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Austria’s Salzburg and Upper Austria Expand Lockdown to Include Entire Population

By Tyler Durden | 19 November 2021

ZERO HEDGE — It’s no longer just the unvaccinated who are subject to Austria’s draconian lockdowns: following the record surge in covid cases  in Austria which we discussed earlier,

… the regions of Salzburg and Upper Austria will introduce a lockdown for the entire population starting on Monday, which regional leaders said would last for “several weeks” but would hopefully be over by Christmas.

There is no longer any alternative than to order a full lockdown in the region, Salzburg’s governor Wilfried Haslauer told a press conference on Thursday afternoon: “We have considered a lockdown to be a significant infringement on the public, but now we are left with no other choice,” he said according to The Local.

The length of the lockdown is not yet confirmed, but Haslauer said it would last at least three weeks, and most likely four. As in previous lockdowns, it would be possible to leave home only for essential purposes including food shopping, exercise, and accessing medical care including vaccinations. Hotels, restaurants and retail stores will close. […]

2 Comments on Austria’s Salzburg and Upper Austria Expand Lockdown to Include Entire Population

  1. The real solution to rising cases is halting the quackcination, no more masks required, no lockdowns. In other words let’s all go back to 2019, then see how quickly this mild flu-like illness disappears.

  2. The only answer is to rid the world of the banking cabal and the likes of whatever kosher demons control Blackrock, Vanguard etc. These international juz are the plague of this world.

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