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Seattle PD Prepares to Fire up to 40% of Its Cops if They Fail to Get Vaccinated in Line with Mayor’s Mandate by Oct. 18 — Despite Already Suffering Staffing Lows Not Seen Since The 1980s

10 October 2021

WOMEN SYSTEM — Seattle’s police department is preparing to fire up to 400 officers who have not yet had their Covid shot in line with the city’s strict vaccine mandate — despite already suffering staff shortages, rising crime rates and high 911 response times.

The Seattle Police Department has an October 18 deadline for all sworn personnel to turn in proof of COVID-19 vaccinations or risk losing their jobs.

As of Friday, 292 officers have yet to turn in proof of vaccination — or 27 percent of the department’s 1,080 deployable police officers.

Another 111 officers — 10 percent of the deployable officers — are waiting on exemption requests to be approved.

If all 403 officers are let go on Oct. 18, the police force will lose 37 percent of its officers — a crippling blow for an already under-resourced department.

Police Chief Adrian Diaz has already warned officers to prepare for a ‘Stage 3 Mobilization’ from Oct. 13 — an emergency plan which would put all remaining officers on standby to respond to 911 calls. […]

3 Comments on Seattle PD Prepares to Fire up to 40% of Its Cops if They Fail to Get Vaccinated in Line with Mayor’s Mandate by Oct. 18 — Despite Already Suffering Staffing Lows Not Seen Since The 1980s

  1. What a coincidence that BLM, and associated ‘agitation’/’microtargeting’ groups (cough Bolsheviks), suddenly just do a 180 and rear their heads right when these vaccine mandates are in full force. It’s like multiple piss streams on any of the half-decent police out there. All of BLM’s money has been circulated into gun running for urban gangs or cartels, siphoning off into their corrupt leaders, with the rest going into that ‘Project Blue’ front, claiming it went into Biden’s Campaign, and other democrat/Soros aligned outlets. BLM is filmed on multiple occasions chanting ‘We want a Reset!’ as a slogan, and their leaders discussing ‘The Great Reset’ and ‘Build Back Better’ model as something they promote. So now, out of nowhere, when they’d been on hiatus, they are suddenly ‘anti-vaccine’? They are suddenly anti-everything-they’ve-done, yet still have the same stances on everything but ‘vaccine mandates’? The whole thing is a terror/agitation operation, meant to pressure/threaten workers who don’t listen to the mandates. They’re supposed to think ‘God if people would just get it this will go away.’ They are also supposed to doubly hate the police, or anyone else, for whatever violence and damage BLM/Antifa will cause, because ‘If they’d had the vaccine, they’d be able to do their jobs.’ Same with the military, which looks like a straight-up ideological purge, to me. They know that certain people reject it on religious grounds, some stand firmer on moral, constitutional grounds- and they’re using it as a wedge issue to kick those people, push them out of the Defense, so they can claim the DOD to themselves, weaponize it- and possibly use it on those who refuse to comply down the road. They see people on the inside with ‘dissident’ opinions on vaccines/Covid as a ‘threat’- and so they are trying to eliminate them from the military, and possibly from society, and how much easier if the military is nothing but a bunch of Covidian bootlickers?

  2. Controlled demolition, it seems. I hope everyone who resigns or gets fired makes sure they stay within some kind of reservist organisation, whether official or unofficial. When the residual-vaxxed officers eventually succumb to the consequences of their folly, all of these front-lines are going to need rebuilding with urgency. Parallel society – the present situation is spiraling over a precipice, and the situation is going to be so radically different in a few months’ time that no-one is going to argue about them stepping back in at all levels. The alternatives are overt foreign take-over, and the point to watch for is the very first open appeal by the federal administration for assistance from outside – whether it’s from a neighboring nation or an international organisation, or some privatised corporate operation waiting silently in the wings. One way or another, it’s going to happen, and knowing this gives point and purpose to what otherwise might seem an act of individual or collective despair.

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