UK Vaccine Mandate May Force 123,000 out of Health Care Sector

By Alexander Zhang | 10 November 2021

THE EPOCH TIMES — The UK’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate for front-line health and social care staff in England may force more than 120,000 people to leave the sector, according to government estimates.

Health Secretary Sajid Javid announced on Tuesday that all those working in the National Health Service (NHS) and social care must get fully vaccinated to continue in their jobs from April 1, 2022.

The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) said the mandate will apply to health and social care workers who have “direct, face-to-face contact” with patients—such as doctors, nurses, dentists, and domiciliary care workers, unless they are exempt.

The rule will also apply to porters or receptionists who may have social contact with patients.

The policy is intended to “avoid preventable harm and protect patients in the NHS, protect colleagues in the NHS, and of course protect the NHS itself,” Javid told the House of Commons on Tuesday.

In an impact assessment (pdf), also published on Tuesday, the government estimated that around 54,000 medical and social care staff will take up the offer of a jab as a result of the vaccine mandate. […]

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  1. UK here: every one of these bizarre and mutually reinforcing government actions, whether direct or via corporate/community proxies, are clearly intended (a) to collapse every component of our critical infrastructure, and (b) to engender the outrage that accompanies wilful chaos. With this current initiative, I believe non-compliance has been factored in from the start, and more than that, is a vital part of those underlying intentions.

    It is astonishing how, in the course of only a couple of years, a considerable part of our population has come to take it as an uncontroversial given that our own institutions are (at high levels, knowingly) working full-time against our national interest.

    This is an earth-shifting revelation to many, even though I would say that the majority of the population as a whole are submerged in a cultic psychosis comparable to all those other beta tests from Scientology to Branch-Davidians and all the other collective fantasies dreamed up or exploited by silent actors.

    From the distinctly patchy success in de-programming those who have succumbed to this process, I am currently at a loss to know how they can ever be coaxed back into reality – even assuming that we somehow prevail, eventually. What kind of world will we be inhabiting where a large portion of the global population is irretrievably lost to the truth? I’ve previously considered the problems of coping with the purely physical and health problems – a threadbare infrastructure, and large numbers of people suffering lifelong morbidities from the direct and indirect effects of the vaxx onslaught. However, the prospective wholesale mental dislocations put this into the shade. ‘Society’ itself will only be reconstructable on some radically new basis, without any presumptions about a functioning (if rudimentary) cognitive apparatus in any one individual – at least for a couple of generations.

    The mediaeval discontinuity caused by plague and famine upturned social relations in a fundamental and long-lasting way – what we are ‘hopefully’ facing at the very least, is much worse. If we are not simply refeudalised in a world-ending perpetual cybernetic holocaust, it will take a response of unprecedented nature to dig our way out of the wreckage. How do we structure a society around this prospect?

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