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Desperate Afghan Christians Turned Away at Airport, Aid Groups Say

Afghan evacuees arrive at Incheon International Airport outside Seoul on Aug. 26, 2021, following their departure from Kabul via Pakistan. PHOTO: National Catholic Register/Anthony Wallace/AFP/Getty

Conservative talk show host Glenn Beck said in a video posted on Instagram that his group has at least 20 large aircraft available, including 737s and 757s, and hopes to airlift some 7,000 people to safety by Friday.

By Alejandro Bermudez, Shannon Mullen and Matt Hadro | 26 August 2021

CATHOLIC NEWS REGISTER — With time running out to rescue civilians fleeing the Taliban, Afghan Christians and others whose names appear on U.S. government lists of qualified evacuees are being turned away at the airport in Kabul, representatives of aid organizations and others told CNA Wednesday.

“I was told by contacts from various groups working to rescue those still in danger in Afghanistan — who must remain anonymous — that the State Department at least at a certain point was not implementing the lists that they require the organizations to compile — even though they have sent them multiple times,” Faith McDonnell, director of advocacy at Katartismos Global, an Anglican nonprofit ministry group based in Manassas, Virginia, told CNA Wednesday.

“It seems at present as if no one is getting any priority unless they have some sort of special connection inside the airport,” she said.

Looming over the deepening humanitarian crisis is a deadline of Friday for civilian evacuation operations at the Kabul airport to give way to the transport of the remaining 5,400 U.S. military personnel out of the country in order to meet a target date of Aug. 31, set months ago by the Biden administration, for a full U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan. […]

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  1. Of course. They don’t want any Christians. Or ‘white people,’ for that matter. They’ll just use it for more of that fifth column, ‘Gladio B’ Ops that’ve been going on ever since they went into Afghanistan Post 9/11, using ‘Refugees’ as an excuse to transplant Heroin kingpins, and their little foot soldier networks into the US. That’s another ‘complex’- the Gladio-Diaspora-Industrial-Complex. You go in, invade a country, bomb the shit out of it- in spite of it being overwhelmingly unpopular, protested at home- and destroy that country’s infrastructure. But then you ‘lose the war on the ground’ and ‘get chased out’- like some other ‘usual suspects’ in history have, somewhere in the range of 105 times. It’s a racket-technique. So then when the soldiers come home, people are angry, it radicalizes the military, makes liberals seem ‘right,’ while also making the US seem ‘weak.’ None of it is true. Take Vietnam, for example. That country was utterly destroyed when the US left, yet they say ‘They lost.’ Plenty of plans, post JFK assassination, for Socialistic bonding etc, over that way, and more bombs were dropped on that Nation than in WWII from the US, total. They’d have been better off nuked.

    Anyhow they did that same thing then, and with every interventionist war. They even admit it on the US Army website, brazenly using the Jews as their archetype for how they weaponize diasporas after invading countries. Ever wondered why so many Arabs- some of whom are probably Israeli- run networks of Tobacco and Vape shops, liquor stores, and Gas Stations? Ever wonder why Indians (from India) do too? Ever notice they are often near nail salons? Did you know There is a massive global heroin pipeline that runs through Asia, Golden Triangle, Golden Crescent, through Israel, strongly connected to India, through the Balkans, where it is refined in Turkey, Albania then moved into Italy, London, and shipped westward? In the first Gladio, there was the French Connection, that was ‘Gladio A.’ But then once all that Heroin also started coming out of Afghanistan, and Israel ran their Oded Yinon plan, a ton of it had a brand new pipeline. Don’t question all that about the Vape shops (which has a strange new connection to Fentanyl and respiratory/CV deaths), Gas Stations, Liquor Stores, and Nail Salons, by the way- wouldn’t want to be called a ‘racist.’ I’m sure it’s all for the same innocent reason Zionists just had to oddly dominate Hollywood, Media, and entertainment 😏

    Connect the dots here- gosh they just keep ‘losing’ these wars, don’t they?









    • Yes- it’s a racket. But the U.S.’s enemy in the Korean & Vietnam wars was real – the communists- as opposed to our fictional enemy from 9/11/01 -‘terrorism’. And now the racketeers are busying themselves within an emergent communist Amerika.

  2. See Thierry Meyssah article at Lew Rockwell. This clearly explains what is really going on in Afghanistan and what the real goals of the American military have been since 9/11. It is the key. Instability and chaos are the goals of the MIC. Stability and order are their enemies both domestically and abroad.

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