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The Impending Wind Down of the Biden-Harris Demented-and-Dumb Regime

The calculated landmine that is the Joe Biden-Kamala Harris regime is in the terminal phase. The signs are growing that this is a failed Sub-Zero presidency. He will probably be dealt with in the same manner as scandal-plagued Warren G. Harding in 1923 — via a “health issue,” likely a stroke — or recognition of a serious loss of cognitive abilities. His gaffes are no longer incidental. They have grave repercussions.

Imagine having a president with a 38% approval rating and a vice-president with a 28% approval rating — but with 99% of the media on their side. The two are toxic even for leftists, and the Lugenpresse is compliant.

The Hunter Biden laptap scandal is a bottomless cesspool that keeps on expanding. The laptop is in play in terms of the ease out. The replacement, Harris, has the I.Q. and intellect of a turtle — again, almost by design.

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On Tuesday, the establishment gathered at the White House to commemorate the passage of the “Affordable” Care Act. The headliner for the event was Obama, and the room was packed. The event started with a speech by Harris blaming Republicans for high drug prices, even though it was the ACA that caused costs to explode.

Before leaving office, Trump signed a “Favored Nation” executive order that would have tied Medicare drug prices to what drug companies charge overseas, thereby leveling prices internationally. One of Biden’s first actions as president was to overturn the new law.

After Harris, Obama and then Biden took the podium to say a few words.

Moments later, Biden is ignored again when he tries to get Obama’s attention. He calls out his name, taps him on the back, puts his hand on his shoulder, but to no avail. Not a good look for a sitting president. These are supposed to be his closest political allies. If this is how they act toward him in public, just imagine what it’s like in private settings.

The current trajectory of the fall of Biden is almost too perfect to be a coincidence. It took 18 months to go from Build Back Better to “there will be food shortages.” Inflation and American Spring-like shortages will be causing dire situations the likes of which we have never seen in this former republic, and the Hunter fiasco will be the wedge to get him out. The laptop is the weapon they can deploy to torpedo Joe.

Consumer sentiment has already collapsed to nearly decade lows.

The rats are abandoning ship. Nine out of 10 former employees agree: You can only work for stupid for so long. Press Secretary Jen Psaki is leaving the White House for a lucrative revolving-door gig at Lugenpresse central, MSNBC.

Over the past two years, staffers working for Veep Harris have described her as a “soul-destroying bully” whose office is a “dysfunctional” mess.

Harris’ Deputy Chief of Staff Michael Fuchs is rumored to be next in a long list of departures, according to Reuters. Word of Fuchs’ departure follows a March 21 announcement that Harris’ National Security Adviser Nancy McEldowney was stepping down from her role.

Can you even imagine what it must be like for semi-functioning people to work around Kamala? Imagine if someone took a sixth grader, handed her a law degree and Senate seat, and kept diversity promoting her to the level of utter Sub-Zero incompetence.

She’s like a turtle atop a country fence post. Neither she nor you know how or why she’s up there, and she has no idea what to do while she’s up there. That was someone’s plan all along.

Turtle on Fence Post

One of my favorite Kamala stoner ramblings: “So, Ukraine is a country in Europe …”

Another one: “We all watched the television coverage, just yesterday. That’s on top of everything else that we know and don’t know yet based on what we’ve just been able to see it because we’ve seen it or not doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened.”

And who can forget this classic on “the signficance of the passage of time.”

Bad Photoshop Sunday presents: "It is time for us to do what we have been doing and that time is everyday. Everyday it is..." - ImgflipKamala’s dysfunctions are irrelevant. She is a perfect Sub-Zero President and Cackler in Chief for the Kakistocracy: stupid, compliant and on the same ideological page as the puppetmasters. She and her predecessor are the ultimate stooges being put in place for when all hell breaks loose.

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Winter Watch Takeaway

Ultimately, Joe and “Heels Up” Harris are toxic placeholders. They exist to be the goats for the planned takedown of America.

7 Comments on The Impending Wind Down of the Biden-Harris Demented-and-Dumb Regime

  1. Say what you will of Biden, and yes, I largely agree with everything you claim above, and that he’s a senile buffoon who is barely alive. However, he’s still more coherent and intelligent than that piece of garbage Trump. I have seen more than my fair share of live Trump news conferences back in 2017, 18, 19 etc … and that moron could not form a single coherent grammatical sentence above the abilities of a 5 or 6 year old. Ex: “the economy is very very good” “Taxes are very very bad” “My policies will make people very very happy” That’s it. That was the extent of his expressive abilities. So Biden is Shakespeare and Milton combined compared to Trump.

    I’m just a bit annoyed of those in alternative media calling out Biden for being a retard (which he is), but staying silent on Trump’s immeasurable imbecility. Both are mere “sub-zero” puppets who have zero actual power.

    • Trump will be the swing of the political pendulum back to the right. But it always swings back left again and the people in the cat pajamas will be happy watching it go back and forth while screaming at each other.

      I’m more interested in a future where people just ignore the federal government and concentrate on local elections. Your mayor, sheriff and city council people are going to have a direct impact on your life whereas Trump and Biden are the WWE and require attention to be effective. If you elect a sheriff that shares your same political views you should have nothing to fear from the feds.

    • re Trump… BlackStone Intel. explained that Trump was “POISONED PILLed” from the moment he got in office by his nomination of Jeff Sessions for Atty. Gen., Jake Morphonius (whose grandmother was a famous Miami (Jewish) hanging judge) explained, PREDICTED that Sessions was AN ISRAEL FIRSTER and would DESTROY the Trump presidency. (of course his video was deleted… CENSORED, BANNED by jew-tube).
      The AMERICAN PEOPLE STUPIDLY TOLERATED this insane media/DoJ LYNCH-MOB – the Zio-Nazis have the effrontery to haul out 9/11 COVER-UP RAT robt mueller to do the dirty work, SMEARING TRUMP for “RUSSIA COLLUSION!” in MSM headlines and ‘news’ day in and day out FOR YEARS!
      HOW STUPID CAN AMERICANS BE? the URANIUM-ONE SCANDAL really WAS “RUSSIA COLLUSION” – by HILLARY, KERRY, OBAMA, EVERY toady in congress, the senate, state dept, treasury Dept., and in the HOLDER/ LORETTA LYNCH “justice” Dept, fbi, CIA, etc. etc. etc. etc.!

      The AMERICAN PEOPLE – BOTH Demorats AND “establishment” Rethuglicans AND TRUMP SUPPORTERS -SAT ON THEIR HANDS at this media/judicial LYNCHING imposed by criminal underworld political perps (see the many dozens of excellent articles here at WinterWatch) aka billionaire satanists.

  2. “Imagine if someone took a sixth grader, handed her a law degree and Senate seat, and kept diversity promoting her to the level of utter Sub-Zero incompetence.“

    This is what management looks like within the federal government right now. It’s here folks, the tyranny of the sub-zeros.

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