all this ‘woke’ politics in business. It’s not even that folks want their companies to reflect their politics; they want their companies, the people they buy from, to just ignore politics.”


3 Comments on Americans Tell CEOs: Drop the ‘Woke’ and Get Back to Business

  1. Hopefully, a day will come when only rural remote folks, who live two or more hours from stores where they can buy car parts, plumbing parts, animal feed, seeds, gardening tools, livestock stuff, repair parts, etc., will be the only ones buying from the likes of Amazon! (Because of the price of gas, it’s more cost effective that way) City and suburbanites, on the other hand, will all buy locally since they barely even need a car to shop (and I don’t mean Walmart, either!)

  2. Not going to happen if you want that sweet, sweet BlackRock ESG money. You can fail and still be profitable. It’s part of the elite cabal plan to weaken morality, ethics, economies, the social fabric and shore-up people’s lack of faith in Jesus Christ.

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