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The Truth About the (Music) ‘Industry’ Expounded in ‘The Prodigal Band Trilogy’ (Part Five) — ‘If Dead Rock Stars Could Talk’ (Part One)

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By Deborah Lagarde | 1 June 2021

OMEGA BOOKS — In the opening line of The Prodigal Band is this statement: “If dead rock stars could talk.”

It was uttered by a man called ‘Trenchcoat’ who partook in the attempt to murder, or at least do great harm, to the members of the prodigal band Sound Unltd, and he speaks the above opening line in Chapter One of the third novel in the trilogy. ‘Trenchcoat’ works for a secret society of assassins called ‘the Dark Web’ that does the bidding of the evil satanic group the Hellyons and also the evil secret society of elitists called the Novordo Club.

But instead of posting The Prodigal Band Trilogy snippets for now, I am posting actual truth about the possible fates of those in the music industry that went against the narrative that serves the rulers of this industry, including record label owners, parent company owners, handlers, venue owners, etc. Because the prodigal band Sound Unltd did serve the owners and the evil, but did begin turning toward industry truth after various tribulations, repenting in the end. The snippets about this will appear in the next post next week. […]

2 Comments on The Truth About the (Music) ‘Industry’ Expounded in ‘The Prodigal Band Trilogy’ (Part Five) — ‘If Dead Rock Stars Could Talk’ (Part One)

  1. Thanks, Russ, for posting this! Since I am the actual author of the trilogy, you can post the rest of these snippets music industry truth posts if you so choose to. I will also post that you posted this snippet on my site.

  2. In thinking about modern music recently, I started to wonder whether that of it which isn’t overtly satanic, but rather seems a bit catchy, pleasant sounding or whatever else, is highly deceptive filth or relatively harmless. In favour of highly deceptive filth, I could see that it comes from satanic companies and artists, and if that’s what they think is good, then that’s what demons think is good also; and in favour of it being relatively harmless, there’s the possibility that the music comes from that which is still decent in the (people in the) companies and artists.

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