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Astrofest: A Full Blown Demonic Zombie Apocalypse

IMAGE: via Twitter

Travis Scott and the deadly incident at Astrofest in Houston is a stark manifestation of neo-zombie culture. Zombies follow the dictate of doing stupid things at stupid places with stupid people. They also don’t register that bad things happen to stupid zombies. It seems to be a rapidly developing, programmed-cultural tendency.

Travis Scott himself has no real attractiveness or musical appeal other than a certain impulsive and strange demonic spirit of wanting to control people to do stupid and unseemly things.

Years before at least eight died and hundreds were trampled at his Astroworld festival, Scott would brag on social media about fans getting hurt and passing out at his shows — even suggesting one would be a “hero” if he “didn’t survive” a gig.

The 30-year-old “Sicko Mode” star — under fire for playing on at Friday’s Houston festival as eight died and hundreds were injured — still has disturbing images on his social media celebrating previous scares.

One of the most disturbing posts shows a young man seemingly unconscious at Scott’s sold-out 2015 show at Manhattan’s Webster Hall.

“TO THE KID THAT DIDNT SURVIVE THE RODEO. UR A HERO IN MU BOOK,” Scott captioned the photo that is still on his page.

The image was posted the day after his show with Young Thug at the East Village venue. Just before it, he also posted a video of the crowd reacting to him playing his song “Quintana in NYC.” Note the 34,806 likes from the zombies.

Evil Travis Scott at it again.

Before the show, Scott is said to have encouraged people to rage, break down the fences and storm the concert. So they did.

Here is Travis Scott continuing to perform his ritual last weekend as the tragedy and carnage is unfolding below him.

Typical Travis Unaware Scott pose

Travis Scott, who must have been drugged and oblivious, then attended an afterparty at Dave & Buster’s following the Astroworld Festival slaughter. He was supposedly unaware at the time that eight concertgoers had been trampled to death and hundreds injured. Unaware seems to be Travis Scott and his fans’ middle names.

Another manifestation of this disaster was the Lugenpresse distracting to somehow make it about “conspiracy theorists” and obvious observations, namely that the show was demonic or satanic in tone. Here’s a long string of headlines that look right off of a gaslighting script. What are they hiding now?

This entire operation, including the Lugenpresse coverage, is the end of the line for entering full-blown clown world. George Orwell described it thusly.

Here at Winter Watch, we apply the Trivium method and ask who, what, where, when, why and how. Let’s examine the facts of the case, shall we?

First, the events that occurred at the Astroworld festival have been widely described as “hellish” and “satanic” by attendees.

We wonder why. Could it be because Scott’s promotional material is centered on demonic imagery and symbolism? Are attendees and other observers supposed to reject the Trivium evidence of their own eyes?

Scott is illustrated as a demon on his new album cover.

Scott’s (or one of his handlers) definition of dystopia speaks for itself.

Scott performed on a stage styled like the gates of hell while revelers entered the gig through a large sculpture of his mouth, which has been likened to the famous “Christ in Limbo” painting by Hieronymus Bosch that depicts the “mouth of hell.” Spiffing Prints Hieronymus Bosch - Christ in Limbo Dark - Extra Large - Semi Gloss - Unframed: Posters & Prints

Ad for Astrofest

Here are the temple grounds of Astroworld, the place where they’re telling you flat out you’re about to enter a new realm, a new dimension. And here are your rapper gods, and we’re going to make a “sacrifice to the gods.”

Astroworld, Houston

“See you on the other side” is the tagline. People walking into his mouth and through a doorway into another world on promo poster. The slogan has not aged well.

Scott promo piece with Smiley Face death-head. Regular readers know that I don’t hold this as humorous or even edgy at all.

Read about the Smiley Face Killers on Winter Watch:

No one EVER died at a Michael Jackson concert. Period.

In contrast, I admit to being a Rammstein fan, especially in concert. They are definitely an edgy European band. The following video shows a high energy performance in Nimes, France, and illustrates the stark contrast between Scott and real professionalism.

Note the lead singer Till Lindemann acts as a conductor and eyeballs and directs the audience. Often it is sing and dance along. There is no crowd abuse or insults. Instead, there’s repore and interaction. Rammstein plays the crowd like a violin, and the mostly white European crowd knows how to lay it down, too. This is fun stuff!

Most Rammstein performances are in Europe where the crowd behaviors aren’t as zombified, stupid and dinduized as was seen at Astrofest and Travis Scott’s shitstorms. The way things are going, this Rammstein Ich Will set may now be the good ol’ days.

22 Comments on Astrofest: A Full Blown Demonic Zombie Apocalypse

  1. People this stupid and easily manipulated require culling, the world is better off without them , in this day and age with all the information and knowledge at your fingertips no one has the right to claim ignorance

    • Yup. Every little piece of shit stain juvenile or adult of every ethnicity that listens to this ghetto garbage non-music would do the world a service by getting exited from this earth. I even hate my own children now because American popular culture is cesspool of filth.

  2. Gee and I thought the 90s were sicko in pop culture…here’s my prodigal band take on this event, as if Scott was imitating an event in a novel I wrote:

    As with the prodigal band, Scott was led by a demonic force for sure, with a worse outcome though.

  3. This reminds me of the Smells Like Teen Spirit video, where fans look zombiefyed and eventually attack the band members.
    Yeah, the whole musick industry is a satanic ritual.

  4. Liked Rammstein the last decade, but the recent years Rammstein is different and brainwash like the rest, last Rammstein longplayer was already inline with our governments narrative, and the frontmans solo project is even worse, Till Lindemann; his new “i hate children”

    • Kati,

      I completely agree! Nietzsche wrote about how one should separate an artist from their work. There are many musicians whom I can’t stand, but I love their music. Sometimes the artist is the dung or manure from which the plant springs from!

  5. This appears to be another example of reality merging with fantasy; with the viewer none the wiser vis-a-vis the dialectical dynamics in play here. More specifically, although I would concede it appears there may have been some injuries and, possibly, fatalities at the scene of said concert (i.e., a piece of reality), I would also posit that a number of deceptive devices (egs., ‘deep fakes’; yellow journalism; superspreaders/influencers on social media; etc.) have been employed to magnify the effect and impact of the event, viz. a relatively insignificant moment of kultural creation by TPTB (i.e., a concert by a cretin created by the kakistocracy) has morphed itself into a memorable and magickal (in the Crowlean sense) one; due to the images, archetypes and psychic/psychotic energy it has evoked – online and offline – in the general populaces of the world. Suffice it to say, we are not just witnessing the inversion and destruction of the West as spectators; we are actually significant conduits for these sorcerous system(s) of evil; and, hence, must find a way to desist from being so in the near future. RGB-Y1 out!!

  6. I remember getting hit pretty hard at a mudvayne concert. I went out (ko’d) but I didn’t even hit the floor. The guys behind me, who I didn’t know prior to this incident, caught me and held on to me until I was steady enough to stand on my own. People got wild but they also watched out for each other because everyone was there to have a good time.

  7. Look like hoax to me. Horrible acting in interviews, cringe as the rest. Not sure why you thinking this is not scripted like everything else?

    • If you cite examples you think supports this I will examine it. I am not finding that much evidence of a significant deception yet. There may be a charity fraud developing however.

  8. Apparently all the attendees had to be fully vaccinated; no one is talking about the possibility of whether the graphene oxide in their bodies could be activated by a frequency, or what Dr. Len Horowitz calls the “Devil’s Frequency”. This could have induced all the heart attacks. In my opinion this festival was just a beta test for what frequencies can activate the graphene oxide; it may not be just 5G.

    Remember those videos of some Chinese collapsing in the streets at the beginning of the Wuhan fake virus scam; apparently they had all been fully vaccinated the previous month and in January they turned on 5G.

    • Excellent observations. And it appears that graphene can be excited by good old everyday run of the mill soundwaves:

      “In a recent theoretical work carried out together with Maurice Oliva-Leyva, from the Materials Research Institute of the UNAM, we have analyzed the effect of sound waves on the electronic behavior of graphene. Our results, published in the Journal of Physics, suggest the possibility of using mechanical deformations to calibrate the electrons of the material. That is, to generate a beam that propagates in a given direction. The finding represents a first step toward the manipulation of electrons and graphene by sound waves and opens the door to several applications. “

  9. Apparently the opening act for Travis, Masta P, said “don’t die tonight” before he left the stage? This event was straight up demonic. Maybe with 5G or acoustic triggers.

    P.S. Can’t believe Masta P is still performing. He was already over the hill 20 years ago when I lived in TX.

  10. Why isn’t this on the front page of every newspaper?

    Are we seeing some new form of Covid-19 Vaccine induced Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome? – Official Government data suggests the Fully Vaccinated are on the precipice of disaster as their Immune Systems are being decimated

    Japan Abandons Vax Policy, Switches to Ivermectin, Ends COVID Craziness.

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