Israel, India Lobbying Groups Unite to Influence US Policy

Indian PM Narendra Modi went to India's Delhi airport in January 2018 to meet Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu. It was the first time an Israeli PM visited India in more than a decade. Netanyahu was accompanied by a 130-member business delegation. The stated purpose of the six-day visit was to deepen ties in trade and defense. PHOTO:

American NRI [Non-Resident Indian] Groups: AJC [American Jewish Committee], AIPAC [American-Israeli Public Affairs Committee], Modi

6 March 2019

WIDE AWAKE GENTILE — There are now several Indian American organizations involved in lobbying, either at the local community level, or at the national level or to influence foreign policy like the Association of Indians in America (AIA, founded in the mid-1960s); the National Federation of Indian Associations (NFIA, founded in 1971 under a different name); the National Association of Americans of Asian Indian Descent (NAAAID); the Indian American Forum for Political Education (IAFPE, also called the Forum); and the Indian American Center for Political Awareness (IACPA1993).

Two major professional associations, the American Association of Physicians of Indian Origins (AAPI) and the Asian American Hotel Owners Association (AAHOA), also devote considerable energy, time and financial resources to political lobbying.

The latest addition in this mosaic of pressure groups is the US-India Political Action Committee (USINPAC, created in 2001). For the media as well as for lobbyists belonging to other communities, USINPAC has now become the most important organization in terms of membership size and access to power centers. […]

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