America’s Chinese Fentanyl Flood

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By Grant Newsham | 31 July 2021

THE EPOCH TIMES — Foreigners have been buying — or at least renting — America’s ruling class since the republic was founded. Almost exactly 225 years ago, in his 1796 Farewell Address, George Washington warned against “the insidious wiles of foreign influence,” adding that “foreign influence is one of the most baneful foes of republican government.”

In modern times, Saudis, Japanese, South Koreans, and Israelis — to name a few — have all managed to purchase influence. But the usual goal is to gain advantages for their own nations. What we are seeing now is something much more dangerous — using influence to corrode the United States from within.

One nation is pouring highly addictive and unpredictable illicit drugs into the American bloodstream — killing tens of thousands a year. And the American elites are doing absolutely nothing about it. Now, that is influence.

The drug? Fentanyl. The country? Communist China.

Fentanyl mostly originates in China, often moving via Mexico (and Mexican drug gangs) into the United States. The Chinese are also into the money laundering part of the business — helping drug gangs launder (or recycle) their massive earnings. Talk about a “win-win” — as the Chinese communists like to say. […]

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  1. I agree with Janet and have to admit that I tend to switch off when Epoch Times is featured or mirrored. I have come to this conclusion myself over time, including watching several videos by Joshua Philips of ‘Crossroads’, but here are a couple of random statements connecting Epoch Times with the Falun Gong cult. Enjoy the full videos at your leisure.

    Brian Berletic (The New Atlas – recent channel and site name change from ‘Land Destroyer’)

    • In-Depth: BBC Accuses Expat Vloggers in China of “Disinfo”

    • Nathan Rich – China Uncensored is Falun Gong (Cult)

    A related recommended video – more from Brian Berletic (The New Atlas)

    • Ms Hua Chunying – spokesperson for China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs vs. BBC

    Ms Hua Chunying utterly eviscerates the BBC producer/reporter:

    “This could also help salvage your reputation”

    “That’s why BBC faces a credibility crisis. You need to take actions and make efforts if you want to change people’s perception. You should prove that BBC can be trusted with more objective, just, truthful and faithful reports [OUCH].”

    Ms Chunying reminds me Maria Zakharova in style and class.

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