America Saw a Record 691 Mass Shootings in 2021, 0 Attacks By ‘White Supremacists’

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By Eric Striker | 4 January 2021

NATIONAL JUSTICE — The United States broke all previous records for mass shootings in 2021. None of the attacks had a white racial or terroristic motive.

The year closed with a total of 691 mass shootings and several hundred deaths related to these incidents in total, according to information collected by the Gun Violence Archive. Estimates reveal that the mass shooters are overwhelmingly black.

The grim milestone was largely ignored by the liberal Brookings Institute, which instead praised the Department of Justice’s aggressive crackdown on political activity as the reason for why there weren’t any far-right or “white supremacist” attacks.

The FBI’s resources are currently preoccupied with soliciting alleged victims of “hate crimes” and “confronting white supremacy,” as violent threats to citizens continue to rise to all time highs.

2021 also saw at least 222 school shootings, another record, according to the Center for Homeland Defense and Security’s K-12 School Shooting Database. School shootings, also driven largely by black violence, have steadily increased in recent years, with 2018 and 2019 being the third and second most violent years for school children to date. […]

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  1. The narrative on the mainstream media is wrong in how they’re pitting whites & blacks against one another. We go out of our way to reach out to other races. That said, there is an epidemic of police killing and abusing people. Unless you own the truth of that then you aren’t any better than CNN.

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