HuffPo Poll Indicates Too Many Trump’tards Are Brainwashed Warmongers


Anew Huffington Post poll of Americans’ attitudes toward a war with Iran reveals a warmongering constituency within the U.S.

The Web-based poll involved a YouGov sampling of 1,000 demographically diverse voters who either selected Trump or Clinton in the 2016 election. Participants were asked 55 questions. HuffPo is only revealing the responses to eight of them, all of which address Iran — including participants’ support or opposition toward “declaring war on Iran.” Caveat:  Huff Post is lugenpresse and thus may have skewed the outcomes through partisan lead manipulative questions. What were the 47 “other” questions asked? Such methodology allows for steering.

Someone with the interpretative framework of a reader of The New Nationalist might believe that only a very small fraction would strongly support such a ridiculous proposition.

In fact, the poll found only 9% of total respondents would strongly support declaring war on Iran, and another 14% somewhat supported. However, a too-tepid 37% strongly opposed, 16% somewhat opposed and 25% weren’t sure.

So although there is a core contingent of anti-war sentiment, it’s not a clear plurality. In fact, eyeballing the results shows roughly 50-60% of the U.S. population is addled to varying degrees on this issue. This leaves the door wide open to unscrupulous manipulation, agit-prop, false flags and gaming. And since only a small percentage of the population has a solid understanding of false flags and staged deceptions, there’s not enough standing in the way of a war with Iran.

The poll also reveals that the problem is with Trump’tards. It’s not a leftist issue in the slightest. Among Trump voters, 21% strongly support war with Iran. By contrast, there was an almost non-existent 1% among Clinton voters and 68% strongly opposed. Only 37% of Trump supporters strongly opposed.

Unfortunately, the anti-war movement can’t really depend on reinforcements from independent voters, as only 32% among them are strongly opposed. Men are only slightly more likely to be warmongers — 39% of women strongly oppose versus 35% men.  So there is no gender anti-war bloc — as they seem more concerned with pussy hats and other divide-and-conquer viewpoints than war.

Among demographic groups, only blacks stand out as virtuous on this issue with 56% strongly opposed. This writer has run out of patience with American white lemmings in general who, par for the course, exhibit far too much stupidity and brainwashing, registering only 35% strongly opposed. This is in part a function of evangelical nutwingism. We would have liked to see this asked to American Jews as a demographic, but it wasn’t — nor could we find other polls where it was. How convenient.

People ages 18 to 29 didn’t poll badly — but they really need to be higher in opposition, with 48% strongly opposed. The level of addled thinking seems to be evenly spread among income groups with only slightly higher opposition from the higher-income set.

There is a little regional difference, with more warmongers showing up in the Northeast at 34% strongly opposed, the lowest among regions. In the West, 42% are strongly opposed.

The difference is stark and shows the only chance for a real anti-war movement is from the left, blacks and youth. If others knew the stark truth, it wouldn’t have to be this way. The presidency of Donald Trump has set the anti-war, America First movement back eons. We suspect that was the idea all along.

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  1. Who or what are ‘Trumptards’? Do they actually exist or are they some amorphous media-created entity that is used to stir public opinion and debate. Just like ‘Antifa’ and the Soros backed ‘leftist’ groups. And opinion polls? Do they even matter? All this slanging, bickering, ranting and raving is a very well managed arena for the venting of the public spleen, the less to make the disaffected and abused citizenry rise up against their oppressors.

    It’s all very clever, devilishly brilliant actually, literally. All the pent up frustration and fury of a citizenry taken for granted and treated as little more than cattle, is vented in chat rooms, sloganeering via t-shirts, or whatever, demonstrations (with militarized police on standby to ensure they always stay within bounds), debates, and every other way imaginable, except revolution.

    Revolution is the only answer to removing the parasites from power – and by parasites I don’t mean Trump, Hillary, or whoever, no, I mean the dark entities that control them, starting with the DOJ (the J is an oxymoron), CIA and FBI and the Fed. But revolution will never happen as long as people fall for the divide and conquer baloney they keep feeding us.

    • In my case I use the term to address specific behaviors, actions and policies of Trump that are in total contradiction to the interests and beliefs of his followers/supporters. Or in the case of the Iran warmongers among his supporters they represent a threat to humanity.

      The term seems to me apropos, and the fact he still has support indicates some kind of twisted retarded Stockholm Syndrome. If anybody has a more suitable but still biting term I am all ears, but I am not giving these cretins a pass, any more than I will give the pervert justice warriors who defend James Gunn and Dan Harmon a pass.

      You are absolutely correct, the whole parasite guild and dark apparatus needs to go. However Trump is POTUS, not Clinton. He has shown himself to be a complete fraud and Trojan Horse.

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