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The Last Dance: Ridin’ With Biden off the Cliff

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Dementia JoJo Biden’s condition doesn’t get better with time. In fact, and not surprisingly, he’s considerably worse in a short duration. My position is that Dementia Joe is a lifetime actor (as was Trump) whose role is to facilitate the collapse and looting of the United States. A similar template was the economic and social decline of the Soviet Union, opening the way for well-funded kleptocrats to capture key assets.

Read “Ponzi Units and Economic Maladjustments up the Ying Yang”

Dementia, or whoever is acting as Biden, is having a bad month.

Dementia’s pet project — Pfizerstruck — is getting the Hindenburg treatment. By a vote of 16-2, the FDA shot down Dementia’s beloved Pfizer booster shot for those under 65. In this captured climate, that must truly signal serious issues with mRNA jabs in general. Apparently, there are rumblings within the FDA. Are there not enough Fifth Columnists there? Plus 52 million doses of Pfizerstruck jab are expiring and will need to be tossed in the trash.

Then, as though the Afghanistan pullout debacle wasn’t bad enough, CENTCOM Commander Gen. Kenneth McKenzie said the retaliatory U.S. drone strike against “ISIS-K” in Kabul actually killed “as many as 10 civilians, including up to 7 children,” not the “terrorists” who bombed Kabul airport.

“It was a mistake,” McKenzie said, “and I offer my sincere apology.”

If I didn’t know any better, I would think this was the same kind of undermining weasel drama that went on during Trump’s administration.

Then there was the French submarine fiasco. France sent their U.S. and U.K. ambassadors home in response to the U.S. stealing their huge defense deal for nuclear submarines needed to “counter” China.

Ridin’ with Biden off the cliff stands down as thousands of illegals openly crash over the borders.

Throughout it all, Dementia Joe is far from a class act. He’s barely able to speak and acting hostile and grumpy. He has also had a stroke, IMO.

JoJo’s other pet project is creating a Neo-Stasi task force to go after so-called “white supremacists.” He is working with other fraudulent presidents George W. Bush and Barry “Obama” Soetoro on this. And to be perfectly clear, ALL the usual suspects are on board.

During a 2016 post-convention interview with The New York Times, Donald Trump said, “We’re going to federalize every police department in this country.” In an interview with Breitbart Jerusalem, Trump proposed the Mossad model for “combating terrorism” and boogeymen.

Then, on “Fox and Friends” came even more. After explosive devices were found in Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan and Seaside Park and Elizabeth in New Jersey, Trump said:

“Our local police, they know who a lot of these people are. They are afraid to do anything about it because they don’t want to be accused of profiling and they don’t want to be accused of all sorts of things,” Trump said on “Fox and Friends”. He argued that the US should follow Israel’s policing protocols.

“Israel has done an unbelievable job, and they will profile. They profile. They see somebody that’s suspicious,” he continued, “they will profile. They will take that person in and check it out. Do we have a choice? Look what’s going on. Do we really have a choice? We’re trying to be so politically correct in our country, and this is only going to get worse.”

Read “Latest ‘Police are Yokels’ Video is Finally Out from Las Vegas, Further Setting the Stage for Nationalizing Police”

For this boogeyman operation, the Biden-Harris administration will need a cointelpro false flag, or a series of false flags, replete with manifestos. He is also pushing neo-Federalism to suppliant the powers of the states and thereby steamroll them and the population at large.

To top it all off, not only is Dementia Joe hiding behind a black mask, but to our eyes is utilizing a doppelganger. To those that scoff, doppelgangers are not even a controversial theory and have been used throughout history, especially by tyrants.

Take a look at his nose in this clip. Looks like someone is wearing a Joe Biden “theatrical mask” and the nose of the mask and the imposter’s real nose are both seen. Or is it a poorly fit prosthetic nose? To quote Dementia, “Come on, man.”

The warranty on Joe Biden’s façade is expiring, and we feel he is near the end of the line. He will be replaced in the next month or two. Perhaps they will try to get extra mileage out of him with a real or faked assassination attributed to the aforementioned boogeymen.

We suspect the rarely seen Kabbala Hyena Harris is being prepped right now by her MK Ultra handlers to step into the breach. She is the perfect gaslighting apparatchik as she can just cackle and laugh at the accusations and truths as the Fifth Column Neo-Stasi plans are steamrolled out. This hyena technique galvanizes the authoritarian followers in the land.

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  1. This was a very good read for my Monday morning.

    It is both a news piece and an op-ed that reiterates / reinforces what Winter Watch has previously stated on President Biden, President Trump, the coming federalized police state (which is quite literally fascism, the Phoenix Project, a giant FEMA plan that finds a root with Lt. Colonel Oliver North, and the districts explained by Ms. Fitt-Austin all rolled into one). What RW has done here is to provide us all (new and old to WW) with a succinct synthesis, and then furthered the “ball down the pitch” with some newer information that I for one did not know.

    This was the part that hit me:

    “During a 2016 post-convention interview with The New York Times, Donald Trump said, “We’re going to federalize every police department in this country.” In an interview with Breitbart Jerusalem, Trump proposed the Mossad model for “combating terrorism” and boogeymen.”

    along with the Fox and Friends quotation that followed.

    Many of us have spoken about the Phoenix Program coming home to the United States and the work of Mr. Valentine in the “CIA as Organized Crime”; however, I never, EVER, knew that President Orange Baked Potato (see I am adding the “baked” these days) made such comments in a foreign press. Honestly, I just missed them. The fact that RW placed them here is appreciated, because it does back up these conversations we had all of those months ago.

    As for Uncle Joe and Camel – la, I have no doubt that RW is right on both counts. The Uncle Joe we see now is not even a remote shadow of the career politician who wished to break Iraq into three parts so that he could figure out a way to sell weapons to each of them. As for the V.P. well we already know that her childhood stories of racism in Compton could not have happened since she was in Canada. Any politician who lets a lie that easy slip is just a continual car accident event that will recur day-in and day-out as if we are screening the film “Groundhog Day”.

    Honestly, if she wanted to earn my approval right now. Right on the spot. Without reservation. She would resign the Vice Presidency, head to Jamaica (see, I suspect she has three passports and this is one of them) and join on to represent the legal team suing the Crown for reparations. If she were to do that, I would be a Harris fan for life.

    Barry has stated that she is one of the best attorneys in the world, and we all trust Barry since he was a Constitutional scholar. So why not encourage her to take the fight to Buckingham Palace? Who is with me? Perhaps we can start a WW letter writing campaign of encouragement on this idea.

    Gotta run. Have a great day everyone.


    • The name is Catherine Austin Fitts ( ) – did you garble it or are you punning?

      I too am reading the Trump “federalize police” quotes for the first time, here, today.

      As to the Biden body double hypothesis, why would they “double” the obvious dementia? Do they plan to stage a remarkable “recovery”?

      My sense is that the person who currently holds the office of POTUS is useful for powerful persons and will remain in place for some time. The current VP – for those still inclined to parliamentary politics – holds the deciding vote in a Senate evenly split between D/R.

        • I stand by the “useful” part; new VP is by: “confirmation by a majority vote of both Houses of Congress”; 50/50 would make that somewhat messy, perhaps prolonged.

          So much for parliamentary politics. How about some realpolitik? What we are used to referring to as “France” seems genuinely furious about the US-UK-Australia submarine deal; today reaching out to “India” by way of re-alignment. But, if a global clique is inching towards the Great Reset and is well underway with mass depopulation and sterilization, what is the point of roiling the waters with 20th Century toys such as nuclear submarines – and then going thru the motions of “recalling ambassadors” etc. I don’t get it; nothing makes sense.

      • In may case it was a plain old brain garble, and not enough coffee.

        I am with you on this:

        “But, if a global clique is inching towards the Great Reset and is well underway with mass depopulation and sterilization, what is the point of roiling the waters with 20th Century toys such as nuclear submarines – and then going thru the motions of “recalling ambassadors” etc. I don’t get it; nothing makes sense.”

        Just leaves me very confused; feels very bureaucratic and as though people just need something to do, even if it does not really matter in the end.


        • I couldn’t figure out a pun in the garble, so I figured: garble.

          She has a real following – the insider now out. She claims she responded to the news of Sept 11 by saying to her caller who broke the news: “OMG – there’s been a coup” – took me 13.5 years to get close to that.

          Some however are suspicious; some claim she is insufficiently verbal regarding a Zionist element in the forces she analyzes. “Mr Global” is her preferred shorthand.

    • This article is hilarious. Sorry I’m a few days behind on this one. The topic on JOETUS’ nose reminds me of the Pink Panther Movies when Chief Inspector Clouseau hired Professor Auguste Balls, aka Dr. Balls for the nose job disquise.

  2. There is an episode of the 60’s SCIFI show, The Outer Limits, The Hundred Days of the Dragon, in which a Chinese national wears a mask that is the exact identical face of the current US president. It’s on daily motion, a must see.

    Whomever is wearing the Biden mask is calling the shots. Obama and Biden are about 2 inches in height apart. I believe the one wearing the Biden mask is Obama.

  3. Uncle Joe is doing just fine. Really people, really…I just do not know what everyone is worried about:

    “The CPI data release also prompted comments from President Biden yesterday in which he suggested that gasoline prices were somehow being artificially propped up despite evidence that they should be lower, as he put it. The President did not provide any detail as to what evidence there is to suggest gasoline prices should be lower which left many traders and analysts scratching their heads. On the contrary, we see considerably more upside risks than downside risks to oil and gasoline prices into year-end and even beyond. As it stands, both fundamental and quantitative market signals are overwhelming bullish and the speculative positioning has plenty of room to grow from current levels as we discussed last week.”

    You know what our problem is here? We are all just a bunch of lying dog faced pony soldiers!

    “The phrase immediately got attention, with many confused by Biden’s choice of words. As it turns out, “lying dog-faced pony soldier” is a phrase Biden has used before. He attributes it to John Wayne, though its actual provenance is somewhat unclear.”

    Listen Winter Watch, I think that we are all being a little harsh on Uncle Joe and need to recall this guy is smart…I mean real smart…I mean really, really smart! Don’t take it from me, just give it a little look and listen:


  4. Plus, if you are going to steal…I hate to say it…I know it is an old meme and a bit of a cliche at this point, but “go big or go home”:

    And just remember that the videos (here and above) represent the “GOOD” cognitive years.



  5. I would have thought you guys were long past believing in “Politicians”..Joey B could wind up as a chumb ball for a tuna boat and the world wouldn’t miss a beat. In fact, it almost looks by design but for the fact that “THOSE” that placed him in that office don’t much care weather he falls down a flight of stairs or forgets his name…He’s in the big office, the fences are up , and YOUS NEED TO LISTEN UP!!!

    The over 4000 commercial banks are going to go puff and on their terms! But don’t you worry, their banking charters will remain solvent, just not their bonds and shareholdings.

    We are migrating to centralized control on a ledger system run by….wait for it…..The CENTRAL BANK

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