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Pope Demands Silicon Valley ‘in the Name of God’ Censor ‘Hate Speech,’ ‘Conspiracy Theories’

Pope Francis thinks empowering giant corporations to silence free speech is Godly.

By Paul Joseph Watson | 19 October 2021

SUMMIT NEWS — Pope Francis invoked God in an effort to pressure Silicon Valley giants into censoring more content, including “hate speech” and “conspiracy theories.”

Yes, really.

The Pope made the remarks during a World Meeting of Popular Movements, a shadowy organization created to promote “social justice” and fight racism with the help of religious leaders.

“In the name of God, I ask the technology giants to stop exploiting human weakness, people’s vulnerability, for the sake of profits without caring about the spread of hate speech, grooming, fake news, conspiracy theories, and political manipulation,” he stated.

Pope Francis also invoked the term “post-truth,” which was invented by establishment media organs after they began to lose their monopoly on controlling the narrative following the election of Donald Trump. […]

5 Comments on Pope Demands Silicon Valley ‘in the Name of God’ Censor ‘Hate Speech,’ ‘Conspiracy Theories’

  1. There have never been such serious scandals in the hierarchy, and whistleblowers who know what’s going on are risking their lives to bring them to light. But by ignoring the invalidity of Pope Benedict’s ‘resignation’, and the reasons for it, the best people like PJW and even Vigano can do is lead presumably honest but misinformed faithful even further astray.

  2. Funny because until the last few years, mostly during Obama/Trump, I didn’t realize Catholics, Muslims, Protestants, and Jews were all Kabbalistic-Freemasons. Even secular ‘liberal’ America somehow has Zionist/Kabbalistic Rainbow Symbolism- they are too, with their ‘Woke’ Gay-Perennial Puritanism. Apparently, they all are- they are exactly the same ‘perennial,’ imperialist, mono-pantheistic religion, according to their ‘leadership.’ All the wars they’ve fought for thousands of years has been a simple error, over nothing, a bunch of deaths in vain. Just a simple mistake, that’s all- if we’d have known they were all Perennialist Freemasons who work for the International Banking Cartels, the wars would’ve never happened. Every major monotheistic religion is apparently part Zionist (Abrahamic National-Socialist) and part Trostkyite (Abrahamic-World-Socialist) in the West, and they call this ‘Communitarianism’- and it is part of this ‘Hate Speech’ enforcement which of course, CV-19’s amped up ‘Cancel Culture,’ Smart Grids, CBDCs, go right along with. It’s the new religion that we all are being extorted to convert to. Bend over for your Baptism. Don’t worry- you can’t tell anyone because it’s Hate Speech to speak out against the new Clergy. Your neighborhood Bolsheviks will be toting ARs, AKs, and ratting everyone out who ‘seems suspicious,’ because we all know how spineless and weak-willed people are these days, going along with all of this. Might as well ditch the eagle, and make the ‘rat-king’ the new symbol of ‘western democracy.’

    I swear, if there is any group that needs some humbling. Hubris through the roof.


    3.) Notice this Catholics write up talking of ‘Abolishing of Private Property,’ and its resentment of ‘liberalism’ (gotta watch context with that one, just like ‘conservative, gets thrown around- here it means civil rights, human rights, constitution)

    4.) Who else are ‘Communitarians’? A lot of Secular-Zionists interested in the Kabbalah, ‘elite’ Islamic wealth (like in African/East European/Balkan Organized Crime). Got a big nod in Turkey.

    5.) CV-19:


    7.) And I’m still one foot in and out with some of this- but there’s no denying that these guys keep putting themselves front-and-center, provoking people, then using ‘their identity’ and their own fuckery as a protection racket for the rest in the ‘Asset Class,’ which is a lot more than just them. It’s a kind of ‘System’- and that’s their role. Provoke an attack, then whine like Borderline-Personality Bitches, asking for subsidized and corporate protectionism. And of course, all the greedy ‘goy’ in their ranks are fine with them dancing around, protecting their dirty money- so they don’t do anything, they play along with the theater, like Joe Biden playing Cowboy one minute, then (literally) kissing the feet of the Israeli PM the next.

    • AC,
      You nailed it!
      Jesuit Georgetown University is an “educational sewer”, that floods America with the JEWISH/JESUIT Liberation theology – “Christian/Marxism.

      Never use the Protocols of Zion as an argument! Use,


      (excerpt of Disraeli’s novel published in London, 1844)

      In his novel Coningsby (London, 1844) Disraeli draws a picture from life of the Jews ruling the world from behind thrones as graphic as anything in the protocols of Nilus.

      The passage in which Rothschild (Sidonia) describes this runs as follows:

      “If I followed my own impulse, I would remain here”, said Sidonia.
      “Can anything be more absurd than that a nation should apply to an individual to maintain its credit, its existence as an empire and its comfort as a people; and that individual one to whom its laws deny the proudest rights of citizenship, the privilege of sitting in its senate and of holding land; for though I have been rash enough to buy several estates, my own opinion is that by the existing law of England, an Englishman of Hebrew faith cannot posses the soil.”

      “But surely it would be easy to repeal a law so illiberal.”

      “Oh! as for illiberality, I have no objection to it if it be an element of power.
      Eschew political sentimentality. What I contend is that if you permit men to accumulate property, and they use that permission to a great extent, power is inseparable from that property, and it is in the last degree impolite to make it in the interest of any powerful class to oppose the institutions under which they live.

      The Jews, for example, independent of the capital qualities for citizenship which they possess in their industry, temperance, and energy and vivacity of mind, are a race essentially monarchical, deeply religious, and shrinking themselves from converts as from a calamity, are ever anxious to see the religious systems of the countries in which the live, flourish.

      Yet since your society has become agitated in England and powerful combinations menace your institutions, you find the once loyal Hebrew is variably arrayed in the same ranks as the leveller and the latitudinarian, and prepared to support rather than tamely continue under a system which seeks to degrade him.

      The Tories lose an important election at a critical moment; ’tis the Jews come forward to vote against them.

      The Church is alarmed at the scheme of a latitudinarian university, and learns with relief that funds are not forthcoming for its establishment; a Jew immediately advances and endows it.
      Yet the Jews, Coningsby, are essentially Tories. Toryism indeed is but copied from the mighty prototype which has fashioned Europe. And every generation they must become more powerful and more dangerous to the society which is hostile to them.

      Do you think that the quiet humdrum persecution of a decorous representative of an English university can crush those who have successfully baffled the Pharaons, Nebuchadnezzar, Rome, and the feudal ages?

      The fact is you cannot destroy a pure race of the Caucasian organization. It is a physiological fact; a simple law of nature, which has baffled Egyptian and Assyrian kings, Roman emperors, and Christian inquisitors.

      No penal laws, no physical tortures, can effect that a superior race should be absorbed in an inferior, or be destroyed by it.

      The mixed persecuting races disappear, the pure persecuted race remains.
      And at the moment, in spite of centuries, or tens of centuries, of degradation, the Jewish mind exercises a vast influence on the affairs of Europe. I speak not of their laws, which you still obey; of their literature, with which your minds are saturated, but of the living Hebrew intellect.
      You never observe a great intellectual movement in Europe in which the Jews do not greatly participate.

      The first Jesuits were Jews: that mysterious Russian diplomacy which so alarms Western Europe is organized and principally carried on by the Jews; that mighty revolution (of 1848) which will be in fact a second and greater Reformation, and of which so little is as yet known in England, is entirely developing under the auspices of Jews, who almost monopolize the professorial chairs of Germany.

      NEANDAR, Founder of spiritual Christianity and who is Regius Professor of Divinity in the University of Berlin is a Jew.

      Benary, equally famous, and in the same university is a Jew.

      Wehl, the Arabic Professor of Heidelberg, is a Jew.

      Years ago, when I was in Palestine I met a German student who was accumulating materials for the history of Christianity and studying the genius of the place; a modest and learned man. It was Wehl; then unknown, since become the first Arabic scholar of the day, and the author of the life of Mahomet. But for the German professors of this race, their name is legion. I think there are more than ten at Berlin alone.

      I told you just now that I was going up to town to-morrow, because I always made it a rule to interpose when affairs of state were on the carpet. Otherwise, I never interfere. I hear of peace and war in newspapers, but I am never alarmed, except when I am informed that the sovereigns want treasure; then I know that monarchs are serious.

      A few years back we were applied to by Russia. Now there has been no friendship between the Court of St. Petersburg and my family. It has Dutch connections which have generally supplied it; and our representations in favour of the Polish Hebrews, a numerous race, but the most suffering and degraded of all the tribes, has not been very agreeable to the Czar.

      However circumstances drew to an approximation between the Romanoffs and the Sidonias (Rothschilds). I resolved to go myself to St. Petersburg. I had on my arrival an interview with the Russian Minister of Finance, Count Cancrin; I beheld the son of a Lithuanian Jew.

      The loan was connected with the affairs of Spain. I resolved on repairing to Spain from Russia. I travelled without intermission. I had an audience immediately on my arrival with the Spanish minister, Senor Mendizabel; I beheld one like myself, the son of a Neuvo Christiano, a Jew of Aragon.

      In consequence of what transpired at Madrid, I went straight to Paris to consult the President of the French Council.; I beheld the son of a French Jew, a hero, an imperial marshal, and very properly so, for who should be military heroes if not those who worship the Lord of Hosts?”

      “And is Soult a Hebrew?”

      “Yes, and others of the French marshals, and the most famous, Massena, for example; his real name was Mannaseh: but to my anecdote:

      The consequence of our consultations was that some northern power should be applied to in a friendly and medative capacity.

      We fixed on Prussia, and the President of the Council made an application to the Prussian minister, who attended a few days after our conference. Count Arnim entered the cabinet, and I beheld a Prussian Jew.

      So you see, my dear Coningsby, that the world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes.”(pp. 294-252)


    Saturday, January 23, 2021
    Let’s start here with the invocation from the dog and pony show on the 20th…
    […Jesuit Fr. Leo O’Donovan, former president of Georgetown University, will deliver the invocation at Joe Biden’s presidential inauguration on Jan. 20.

    O’Donovan confirmed to NCR that Biden had personally called him and invited him to offer the prayer at the inauguration, which will mark the election of the nation’s second Catholic president, and that he had accepted.

    O’Donovan is a longtime friend of the Biden family. In 2015, he presided at the funeral Mass for Biden’s oldest son, Beau, after he died of brain cancer at the age of 46.

    Biden is known to be close with a number of Jesuit priests, and while he was vice president, he occasionally attended Mass at Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Georgetown. In 1992, when Biden’s son Hunter was a senior at Georgetown, O’Donovan invited the then-senator from Delaware to give a lecture at the Jesuit university on his faith and public life. Biden told O’Donovan at the time it was the “toughest assignment he’s ever had.”

    More recently, just days after his presidential election, on Nov. 12, Biden appeared at a virtual fundraiser for Jesuit Refugee Service, where O’Donovan now serves as director of mission. On that occasion, Biden announced that he would raise the annual admission target of new refugees into the United States to 125,000, marking a sharp increase to the Trump administration’s cap of 15,000 individuals….]

    Biden on Pope Frannie
    […’We have a good one now’…“I’m a practicing Catholic. I always joke — they say, ‘Why am I a practicing Catholic?’ I say, ‘Because of the nuns and Jesuits,’ ” Biden said. Then he added, referring to the church’s first Jesuit pope: “We have a good one now.”…]

    Then we have this little item here.
    […President-elect Joe Biden, only the second Catholic to be elected president announced for the first time since being elected that his administration would raise the presidential determination for refugees, the target number for admissions of refugees to be resettled in the United States, to 125,000 during an event for Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS).

    “JRS believes that in the stranger we actually meet our neighbor and that every society is ultimately judged by how we treat those most in need,” said President-elect Joe Biden during an event to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Jesuit Refugee Service. “The Biden-Harris administration will restore our historic role in protecting the vulnerable and protecting the rights of refugees everywhere and raising our annual refugee admission target to 125,000.”…][that emphasis was done by the linked site, not by me [DC],the administrator of this blog DC]

    Biden and his bunch proved back in August that free speech is only free if you are a nitwit liberal follower of the latest idol in fad…

    [Lou Holtz, a former college football coach, caused controversy during the Republican National Convention on Wednesday night when he declared that Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is a “Catholic in name only.”

    Biden has been vocal about his faith, which he says has helped him through difficult times in his life, like when his son, Beau Biden, died of brain cancer in 2015. Holtz made his judgment while delivering a speech praising President Trump, saying he is a man who “genuinely cares about people” and is someone Americans can “trust.” Not long after Holtz was finished, liberals and conservatives alike jumped to Biden’s defense on Twitter.][do not know what conservatives they are referring to DC]
    Lets see what some future Jesuits to be had to say about their fellow jesuit/pedophile taking office. This one is already preaching, and has the memory of her idol, as she seems to have already forgotten the aftermath of the 2016 election and how her fellow snowflakes acted out in public for four damn years.

    [“Although we aren’t all robots who share the same political beliefs, it’s important that we accept the winner,” Gabriel said. “The country chose Joe Biden as the president and in order to create unity, it is important that we all accept the results of our democracy as we have done since this country was created.”]

    The last link from my vanilla search is on a speech the pedophile gave last month.You do not have to worry about jabbing my arm you senile fart.

    […I look forward to the second shot and I have absolute confidence in the vaccine. But we’re in short supply. Taking the vaccine from a vial into the arm of millions of Americans is one of the biggest operational challenges the United States has ever faced. We’re 300 million people, and we’re going to take many more months for that to happen. In the meantime, this pandemic rages on. Experts say things are going to get worse before they get better, not withstanding the fact we have the vaccine. As you all know, we’re averaging a death rate of close to 3000 people a day. That means we’re going to lose tens of thousands of more lives in the months to come. And the vaccine won’t be able to stop that.

    Joe Biden: (03:29)
    So we’ll still have to remain vigilant. We need everyone to mask up, stay socially distanced, avoid large gatherings, particularly inside. We need to work in a bipartisan way. That’s the only way we’re going to get through this, in tough times. We have our first hint and glimpse of bipartisanship. I applaud the Congress their economic relief package that included funding for vaccine distribution, much needed temporary relief for workers, families, and small businesses.

    Joe Biden: (04:03)
    In this election, the American people made it clear they want us to reach across the aisle and work together on matters of national concern to get something done. And I believed that to be the case from the very beginning of my campaign. And I’m happy to see members of Congress heeding that message as well from their own constituents. Leaders in both House and Senate, both parties, deserve credit for making the hard compromises to get this done. But like all compromises it’s far from perfect, but it does provide vital relief at a critical moment….]

    Now the following comes from one of us(the people), I have always looked past his left/right hang up because of the depth of his entries. Someone did not like what he was writing about, because in 2018, he was locked out of his own blog. I have been trying to reach him to offer my blog as a space for his work, but have been unsuccessful thus far.Will keep on trying to bring him on board. Here I want to draw your attention to some of what he was writing about in October 2016. Yes I know Dunsford is no longer in place,but he was for most of Trump’s term. If what Ray is saying is true, what better place for Dunford to be then out of the public’s eye…

    [So, who is real power behind the militarized and satanic driven NFL Super Bowl? A JESUIT PRIEST. It is U.S. Marine Corps Deputy Commandant General Joseph F. Dunford, Jr., the 19th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, is the nation’s highest-ranking military officer, and the principal military advisor to the President, Secretary of Defense, and National Security Council.
    General Dunford also served as the Assistant Division Commander of the 1st Marine Division, Marine Corps Director of Operations, and Marine Corps Deputy Commandant for Plans, Policies and Operations. He commanded I Marine Expeditionary Force and served as the Commander, Marine Forces U.S. Central Command.

    On May 6, 2016, President Barrack Obama executed an Executive Order (EO)– Facilitation of a Presidential Transition. It is right HERE from the White House in black and white. Normally, a presidential transition or presidential interregnum refers to the period of time between the end of a presidential election and the inauguration of a new President of a country. During this time, the incoming President usually designates new government personnel, including selecting new Cabinet positions and government department or agency heads. The early May 6 publication of the presidential transition EO is said to provide the mechanism for the transition of power between U.S., Inc., President Obama to the reconstituted Republic of the United States of America that is said to be under the Irish “fervent” Catholic and Jesuit Priest, Gen. Joseph F. Dunford.

    “It is impossible to read Elizabethan history [i.e., the history surrounding Queen Elizabeth I of England; queen: 1558-1603] except in the context of an army of Jesuits, masters of deceit, treachery, treason, infiltration, subversion, assassination, insurrection, civil war and coercion, plotting for the good of the papacy, and the defeat of all the Pope’s foes anywhere in the world.” (1987)– J.E.C. Shepherd (Canadian historian)

    On June 20, 2016, U.S. Marine Corps Commandant, Joseph Frances Dunford, Jr., the highest military officer in America, and President of the Republic of the United States celebrated and sacrificed to the COSMIC old Gods- Cybele, Mithras and Apollo on the summer solstice in Rome on Vatican Hill, at St. Peter’s Basilica that sits on top of the CYBELE’s secret ancient underground temple caves and catacombs.Some people say that it is ridiculous speculation.

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