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The Satanic Musical Infiltration Of Christian Evangelicalism

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“My name is Legion, for we are many.” Mark 5:6-10

Regular readers know that we don’t come at issues from a strictly Christian or religious worldview. That said, we are not anti-Christian in the least. But we are anti-Luciferian, which we consider all too real. Our greatest concern in this age of modernity is that Christianity is being captured and co-opted by Luciferians hiding under a mask of New Age occultism. Occultism, by definition, is all about putting up a façade. The very word “occult” means “hidden” or “secret.”

This has been referred to as The Great Apostasy Plot, which is designed to take gullible and impressionable Christian youth and their parents down the dark path. A variation of this is evangelical end time nutwingism. Christian doctrine expressed the threat in Matthew 7:15.

Beware of false prophets which come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravening wolves.” 

Jesus, through Matthew, went on to develop a perilous time concept (aka Olivet Discourse), which is clearly an alert and truism to all of humanity, not just Christians. This is also referred to as the Great Falling Away.

It speaks to evidence of a very startling emergence of diabolically disguised and deliberate satanic or Luciferian undercover agents (“false prophets”) in the modern-day church and the world in general. Where there is smoke, there is fire. We live in an inverted world where evil has become good and good evil. The flock just doesn’t realize that they are on the menu. Par for the course, those within the religious community that raise legitimate concerns are ostracized.

Apostasy, or Luciferian Music

Luciferian music in the culture is widespread. If you are a permissive parent, you may not realize just how sinister a lot of this music really is. It shouldn’t matter if you are Christian or secular.

Ozzie Osborne is openly satanic and doesn’t even apologize for it. He called Crowley “a phenomenon of his time” (Circus, Aug. 26, 1980, p. 26). Ozzy even had a song called “Mr. Crowley.”

“You fooled all the people with magic/ You waited on Satan’s call/ … Mr. Crowley, won’t you ride my white horse…”

Osborne falls into a pattern seen elsewhere, such as Georges Bizet (composer of Carmen), and the overrated modern gentile “artist” Jackson Pollock, teamed with Jewish wife and promoter Lee Krasner.

Osborne’s Jewish wife, Sharon Racheal Levy, and her father, Harry Levy (aka Don Arden), managed and promoted Osborne to success in the heavy metal music world. Inexplicably, Osborne’s music got darker, more sinister and more deviant under their tutelage. As he became more popular, he snuck in more and more sinister lyrics, such as the following from his ditty “Suicide Solution.”

Breaking laws, Knocking doors
But there’s no one at home
Made your bed, Rest your head
But you lie there and moan
Where to hide,
Suicide is the only way out
Don’t you know what it’s really about

But incredibly, there are bands specifically targeting Christian kids with the idea of “being hip and cool.” In reality, this is just more in-your-face apostasic inversion. A number of them even perform on the same recording label, such as Metal Blade Records, as openly satanic bands. An example is the band Black Dahlia Murder. Here are the lyrics from their hit “Black Valor.”

We bear the bloodline of the conqueror
Behold this war-scarred coat of arms
Weathered and worn are we
But with an eye ajar we sleep with blade in hand
We’re waiting for the call

Join us! Black valor’s on our side
Striking with satanic force we’ll crust their fabled Christ

Decimated by a whirlwind of insufferable attacks
Impenetrable black phalanx of our unblessed spear and shield
We march upon the enemy with hate, with hate
On this day of victory christian blood will soak these battlefields

The tidings of a war infernal
Destruction of all angelic life
To bear the mark of the pentagram circle reviled

Armageddon’s drawing nearer
On the coattails of the end we’ll ride
Of death we hath no fear,
Hails! black valor’s on our side!
Boundless is unholiness iniquitous our pride
Each man a god unto himself spirit never to die

To the almighty one, unholy bearer of horns
Empower me, flow through my veins
And carry me in war
To the unwavering devoted to the dark
I drink these wines on majesty to you

Do you show the standard of six hundred sixty sixth
Will your flesh withstand the dawning of apocalypse
Does your will it guide the spear that pierced the martyr’s ribs
We will not rest till this rotten planet’s black – as pitch

The tidings of a war infernal
Destruction of all angelic life
To bear the mark of the pentagram circle reviled

Brothers! black valor’s on our side!
Striking with satanic force we’ll crush their fabled Christ
Unhallowed Armageddon’s drawing near
Boundless is unholiness of death we hath no fear

16 Comments on The Satanic Musical Infiltration Of Christian Evangelicalism

  1. Not just the music, but the video games as well. I teach high school and the freshman boys are constantly using phrases and images from this stuff in their work. I have to warn them about it. They don’t understand how damaging it is and it unites them against all the estrogen which I understand but definitely disrupts more healthy frequencies. The ever increasing use of vulgarity in music, movies, books, and TV has the same effect. I’m amazed at how many teachers have been taken over by it. I probably shouldn’t be.

  2. Short article on what could be a lengthy tome of anecdote and real world examples playing out. This blog does a good job analyzing the actual mantras displayed in our god-awful media and music:

  3. From a true believer in Jesus Christ–THANK YOU! Would love it if you did a post about the FACT that many so-called “Christian rock” bands are anything but Christian! Stryper is only the tip of the iceberg. Hillsong? Some claim it is actually satanic…Justin Beiber is connected to them and they do use weird symbols at times. Only God knows.

  4. Your perspective is fascinating, Russ. I was raised Catholic, fell away from the Church, lived a hedonistic lifestyle in my 20’s and experimented with drugs, particularly psychedelics. One time when I took LSD, I saw a giant pentagram in the sky made out of stars and in my mind, I had a revelation that Satan is the ruler of this world. [Perhaps this is what the Beatles meant by “Lucy(fer) in the Sky with Diamonds”] At the time, I was agnostic and during my upbringing, I had never read that in the Bible. But as I found out later on, it does indeed say that in the scripture. It dawned on me that this was absolutely true and not just some desert fairy tale as I was led to believe by the materialist gatekeepers of scientistic atheism. Since that experience, I’ve been able to see things in much different way and I realized that the War in Heaven is taking place here on Earth, with many people (for the most part) unknowingly serving as the devil’s chess pieces. I’m sure you’re aware that this is happening in every denomination as well. I returned to the Church because, despite the corruption and the subversion that has taken place in the Vatican and in many Novus Ordo parishes, I have found the traditional teachings to be true. It’s ironic because I’ve since come to believe that psychedelics and drugs in general are portals to the demonic. But God has a sense of humor and will find ways to make good things come out of the bad.

  5. The occult is not necessary evil. Is all related with the conscience. You can not see the conscience only the manisfestations so is the occult. Can be good or evil. All depends in intetion.

    • Your comment reeks of new ageist situation ethics. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. The truth sets you free and doesn’t need to be hidden. Lies require concealment.

    • Mario, Do you have any moral conscience left in you? Serious question. I’m not even being mean. Your reply speaks volumes about yourself, do you even care? I pity the person who cannot reason.

    • Mario Ceva said above that the occult doesn’t need to be evil, but is dependent on someone’s intention. That however is not true. Occult, regardless of anyone’s intentions, means secret or hidden, and there is nothing secret or hidden about the truth; for truth not only exists but is, by its very nature, affirmative, in which case, it’s going to be open and upfront – something which hidden and secret knowledge has nothing in common with (which isn’t to say, of course, that everything which seems open and upfront is the truth). Therefore, should something occult like appear to have good intentions, people can be sure that this is just the ‘freindly face’ of evil, which lures people into a false sense of confidence, before the true colours of evil come to the fore. I call this the pick up stage, where the serial killer treats her victim nicely.

  6. I am a believer and could write much on this topic, but rather direct you to an article by googling vigilantcitizen, rockerfeller center. The article was so well done and buttresses this articles point. Every Christmas there is a concert and the lighting of the tree with Prometheus in the background illuminating (pun) the absolute ignorance of men in this generation.

    • Their older siblings did a decade ago, and that’s part of the culture now. Of course we know you are attempting to be snarky and satirical (but not factual] about the grandparents.

  7. Lee Kerslake and Bob Daisley wrote most of the material for the first two Ozzy albums, then Sharon fired them and erased them from history in true Bolshevik style, stealing money from the goyim is what jews do best. Jake E Lee is another talented guitarist who got turned over by Ozzy’s missus who will do anything to protect her meal ticket.

  8. None of this would be happening if it wasn’t a Spiritual War. Demons exist and God exists. There’s a supernatural realm and both sides try to influence us. Everything that exists is spiritual. The Jews are descendants of Eve and Satan. It wasn’t about an apple.

    I know this all sounds bizarre, but you are researchers. The most helpful thing you will ever research to figure all this out is the Bible. It’s a history of the world. But unless you take Christ as your Lord and Savior, you won’t be able to understand the Bible fully. I know it sounds like I’m witnessing to you, but I’m not. The Holy Spirit helps you understand a purposely-confusing Bible so only God’s children will understand certain things. You get the Holy Spirit only by taking Christ as your Savior. But I know that there has to be a catalyst to believe, so I don’t expect most people to want to take Christ as their Savior.

    But read Enoch. The Jews took Enoch out of the Bible in the 4th Century because they don’t want you to know.

  9. I played a Zepplin CD backwards and it said Russ Winter is really Tipper Gore.
    Now that should make you laugh seeing as how we’re the same age!

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