Seagrams Heiress Clare Bronfman Foots the Bill for Nxivm Cult Leader Keith Raniere, Other Co-Defendants

Clare Bronfman leaves Brooklyn federal court in New York, Monday, Jan. 28, 2019. Court papers say a trust largely funded by Seagram’s liquor fortune heiress Bronfman is bankrolling the defense for her co-defendants in a sex-trafficking case. PHOTO: Boston Herald/AP/Seth Wenig

By Molly Crane-Newman | 22 February 2019

BOSTON HERALD — The cult that brands, burns and tortures together, stays together. At least financially.

Seagrams heiress Clare Bronfman is footing the bill for lawyers representing her five co-defendants, accused fellow Nxivm cult members, in federal court.

Svengali Keith Raniere, who allegedly ran the upstate New York sex sect, waived his right to a conflict of interest-free defense, disregarding a warning from the judge that the decision could impact further appeals. […]

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  1. Bronfman you say — reminds me of Ira Einhorn (link) — Einhorn’s lawyer, Arlen Specter, negotiated bail of $40,000; he was released from custody after posting a bond of $4,000, or 10% of the $40,000. This was paid by Barbara Bronfman (née Baerwald), a Montreal socialite who married into the wealthy Bronfman family and met Einhorn through a shared interest in the paranormal. During Einhorn’s flight he was again aided by Bronfman, who continued to support him financially until 1988 …

    Arlen Specter, generally given credit for coming up with the Kennedy assassination ‘single bullet theory’, was also a Jew.

    • link — A poignant piece re the murder of Holly Maddux by the Jew Ira Einhorn, and the aftermath:

      The Maddux family of Tyler, Texas went through an ordeal no family should have to experience. They were put into the position of having to do their own investigation when their daughter and sister, Helen Holly Maddux went “missing”. … Once Holly’s body was found they had to watch as”elite” supporters of the murderer, who mouthed the oft heard phrases, “he wouldn’t do a thing like that” paraded through a courtroom. The family saw the murderer freed on bail, an act that was unheard of at that time. … Release of murder suspects before trial wasn’t done back in 1979. But Einhorn was “special” to many who believed in the facade he portrayed. His supporters trusted him, only to see him take flight as a fugitive from justice. … The Maddux family was plunged into an ongoing fight of decades to bring the murderer back to the U.S. to face that justice. … Along the way during those years, Fred Maddux, a veteran, a man proud to have served his country during World War II, took his own life. … Officials had let the murderer of his eldest daughter out on bail and when Einhorn left the country, no one in the government seemed to be able to, or wanted to, pursue Einhorn and bring him to justice.

      Of course many of his “elite” supporters were Jews, and evidence of his guilt was already substantial when he was released for only $4k cash bail — shows the power and perfidy of (some) Jews.

      linkAt his bail hearing, a parade of influential people testified on his behalf, and bail was set at just $40,000.

      >evidence of his guilt was already substantial

      linkOn March 28, 1979, pursuant to a search warrant, police entered Einhorn’s home, where they proceeded directly to the rear closet.   The police officers pried off the padlock on the closet while Einhorn silently watched from several feet away.   The closet was filled with boxes, mostly containing Maddux’s personal items, as well as a locked steamer trunk which showed significant evidence of decay and fluid damage.   The officers pried off the lock to the trunk and opened the lid, and were immediately struck by a strong smell of decay.   Inside the trunk were the remains of Maddux, buried beneath layers of air fresheners, plastic bags, foam peanuts, newspapers, insects, and larvae.

      I’d like to know the name of the judge who agreed to release Einhorn on bail — ?

  2. Clare Bronfman is a lesbian sadist leader of a cult targeting Goy women.
    (If this were a B-grade movie, Clare Bronfman would be the commandant of a female concentration camp.)
    Clare has proven “Money can’t buy Happiness!”
    But Money can sure buy the silence or your victims and co-conspirators.

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