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30 public pools in France suddenly close after energy bills jump from €15 million to €100 million

Remix News | Sept. 6, 2022

For French people looking to exercise in a public pool or cool off as the summer comes to an end, Europe’s energy crisis is hitting close to home. Faced with rising energy prices, which are hitting all aspects of daily life in France, one swimming pool operator is now in deep water and shutting down 30 pools.

This Monday, the company Vert Marine, which has 2,000 employees and operates dozens of swimming pools in France on behalf of local authorities, announced the closure of a third of the public pools the company operates, saying it could longer cope with soaring bills. The company is pointing to an astronomical increase in its energy bill, stating that it went from €15 million to €100 million, which now equals the entire annual turnover of the company.



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