Nature of the Threat to Ethno-Europeans: Black Gangsta Hip Hop and Rap

Christian humanism is a toxic philosophy among white ethno-Europeans. It’s not quite the same as the insufferable cultural Marxist-based social justice warriors (SJW) in that it’s based more upon religion. Rather, the view effectively gives great “tolerance” and “understanding” to groups and races who it claims to have been oppressed or can take a victimhood stance.

In place of a political theology capable of distinguishing between friend and enemy, Christian humanism advocates unilateral moral disarmament. The position of Winter Watch is different in that it holds that political and social action demands prudent distinctions between the interests of our community and their community. This also extends to the ethno-European community’s friends and allies versus its enemies.

The ideal of prudent distinction should insist that the ethno-European community be humanist enough to walk in the black community’s shoes and at least try to be empathetic and to consider their points of view. It must also hold out an olive branch of redemption to all peoples. However, the line is crossed and the gloves come off when the other communities engage in hostile, malevolent strategy and tactics that harm the white community.

The black community — and, in particular, its youth — largely convey their worldview through hip-hop and rap music. Given that this is their chosen method to communicate, it behooves the white community to examine it. R&B and hip hop make up about 14 percent of record sales in the U.S. However, its reach is even greater given that it is frequently illegally downloaded.

The move to corporate recording studios encouraged rappers “to collapse their recording selves and their actual selves.” The “art form” is to imbue performances with authenticity. Performers boast about “keeping it real.” They rap about gangstas and hustlers, pimps and hoes, guns and violence, they say, only because crime, violence and prison loom so large in the life of disadvantaged black youth.

As such, the ethno-European community must carefully examine the spirit and mentality with which rappers convey this lifestyle. If the music was sad, sorrowful and introspective, then empathy is highly appropriate. But it’s not really even “woe is me.” In fact, unfortunately, upon closer examination, much of the gangsta hip-hop/rap music genre actually seems to rejoice and relish in a sick, twisted, sadomasochistic self-destructive world of violence, degeneracy and evil.

This was manifested with Travis Scott and the deadly incident at Astrofest in Houston. This is effectively self destructive neo-zombie culture. Zombies follow the dictate of doing stupid things at stupid places with stupid people.

Astrofest: A Full Blown Demonic Zombie Apocalypse

To be fair, there is some hip hop or rap that is lite or neutral. There is even some — dance tropical, for example — that I personally like, or at least tolerate. Ethno-Europeans don’t need to be purists and hard asses about such music. There is plenty of excellent “world genre” music out there to enjoy. There is surviving soul sister music as well: Emeli Sande: The Return of the Classic Soul-Sister Singer.

But there is also a lot that is openly hostile toward ethno-European, especially in this weaponized, gangsta hip-hop and rap genre.

Here are some sample lyrics from a ditty called “Nature of the Threat” by Ras Kass. I selected this one because the lyrics can mostly be understood in audio form as Kass has fair speech diction. This will give you some of the most bizarre, asinine and confused history of the white race you will ever encounter. Sadly, this is about as close as many black ghetto youths get to a history lesson. One lyric, however, catches a glimmer of the reality:

Now since people of color are genetically dominant
And Caucasoids are genetically recessive
And Whites expect to be predominant, meaning survive as a race then
They simply must, take precautions
That’s why they’re worried about their future now
Cause by 2050, almost all the Earth’s population
Will be brown
Then black, so understandin’ that, whites counter-react
*(Man I’m saying, the fools ain’t nothing but a teaspoon of milk in a world coloured with joy)*
So they created a system
To force blacks into an unnatural position
That re-enforces the position of natural inferiority

The “Nature of the Threat” Youtube video is still up and flourishing with 464,000 views and a 25-to-1 up-votes to down-votes ratio. Of course You Tube ignored it’s hate rules when it comes to this.

Nature of the Threat

Unless blacks themselves are prepared to strongly disavow and censure this music within their own communities, then the white ethno-European community has no choice but to consider those (including the many useful-idiot whites) listening to it and supporting it as being heavily propagandized and influenced into being a hostile element to the life and security of ethno-European peoples. It leaves whites no other choice but to circle their wagons.

There are some blacks who see the downside and negativity going on in their own communities. But instead of owning up, they, too, often blame the music on “whitey.”

Winter Watch’s takeaway to the black community and the nature of the real threat: Man up and disavow.

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  1. Hi Russ.
    I generally agree with 90% of what you guys put out.

    I simply wanted to add a slight difference in terminology. For me, at least, there is a fundamental difference between Christian humanism (acting in imitation if Christ, but in the arts, science and statecraft…) vs the absolute evil of ‘secular humanism’ à la Bertrand Russell- which seems to be the driving force behind everything satanic in the world



    • Absolutely agree about satanic secular humanism aka social justice warriors. Christian humanism is much more well intended, even if sometimes misguided in overlooking bad elements. The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

      • Thanks Russ for stating your “the road to hell is paved with good intentions.” I have no problem with bringing in Christian refugees from Muslim or whatever persecuting nation. I have a huge problem with bringing in just anyone for whatever reason (for instance, MS-13 disguised as “nice folks”), and I have a huge problem with just being nice just because (they sometimes forget Jesus wasn’t always “nice” with His enemies, such as the Pharisees). And it really pisses me off whites are kneeling to the likes of Black Hebrew Israelites, BLMers, black whatever, when God Himself says “thou shalt not have strange gods before me.” Esp. when no white person around today owned slaves! Jesus Himself said be gentle as doves AND wise as serpents.

        As for rap and hip-hop working to enslave blacks and threaten whites, the same powers-that-be (Jewish or not) used rock and roll to enslave white youth with threats against the forces of Good….if it worked for one it’ll work for others.

        And meanwhile, does rock music even exist anymore, big time?

        • Yes, Jesus did not tell Christians to be as stupid as doves.
          He also told His Apostles to carry swords to defend themselves.

          As for slavery, tearing down historic monuments, and “taking the knee” as in Freemasonic rituals, one Hispanic commenter said we should also tear down the Pyramids of Egypt, the Great Wall of China, and the temples of Aztecs & Mayans, since they were built by slave labour.

    • Christian humanism (acting in imitation if Christ, but in the arts, science and statecraft…)

      I see little practical difference in the key issue of demographic replacement — churches today are involved in politics of a sort — all the religious “charities” that resettle refugees in the US are really government contractors which also lobby for more refugees — in Germany the churches are also fully involved in this (link) — large numbers of people are leaving the church every year (link), which means less money for the churches since members tithe via a withholding tax — I know from online activity that at least part of the reason for this outflux is the refugee activities of the churches.

      • True. Jesus sent out His disciples to take God’s New Message to All of Humanity.

        He did not tell them to bring All of Humanity back to live in the disciples’ villages, or tell them to work hard to support All of Humanity, while All of Humanity sits whining on its collective backside.

      • One of the Prince William actor’s many stage name media identities in black face is Jay Z, media husband of black face Beyonce who is aka Shakira. British owned Serco prisons take a tonne of money from Americans and need a lot of inmates. Great article on here earlier discussing the link between prisons and the rap music industry.

  2. Check out illuminati watcher website. He also has books on the illuminati take over of the rap industry.

  3. as a teenager in the 80s lots of us suburban, middle class white kids loved the rap at that time, stuff like Run DMC. they mostly just rapped about hard times, drug & crime culture, but in a different kind of way, more so a warning not to get started in this kind of life. they were no cursing or sexual references and certainly no mention of bitches and Hos. the stuff today is mind blowing to me. i noticed a few years ago when hearing some of this new repulsive garbage by these dime a dozen ghetto thugs who all seem like monsters to me, they intentionally ‘rap’ in such an asinine way so you can’t tell what they are saying, and they still have to sprinkle BEEPS throughout the song. it is so vile and when i hear it booming out of cars with white kids in it i feel like kicking their asses. the jew has been successful in what he set out to achieve with this particular market. it’s been a huge part of “multiculturalism” and it’s disgraceful. to think these lowlife gutter scabs get paid big bucks for this ear cancer garbage is beyond sickening to me.
    i always hated when i didn’t know what the words were. with sites like around for well over 15 years now, i would like to think people are taking advantage and using it and steering clear of anything that clearly holds no love or respect for their own kind. unfortunately i think a lot of these young white kids today are so brainwashed they just don’t give a damn because they don’t grasp the underlying message and if it’s “trending”, they are going to listen to it regardless.
    excellent article and so important!

  4. Believe it or not there are “truther” black rappers out there who are trying to warn their own about the Illuminati and how they are using blacks as a mere means to their Satanic end. Destruction of everything moral and loving is their game, and when it comes down to the nut cuttin’, they will be eliminated along with the rest of the useless eaters.

    • Check out the lyrics to Genesis by Prodigy of Mobb Deep. He was talking truth through rap close to 20 years ago, and some theorize he was killed for speaking out too much on the illumunati.
      Another great one, from one of my favorites, is Worm Hole by Talib Kweli.

      “It ain’t the Illuminati that worry me
      Lack of spiritual energy, suicidal tendencies
      Unwitting soldiers in the armies of the enemy”

      ~Talib Kweli – Wormhole

  5. A quick look at IMDB shows plenty of anti-white/blame whitey, gov led apocalyptic movie titles coming out soon.

  6. Black people did not invent that garbage. It was a CIA creation which was TESTED on the black population and then after success was determined, the next move was to deploy it against white people and then the rest of the planet.

  7. My son is raising his family in a German speaking town in the Alps of about 20,000 people. My grandson just turned 9 years old. He is hyperactive like many boys, but luckily still vaccine and ADHD medication free.

    When the lock-down was lifted, and the schools reopened, one of the activities my grandson most looked forward to was Break Dancing class. My son knows that I disapprove, but I gather my grandson really enjoys it and is pretty good at it.

    I have not visited the class, but the town has a black population of maybe 1% and far more muslims than negroes. My grandson is bilingual so he would understand some of the ghetto lyrics, but the other kids certainly wouldn’t. I am certain that they are not playing German language rap music. The reason I don’t like him attending is because of the rythms and the glorification of “black” (jungle) culture. This glorification, nay deification, is being pushed on these people by an external talmudic agenda.

    • I am actually a fan of power-move break dancing as a form of pure athleticism. Anybody who can achieve the strength and flexibility to perform at decent levels deserve some credit for athletic achievement.

      I like how the crowds get jazzed. If you notice the audience is mostly males (fellows in the art) and the spirit and energy is super positive. Usually the music is standard house mix. And typically the lyrics are secondary and so ebonized that one can’t really understand it even if an English speaker.

      Yes, the music starts to get old, but what could be more fun than this?

      • I have never seen power-move break dancing before, the dancers are quite amazing. I can well believe that my hyperactive grandson is well suited to it. The bangy, hyperactive beat really turns me off, and the entire scene comes off to me as very ghetto and globalist. In the second clip the first thing I noticed was the masonic checkerboard the kid was dancing on:

        That alone strikes me as a very big reveal as to the nature of what is going on.

        Why do they have to push this stuff when there is loads of Alp culture that these kids can do: rock climbing, ice hockey, skiing, even schwinget.

        As far as the music goes, this is far and away my favorite. Lots of yodelling, Accordion, Clarinet, even the odd alphorn. They even have apps for android and iphone.

        Click on the “Radio Einschalten” button.

  8. The gangsta music biz is greatly Jewish-led

    USA blacks seem to have long been manipulated, in order to damage the USA black community and stoke conflict

    1960s US welfare programmes gave black mothers more benefits, if no father was in the home … encouraging the decline of two-parent families

    1970s Hollywood movies by the largely Jewish movie studios, began their ‘blaxploitation’ films such as ‘Shaft’ (1971) and ‘The Mack’ (1973), giving glamour to gunmen and pimps

    1980s Jewish music industry moguls such as the late Jerry Heller, began pushing ‘gangsta music’ songs and videos, also giving glamour to criminal life:
    ‘The Secret Relationship Between Rappers and Jews’

    Then we have CIA and US government themselves sponsored flows of dangerous illegal drugs into minority communities over decades.

    “Journalist Gary Webb claimed the CIA helped foster the crack epidemic that ravaged Los Angeles in the 1980s. On December 10, 2004, the journalist was found dead, with TWO .38-caliber bullets to the head yet ‘apparent’ suicide.”

    Seems that one of the goals of 9-11, was that the ‘US invaded Afghanistan to restore the heroin industry

    US prosecutors and judges don’t seem to care if a black jailed for a crime, is actually the person that did it … leading to young black men feeling that they are going to be arrested eventually whether criminals or not … and the actual black criminals remain on the street

    And all that is what brought us to where we are, with US cities burning down

    • Indeed – they weaponized hip hop into gangster rap to pollute the minds of the youth, particularly white, suburban male juveniles. Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dawg, et. al. are essentially spook-backed sell-outs and enemies of the state.

      All part of their long-running campaign to demoralize the white christian western culture.

  9. I would say all of the pushing of this Gangsta rap was for this very moment. To brutally rape and pillage society and blame it on whitey.
    This is the moment they have been waiting for, what do you call them, useful idiots. ?
    Just so dumb

  10. Some important points about rap and black music corporate exploitation in general.

    From ‘tin pan alley’ appropriation of folk songs remarketed and copyrighted as show tunes, blues songs appropriated by white musicians such as Eric Clapton with no royalties paid, all the way through to hip hop and rap there is usually a very substantial innovative creative core that is strip mined, twisted and often stolen.

    (Jazz is the only idiom it’s hard to rip off despite the standards being mostly showtunes, as there is little opportunity to debase, showbiz package and misrepresent a musical idiom that relies on very high creative and innovation standards.).

    Rap is a particularly tragic example of this. The golden era of rap was the early eighties to the mid to late nineties. the whole hip hop culture flowered in this era which was street poetry ‘battles’ instead of fighting, break dancing and a general celebration of black life. There was the occasional reference to crime but in general this music is uplfting community music, non threatening ….and sadly the debased foundations to much of the crap that is now pumped out as popular music today.

    The authenticity and genuineness of this music (‘keep it real’ used to mean something on the street) was slowly amped up and distorted by MTV and others. The (jewish) Beastie Boys and Vanilla Ice produced hokey white version of music was wasen’t about their culture, a painting by numbers replica of the originals just like so many white blues guitarists (including me).

    By the mid nineties dark forces started to fund wrestlemania style ‘beefs’ between showbiz rappers (still very talented in this era due to stiff competition) with management by thugs such as death row entertainment. The ‘beefs’ became assassinations and the heavily promoted songs became darker and darker. The ingenuity of the formative era was pushed to the sides as dark aggressive music was sold to predominantly white suburban teens who were into on screen angst, clothes and posture.This music is as authentic as pornographic videos.

    The incredibly talented people who create these genres and musical idioms almost invariably die in poverty, often patronizingly ‘paid (non financial’ dues’ by the showbiz puppets who ripped off their work.

    It’s tragic and must be incredibly enraging to the creative originators…

    • Compare this 1954 R&B with the invention of ‘rock’n’roll’ by Russian Jewish hustler Alan Freed around Bill Hailey and the Comets, who did a crude version of this song a couple of years later.

      Chuck Berry was sharp enough to put sophomoric words to R&B for white audiences and was later endlessly ripped off, most noticeably by Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones who would probably be driving a forklift truck in Dartford had it not been for his skills at copying black R&B, which he used to oust the creative founder of the RS Brian Jones along with spooky hired vocalist Mick Jagger…I could go on…

  11. Good article. I would like to add an even greater danger to white folks of their own making., I work a whole lot of events, so I see all kind of groups and of course the loud noise they blast as music. Many, maybe all ball game events are blasting completely inappropriate gangsta rap. The foul language and content itself should be a warning to people and parents. Not even close. For example, I was working and NFL game, outside scanning tickets and playing the goon. They had an outside DJ blasting the ever-present noise. As I was listening to some pretty violent anti-white ranting, I looked around to see if the brain-dead morons were hearing this. No, but you know who did? All my co-workers, who are about 98% black did, and they were looking at me. That is quite troubling.

  12. Good article, pal. I don’t always agree with you on various positions you take, but this is an excellent piece.

    One fact that you overlook is how the black community has also been degraded and defiled by the eternal (((swindler))) … how (((their))) record companies promote certain particular artists, etc.

    As very passionate jazz aficionado, I look upon the state of today’s black music with nine parts sadness, and one part disdain. Any true lover of music will tell you that the great jazz artists (Miles Davis, Coltrane, Adderley, etc) can fairly be compared to the best of what Western Civilization produced … i.e. Mozart, Bach, etc. So, when one looks at the pinnacle of black music as expressed through jazz, and compare that to “gangsta rap” and all that other garbage of today, one quickly sees that the defilement was externally imposed on the black community. By the usual suspects, of course.

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