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NYC first graders shown cartoon about masturbation

By Jessica Chasmar | 2 June 2021

WASHINGTON TIMES — New York City parents are reportedly outraged after their first grade children were shown an animated video teaching them about masturbation.

Justine Ang Fonte, a health and wellness educator at the private Dalton School in Manhattan’s Upper East Side, showed a video titled, “Help kids learn that bodies are private,” to 6- and 7-year-olds as part of the school‘s new sex education curriculum, The New York Post reported.

In the video, a cartoon boy asks an adult, “Hey, how come sometimes my penis gets big sometimes and points up in the air?”

“That’s called an erection,” the woman responds in the video.

“Sometimes I touch my penis because it feels good,” the boy says.

Then a little girl in the video says, “Sometimes, when I’m in my bath or when Mom puts me to bed, I like to touch my vulva too.” […]

5 Comments on NYC first graders shown cartoon about masturbation

  1. Is this the same Dalton school were Epstein was hired? Hired by Donald Barr, who wrote Space Encounters which is a book on pedophiles in outer space? Donald Barr is the father of William Barr. No surprise here…

  2. Just pure sick!!! Does the Homosexual/Lesbian community have complete control of education? It’s beginning to look that way, and not just in the USA.

  3. Wow, I guess the Dalton School does not “pass muster” in terms of future reproductive health. If they are already teaching these children to not reproduce at this exclusive school, then we can assume that they do not fit the future model.

    This makes me wonder if Exeter and Phillips Andover (heck maybe they will allow Choate as well) are getting the movies on how to “score” (sarcasm folks) so that the elites may further their perfect race.

    Lord knows that the D.C. region prep academies are producing the pink and purple followers. Good luck to them all!


  4. The endless perversion of society begins in public schools so it is the duty of parents to remove their kids from this cesspool of perversion and communist brain washing.
    Like the federal government the public school system is far beyond saving now and therefore must be dissolved and a new education system rebuilt from it’s ashes

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