When the Wicked Try to Flee

People gather at the Washington Monument for the Defeat the Mandates rally in Washington, DC. PHOTO: USA Today/Jasper Colt

So, they press on now with shots for little children that are certain to harm the kids’ immune systems and produce an array of consequent serious disorders ranging from hepatitis to myocarditis to sterility to brain damage

By James Howard Kunstler | 24 June 2022

CLUSTERFUCK NATION — You may be wondering these days if our country can get any crazier. The FDA and the CDC seem bent on killing and maiming as many Americans as possible. Proof (not just evidence, you understand) abounds that Pfizer and Moderna mRNA “vaccines” don’t work and are grossly unsafe. If the people who run these agencies don’t know that, then there has never been a lazier, less competent, worse-informed executive crew running anything in the history of Western Civ.

So, they press on now with shots for little children that are certain to harm the kids’ immune systems and produce an array of consequent serious disorders ranging from hepatitis to myocarditis to sterility to brain damage. You’d think that if mere rumors of these things reached their ears and eyeballs, these executives would at least pause their injection program to investigate. There is really no analog in history for authorities who act this blindly homicidal.

The Nazis murdered targeted groups for deliberate eugenic purposes, vicious as they were, and made it clear why they were doing it — at least among themselves — while they did it. Stalin killed his perceived political enemies and then killed masses randomly to hold the soviet populace in thrall to his rule. There’s a name for that: despotic cruelty. Mao Zedong revved up his murder campaigns and cultural revolutions to desperately hold on to his slip-sliding autocratic power. Pol Pot killed people who wore eyeglasses and read books because they were capable of figuring shit out — like, what Pol Pot was up to. […]

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  1. Hi Winter Watch,
    Mike Adams of Natural News website and Brighteon Videos website,
    He might just Have Stumbled Onto Something about The Covid-19 Vaccine Deaths !!!
    We know / Suspect Covid-19 Vaccine already lowers the body’s immune system.
    Mike Adams says: Alfitoxins Might just be causing these deaths do to the Covid-19 Vaccine lowering the body’s immune system (Alfitoxins are a Fungi bacteria that forms on food, and Cause Very Allergic allergies , cattle and chickens die from Alfitoxins,,
    Cashews and other nuts and certain foods this / these Alfitoxins grow on )

    Here’s a link about the Alfitoxins
    Makes A lot of Sense ! ! !


  2. Hello ,
    FromRome.Info has published a new article on our website :
    Dr. James Thorp: How the DeathVaxx program violated the Nuremberg Code
    You can view it from this link : https://www.fromrome.info/2022/07/26/dr-james-thorpn-how-the-deathvaxx-program-violated-the-nuremberg-code/
    Br. Alexis Bugnolo

    Informative discussion and presentation of CDC VAERS (vaccine adverse events reporting system) data recording anomalies with long-term medical biller and data analyst Albert Benavides who describes how data is being delayed, withheld, and wrongly reported by health professionals and CDC, as evinced in the records themselves, giving rise to mass discrepancies in the number of deaths, severe injuries, women’s reproductive-health issues and other damages being reported.
    General under-reporting of vaccine injury as revealed by the Harvard Pilgrim Study of 2010 in addition means the numbers of deaths (over 26,000 so far in CDC VAERS) and severe events being reported errs very much on the conservative side.
    Sharing his own “VAERS Dashboard”–an app converting figures to graphs for easier visualization and analysis–Albert Benavides reveals several astonishing outcomes of his close reading and data analysis: 1) Since only initial reports are made public, later reports on death or recovery are missing in each case, skewing the number of deaths being reported; 2) Data input entry errors and irregularities means the data on deaths or severe events is not being accurately tallied, the same with lot numbers and vaccine maker attribution. Many other aspects are pointed to by Albert in this detailed presentation, further information on which can be found at the links below.
    Dr. Young questions the administering of the vaccine in face of such overwhelming evidence of harm and discusses the nature of radiation sickness–an actual translation of coronavirus being radiation poisoning–now being passed off as COVID, while vaccine damage is also being passed off as COVID.
    He also discusses the actual nature of disease, what vaccines do to the human body, and what true health is.
    Contrary to the propaganda issuing forth from the pharmaceutical industry and the medical establishment, vaccines are not feel-good healthcare treatments, they are deadly toxins known and seen now to cause major injury and harm; in the case of the COVID vaccine, found by electron and optical microscopy and energy spectroscopy to be loaded with toxins, they are deadly dangerous and now causing embolisms, clots, aneurysms, palsy, paralysis, heart attacks, miscarriages, and sudden death.
    Indeed the phenomenon of graphene-induced radiation sickness being passed off as COVID and a gene-modifying graphene-loaded substance being passed off as the COVID vaccine has now led to the complete exposure of all vaccines: none is harmless, benign, and “safe and effective” as virulently advertised, all cause damage to brain and body, while the COVID vaccine compounds and exceeds the harm caused by all other vaccines over 30 years of their administration, as verified by the figures–the astronomical numbers of deaths and injuries recorded post COVID-vaccine points to this catastrophe, which will not stop until people say Stop.
    Since governments and regulatory bodies are not heeding the alarm signals and halting the vaccine, it is up to us, says Albert, to decline this deadly injection and bring this rollout and mandate madness to a halt.
    All information from Albert Benavides:
    Note from Albert: Above is the link to my shared folder of everything I presented today:
    Powerpoint presentation
    Analysis for Steve Kirsch
    Other bonus gifs and documents
    Albert Benavides on Bitchute:
    Follow me on:
    Bitchute, Lbry, BrandNewTube, Vimeo, GAB, MINDS, MeWe, Minds, Twitter:

    Dr. Robert Young’s website:
    Recent podcasts:
    Report 255 | Dr. Robert Young: All Disease is Outfection Not Infection–Vaccine Nano is Bioweapon!
    Ramola D Reports | Newsbreak 134 | Dr. Robert Young Calls for Halt on Vaccines, Reveals New Findings
    Newsbreak 142 | BREAKING: Dr. Young Reveals COVID Vaccines are Intelligent Targeting Bioweapons
    Report 279: Panel on Terrain: Hidden Science: Greater Cause of Disease Not Germs but Terrain
    Try Clean Slate, Zero-In, and Restore for detox and daily health at this link–https://therootbrands.com/micmar
    The Everyday Concerned Citizen: everydayconcerned.net
    Covid 19 84 / HoloCough
    Newsbreak Albert Benavides Young Faulty Reports VAERS Hides Depth Vaccine Crime


  3. Always with the Nazi card. Could it be?

    Why, yes. It can be and IS:

    Kunstler was born in New York City to Jewish parents

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