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Young Black Man Nails the Divide-and-Conquer Agitprop Agenda


Editor’s Note: This post is not original Winter Watch material but could have just as easily been penned by us. It comes from a self-described black male in his late 20s and was posted on Reddit. We couldn’t agree more with the content. The writer “Margaritavilllll“, now suspended by the Reddit cesspool, shows real awareness of the planned- and deliberate-collapse theory that WW puts forth, as well as the organized scheming, programming and agitprop against all of us. Of particular value are the video citations being used in entertainment that is worth scrutiny and sharing with others.

We have lightly edited some misspellings and grammar. Also, WW readers can fill in their own blanks as to who and what TPTB (the powers that be) are. See Who Controls Hollywood, see Who Controls TV.  And WW supports a boycott movement against the corporations that are purveyors of agitprop and who are now heavily funding Alinskyite organizations like BLM..

WW has also noted that blacks as a demographic, score high on awareness of neocon warmongering skullduggery. See: HuffPo Poll Indicates Too Many Trump’tards Are Brainwashed Warmongers

Unfortunately this skulduggery is now so advanced and the actual divide so menacing that thinking white people need to go on the offensive against what is clearly the conquer phase.

The toxic self-hatred of white Leftists

Latest show, Cracka, about raping and killing whites. Producer and director is Dale Resteghini aka Rage, who has been pumping out this genre for dindu consumption and mind warping for some time. 

Just another day of menace in Dindu overrun America

See: Monthly Sane Asylum with Focus on the Nature of Black on White Threat

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Epidemic of Black-on-White Violence, Mental Illness in Schools and the Knockout Game

By Margaritavillll | 19 May 2017

As an African-American male, I am deeply appalled at the divide-and-conquer agenda we’re seeing in film and television. They are putting out films that portray black history as “unfair” and “vengeful” against whites. They are trying to incite blacks like me into aggression vs whites. Propaganda 100%.

If you don’t know by now, the MSM and TPTB (The Powers to Be) are in the final stages of their New World Order. In this phase, they are orchestrating a massive “collapse” of society, in which a “new order” will be offered to the masses as a way to usher in stability and order again.

This collapse has a few main elements to it. Obviously, they are engineering an incremental and slow financial implosion on a global scale. This is described by Ron Paul as a “currency crisis.” They are essentially systematically reducing the purchasing power of our dollar, on purpose. This is being done on a global basis, the central bankers of the world are most certainly convening and coordinating this at meetings such as the Bilderberg Conference.

Along with this economic collapse is a SOCIAL collapse. This is a very important part of the plan. This is where they RAMP UP their tactics of division. Race, religion, gender, sexual preference, sports, anything they can do to pit us against each other.

In particular, as a black male in my late 20’s, I’m seeing them programming the black culture with television and films. Netflix originals like “Dear White People”, and films such as “Straight Outta Compton,” have concealed and implied meanings and themes of revolution, anger, police brutality, etc. to them. These productions always end up creating a sense of, “Yea … fuck yea. Go us! You know what, we HAVE been oppressed for all these years as blacks! Maybe it IS time for us to stand up eh?!”

The social engineers want to incite that reaction from blacks, to make us vengeful and angry and blame white people for all of our problems, and these messages are prevalent in many Netflix originals, films, web series.

There is a new Tupac movie coming out with a central theme of “African American oppression.” I did NOT see this but many similar films and productions are being made recently. The media and social engineers are definitely creating a hostile environment between all races and genders right now, and we need to expose this divide and conquer agenda.

Here are some examples of specific scenes that promote this agenda in film/tv:

Tupac movie

“Straight Outta Compton” police brutality scene

“Dear White People” reverse racism? (Netflix)

New Years resolutions for white males: MTV

Pepsi commercial inciting revolution

The reason I’m bringing this up (and this isn’t a very popular opinion for a black American male to be taking right now) is because I want to expose this divide-and-conquer agenda and foil their “orchestrated collapse” plan. They cannot have a world government, if we stop them in their tracks with this planned division psyop.

Come together my friends. We are ALL oppressed by TPTB.

Weinstein’s ‘Django,’ ‘Hateful 8’, ‘Inglorious Basterds’ A Wake-Up Call For Whites


12 Comments on Young Black Man Nails the Divide-and-Conquer Agitprop Agenda

  1. Friends in high places. Today is no different than the bickering between the House of Morgan and the House of Rockefeller picking the next groomed president.

      • Some of those ads are hilarious, just not in the way that the yid wanted them to be. In reality, the yid has jumped the yarmulke wearing shark. In sports, in movies, in comedy, and in politics. They certainly have among the truther community, and I think the pajama people are starting to tire of the endless tasteless filth from the mainstream media to social media.

        It is the youth who are most vulnerable to this. This is why the yid pushes things like tattoo’s, piercings, addictive drugs, sex changes and abortions on teens. There is often no return once these kinds of decisions have been made. These youths become lost to globo-homo forever.

        Here is a great 3hr 20min podcast with Tim Kelly and Musonius Rufus. It took me 3 days to get through it. It just about covers the entire decline of the west, except feminism.

  2. Did you notice that they killed Malcolm X right after he realized that there were white skinned people who worship Allah. He had an epiphany about racism, so they had to kill him. The FBI infiltrated the muslim movement to get to him.

  3. Just about a month since Saint George Floyd was killed and still no body or dash cam footage has been released to the public. I’m sure they either malfunctioned or were accidentally left off or they have them, but will not release them out of respect for the family.

  4. my 11 year old niece recently told me ‘I’m gay!’ I said that’s great, but you’re only 11? How would you know?

  5. Tupac Shakur was widely rumored to be a gay rent boy/hustler in San Francisco before he was chosen as the moanin’, complainin’ face of death row ‘records’.

    Here’s the 1995 child death incident which probably chained Shakur to death row for life (until he supposedly died in a wrestlemania ‘beef’ shooting in Vegas which sold incredible amounts of his music and made him an icon).

    There are lots of rumors he was death row’s thuggish Shug Knight’s lover
    Tupac when he was 17

  6. While more and more blacks are waking up to this agenda, I hate to say it but (maybe) not enough ghetto blacks will do so–right now they are benefitting from it too much, being able to rob stores and then some Soros-funded DA gets them out of jail, and stuff like that, and loving XXXtentation’s video hanging a white boy… Until, maybe, one day they realized they’ve been use way to much as useful idiots and then…but it’ll be too late by then….and I hope I am wrong about this. In some ways, blacks are even more enslaved now than they were before the civil war–to the woke “plantation” (and it isn’t just Democrats running it either!)

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