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‘Worst Case Scenario’: ‘Woke’ Olympic Ratings Plunge Nearly 50%, Forcing NBC to Hand out Free ad Space

By Tyler Durden | 10 August 2021

ZERO HEDGE — It looks like yet another instance of “get woke, go broke” for NBC and the Tokyo Olympics.

Ratings for the Olympics have been so poor this year that NBC is being forced to hand out “extra commercials” for those who bought advertising during the games, according to Fox News.

Experts have pointed to backlash over protesting the U.S. flag and “woke” athletes as the key reason why ratings are down.

The ratings dropoff is stunning. Per Fox News:

NBC’s primetime coverage of the Tokyo Olympics on July 26 averaged 14.7 million viewers — for a 49% drop compared to the equivalent night from the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Games and 53% less than the 2012 London Olympics. The opening ceremonies saw their lowest viewership since 1988.

The plunge in ratings has caused “advertiser anxiety” from companies who feel as though they aren’t getting enough bang for their marketing buck. The early exits of gymnast Simone Biles and tennis player Naomi Osaka didn’t help rating, the report wrote. […]

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